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   Chapter 6 The First Date

A Place In My Heart Reserved Only For You By Qijia Lady Characters: 7398

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"Which movie are we going to see?" Carlos bowed his head and asked Michelle. "I've never seen a movie before. It's boring to sit there for 2 hours."

"How about ' A Smile Is Beautiful'. It's just shown. It's said that it's very nice. Angelababy Yang acted it. "

Michelle fixed her hair in front of the mirror.

"I don't mind. That's it. I'll find a parking space and pull over. "

After getting off the car, the two walked back and forth on the road. There was about 1 meters between them. No one talked to each other.

"Do you want to eat popcorn?" The two said in unison.


"I'll buy it!" The two were both embarrassed. They all wanted to buy popcorn to ease the embarrassment.

The two of them bought the tickets and waited for the movie to begin. No one spoke first. They just ate the popcorn crazily.

About 5 minutes later, the movie began. The movie was about campus love story. In the movie, the hero and the heroine knew each other through games. Then a series of stories happened.

On the half of the time, Carlos' phone rang. Then he ran outside. He took a look at the phone and found it was from his father.

"Dad, what's wrong?"

"Yes, you didn't lie to me. It was true that you had gone to develop a relationship with the daughter of Shangguan family. I heard that you are watching a movie now? " The tone of Walter sounded very happy.

"Since you said that we should cultivate our relationship, that's it now. How could I lie to you? But it's not appropriate to send someone to monitor me... " Carlos was speechless with his father.

"How can you say surveillance. I was just worried about you. I'm afraid you'll quarrel with each other. But it seems that I have thought too much. Okay, I apologized. Ha ha. " Walter was not angry with his son's accusation, but gave a rare explanation. Because for Walter, it was rare to explain everything to everyone, including Carlos.

"Okay, okay. We are watching a movie. Bye. " After hanging up the phone, Carlos walked inside.

"What's wrong?" Even if Michelle asked Carlos. She still stared at the screen for fear of missing the plot.

"Nothing, my dad. We were just chatting. " Carlos felt bored in the movie. He couldn't figure out why so many people were willing to watch a movie in the cinema.

"Well. What are we going to do after the movie? "

"Let's have dinner and go shopping. Now that we have come out, we can play a little longer. "

"Well, I'm also hungry. I can't even be full although I had ate some popcorn. "

For a moment, Carlos thought this woman was quite cute.

After the movie, Carlos heaved a sigh of relief. Because he felt so bored. He would probably fall asleep it continued. Looking back at Michelle, he felt that she still wanted more.

"Come here next time. It's time to go. "

"Okay. But Angelababy is so beautiful. " Michelle was a little envious.

"You are not bad either." Carlos praised. Michelle was very happy to hear that, and she felt that Carlos was interesting.

The two walked out of the cinema. Michelle suddenly felt that someone was staring at them again. But it seemed that they were mainly staring at Carlos. She looked back but didn't find anyone suspicious. They all came out of the cinema.

'Maybe I think too much.' Michelle thought. 'I thought Kevin was looking at me.'

"Well, Michelle, what do you want to eat?" Carlos's words interrupted Michelle who was thinking.

"Nothing is special. I can eat anything." Michelle said with a smile.

'This girl is actually quite cute. I don't know what the girl looked like that night. Why can't I find her no matter how hard I tried?' Carlos whispered to himself in his heart.


How about this? I give you two choices. Chinese food or Western food?"

"Chinese food." Michelle answered after thinking for a while.

"Chinese food? What dishes? Hunan cuisine, Cantonese cuisine, or... " Carlos teased.

"Well... Western food is better! " Michelle was speechless.

"Okay, Western food. Get in the car and go."

Carlos drove the limited edition Lamborghini and disappeared in the traffic.

After they left, a figure walked out of the dark and stared at the direction where they disappeared viciously. "He is mine. No one can take him away."

It was the most high-end western restaurant in the city. They had to make an appointment in advance to have dinner.

Standing in front of the restaurant, Michelle looked at the tall building

"My friend told me that this restaurant is very expensive and we have to make an appointment several days in advance. Let's go to another place! It's too expensive. "

"Too expensive? Do you think I can't afford it? Haven't your friend told you that this restaurant belongs to the Sky Group? And I am the president of the Sky Group. Do you still think I can't afford it? "

Michelle looked at him in surprise. The next second, she changed her expression and said, "rich guy, let's be friends!"

Her bright eyes were as attractive as stars. Carlos looked at Michelle and rubbed her hair unconsciously. "You are my wife now. Mine is yours."

After saying that, both Michelle and Carlos were stunned. Look them carefully, their ears was red slightly.

"Well, in that case, let's go." Michelle changed the topic.


"Hello, Mr. Carlos. This way, please. I've already prepared it according to your order. "

"Okay," said Carlos in a low voice.

On the top floor, there were only a dozen or so seats in the huge revolving western restaurant. From the seats on the side to look down, surrounded by the bustling lights of A City. Looking up, the moon was in the sky, surrounded by the stars. It was amazing. No wonder it was so popular. It was really a good choice for lovers.

Michelle exclaimed, "it's so beautiful!"

"What do you want to eat?" Carlos handed the menu to Michelle.

"I'm not a picky eater. Whatever! " [雪儿] pushed the menu back.

"Well, I'll do it."

"The first dish is French goose liver, the soup is Russian soup, the side dish is roasted salmon willow, with vanilla juice and black olive sauce, the main dish is Filet steak, level 6 cooked. The last dessert? Cream cake. That's enough.? "Carlos closed the menu and said these dishes without hesitation.

Michelle swallowed and asked, "are these dishes very expensive?"

"Just so so. After all, it belongs to my family. Of course I can order some expensive food. " Carlos was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh.

"You are right." It suddenly occurred to Michelle that many children in the orphanage had never eaten these things, so she wanted to bring some for them. By the way, she could visit the Dean.

"Can I pack 20 steaks? The cheapest one is enough. " Michelle looked at Carlos pitifully.

"Why? They are too much for you. " Carlos was confused.

"No, I just want to go to the orphanage to have a look when I finish eating and visit the old director by the way. Then I can bring the steak to the children of orphanage. I miss them. "

Hearing this, Carlos felt that the woman sitting opposite to him was kind. And her requirement was easy for him.


"Mr. Carlos, what can I do for you?"

"Ask them to prepare 20 steaks. 9 mature, for children. Then pack them up. "

"Yes, I'll ask the chef to cook now."

"Okay, let's eat." Carlos turned to look at Michelle.

"Okay. Thank you. "

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