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   Chapter 7 Orphanage

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Lowering her head, Michelle said, "it's delicious. No wonder it's so expensive. Children are so lucky to taste. I thank you again on behalf of the child. Thank you. "

"Carlos? It's really you! What a coincidence! I met you as soon as I came back. "

"Sheryl Xue? Why are you back? We are having dinner. Have you eaten yet? Let's have it together! " Said Carlos in a good mood.

"No, I didn't. I saw you as soon as I came in." Sheryl Xue said with a smile.

"Why does I fell that I'm redundant? Should I tell Carlos that I'm leaving now?" Michelle whispered.

Hearing Michelle's words, Carlos thought this girl was quite interesting.

"Sheryl, let me introduce to you. This is Michelle Shangguan, my fiancee! We would get married in a few months. Michelle, this is my playmate from childhood to adulthood. Sheryl Xue just came back from France. "

"Hi." Michelle put down the knife and fork in a hurry. She wiped her hands and shook hands with Sheryl Xue.

"Nice to meet you," said Sheryl Xue with a smile. But there was a hint of disgust and malice in her eyes.

'How can such a woman deserve Carlos? No one in the world deserves Carlos except me.' Sheryl Xue felt indignant.

Michelle, an inexperienced girl, didn't notice it, but Carlos did.

'Why do I feel that Sheryl has changed since she came back? Or am I too sensitive? ' Carlos thought to himself.

During the dinner time, Sheryl and Carlos talked all the time. Michelle only ate her own food. Seeing that they didn't want to leave, Michelle muttered to herself again in her heart.

"I can't see that Carlos is also a good talker. When he talked to me, a smile never appeared on his face. Why is he so generous to be with Sheryl? Is the woman that person in his heart? If it was really her. Oh my God! She is going to misunderstand me. I'd better leave now! '

Seeing what Michelle was doing, Carlos thought she was cute and knew that she was thinking too much. He also felt bored.

Then he continued to talk to Sheryl Xue as if nothing had happened.

"Sheryl, I have something to do today. Let's talk about it another day!" Carlos raised his hand and looked at his watch.

"Michelle, let's go."

"Okay. Hello, where are my steaks with packing up? " Michelle walked to the waitress.

"You don't have to ask the waiter. I've already asked them to put them in my car."

"Well, let's go. Well... Miss. Sheryl, we are leaving now. See you next time. "

In Sheryl's eyes, Michelle's polite farewell was like a declaration of her sovereignty.

"Okay, bye." Sheryl waved goodbye with a smile.

In the car.

"Didn't you have a good conversation? Why are you leaving? " Michelle asked casually.

"Someone felt too bored. I don't know where her heart flew at that time." Said Carlos while driving.

"Is it because of me?" Michelle said in shock. All of a sudden, she felt that Carlos wasn't as cold as he looked. Instead, he was very considerate. Her heart was like a small stone falling into, and she was not calm anymore.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Do you fall in love with me? I advise you not to like me, for your future good. Don't like me. "

"Don't be so smug. Who likes you? You are not my type. " Michelle quickly denied. Her heart skipped a beat.

The atmosphere in the car suddenly became awkward. No one spoke. Feeling embarrassed, Carlos played the music.

"Because I happened to meet you, only footprints could be beautiful.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, because she didn't want to be separated.

Because I happened to meet you, leaving the promise of ten years behind.

If we meet again, I think I will remember you. "

'Kevin, can we me

et again? Don't you remember Michelle? You said you would come to me. ' Michelle thought to herself.

"Here we are."

Carlos interrupted Michelle who was still in a daze. Michelle came back to her senses and opened the door to get out.

"Hahaha, come and chase me! You can't catch up! Hahaha... " The orphanage was full of children's laughter.

The kids saw Michelle coming from a distance. All of a sudden, the crowd gathered around Michelle.

"Sister Michelle, Sister Michelle, I miss you so much! I miss you too. I miss you too. " The children said one word after another.

Carlos looked at Michelle, who was surrounded by a group of children. The sincere smile on Michelle's face made Michelle particularly charming.

"I miss you too! Look, what have I brought you? This is what my brother bought for you. It's very delicious. What should you do? " Michelle said, pointing at Carlos.

"Thank brother, thank brother."

"You're welcome. Go and eat. It won't taste good after a while." Carlos was not used to it.

"Come on, kids. Line up and follow the teacher to the canteen." Miss Li took the children to eat steak.

"Michelle." an old voice came through.

"Grandpa Dean, Michelle is here to see you. Michelle misses you so much!" Michelle said to the dean in a spoiled manner.

"How old are you? Why are you still like a child? Why don't you introduce him to me? " The dean said dotingly.

"Ha ha, I forgot it. Grandpa, this is Carlos Yu. He is also my fiance" Michelle concealed their marriage contraction for only three years.

"Nice to meet you, Grandpa." Carlos greeted as he walked up to him.

"Yes." the Dean looked at Carlos up and down.

"That's good. It looks good enough for our Michelle. But I can't see through the personality." The dean said meaningfully.

"Grandpa, what are you talking about! I have to hang out with the kids. " Michelle blushed and ran away.

"Are you willing to take a walk with me?"

"Okay," replied Carlos with a nod.

"Carlos, can you tell me what kind of person you think Michelle is? I can tell that you don't like Michelle now. I know your marriage.

The dean looked at Michelle, who was playing with the children.

"Well, this is the second time I have seen her. Every time I see her, I have a different feeling. I admit that I don't like her! There is someone in my heart. " Carlos said honestly.

"What? Now that you have someone you like, why do you still want to marry my Michelle? " The dean said angrily.

"It's not like that. I have someone in my heart, but it's not about love, but out of responsibility. Here is the thing... " Carlos told the Dean what he hadn't said to his father. Somehow, he had an inexplicable trust in the dean.

"You shouldn't have controlled yourself not to like Michelle. Change your mind. It has been so long since you found that girl, which means that she doesn't want you to be responsible for her. If she really wants you to be responsible for her, then she should turn to you earlier."

The Dean analyzed.

"That makes sense. But... "

"But what? Do you think Michelle is not good enough for you?" The dean said angrily.

"No, Michelle is a good girl."

"That's good. I will help you. You just need to cultivate your relationship! I think you are also nice, or I won't help you. You must treat Michelle well. Michelle is an unlucky child. "

Carlos looked at Michelle, who was surrounded by the children. Michelle had a good time and smiled like a child. 'Michelle, how many faces do you have and which one is the real you. I'm curious.'

"Okay, Grandpa Dean, I will treat Michelle well."

"I will create opportunities for you."

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