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   Chapter 4 Engagement

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In the western restaurant.

Michelle sat quietly beside Howard. On the other side, Carlos looked annoyed and became impatient all the time. Walter was so angry that his heart was beating fast. He had always praised that Michelle was sensible and quiet was suitable to be his daughter-in-law.

When they came back home, Howard said to Michelle, "Michelle, I don't think it's a good idea! I'll figure out a way to deal with the company's affairs. Judging from the expression on Carlos's face, he don't like you and reluctantly agreed. I'm afraid that you will be wronged in the future. "

With a firm look on her face, Michelle said, "Dad, don't worry. Mr. Carlos is handsome and comes from a rich family. People who want to marry him line up. If I can marry him, others will envy me. How could I be wronged! Don't worry! Don't worry. "

"Dad, I don't agree." Patrick pushed the door open and walked in.

Michelle suddenly raised her head and looked at the door. Her brother still knew this thing.

"Dad, I don't agree with Michelle marrying Carlos. Although he is excellent, it is said that he doesn't like women and can't let Michelle suffer."

"Brother, don't blame father. I agreed to it myself. No one forced me. I like him, I will marry him. " Michelle said firmly.

Patrick was in shock. "Michelle, you..."

"Well, I'm going back to my room." Michelle turned around and left.

"Dad, if aunt Monica is here, she won't agree."

Looking out of the window, Howard said, "I believe that Walter's son will not let me down. It's good for Michelle. "

"Why? I should be more reliable. I can protect Michelle by myself. Why did she get married so early?"

"Patrick, you don't understand. Our family owes Yu family too much."

"That's your generation's business. I don't care." Patrick rushed out of the room.

"Alas, I hope the business of the last generation will not happen to these children!"

Bang! A blue porcelain teacup was thrown to the ground by Walter. They separated.

"Carlos, listen to me. You have to marry Michelle no matter how you fell. This marriage must be done. Get engaged next month and get married three months later. "

Carlos roared, "Dad, I don't understand. Why do you insist that I marry Michelle? I've told you that I fell in love with someone."

"Who? Alright. Bring her here and I'll see if she deserves my son. "

"I haven't found her yet. I drank too much that day and forced her. I said I would find her and be responsible for her. You asked me to marry Michelle. It's unfair to all three of us. "

"You don't even know who she is. You must marry Michelle."

"Let others who wants marry her do it. I won't marry her. " Carlos said firmly.

"You, you, you unfilial son."

All of a sudden, Walter put his hand on his chest and fainted out of breath.

"Dad, Dad, what's wrong with you, dad?"

In the hospital.

"Carlos, don't worry. Uncle will be fine." The assistant comforted.

The door of the operating room was opened. Walter was lying on the bed with a ventilator. His face was pale.

"Mr. Carlos, Mr. Walter is just too angry. He is old and has a bad heart. There is nothing wrong with the timely rescue this time. Next time he may not be so lucky. Try not to be angry with him."

Carlos thought for a while and said, "I see. Thank you, doctor."

Walter was pushed back to the ward. Sitting on the edge of the bed, Carlos was deep in thought. He didn't even know when Walter woke up.


Carlos came to his senses. "Dad, you are awake. Well, you don't have to say anything. I have promised you to marry Michelle. I will get engaged when you get better. "

"You really agreed? Great! I'll arrange your engagement right now. "

It was the most high-end hotel in A City, and it was very lively at the moment. At this moment, Carlos stood expressionlessly beside Walter,

accompanied by business elites who came to attend the engagement ceremony. Howard also had a big smile on his face.

Dressing Room. "Michelle, are you really going to marry Carlos? You don't even know him. It's a lifetime thing! "

"Bree, stop talking about it. It's so noisy that my head hurts. I'm not a pure woman anyway. I don't care about who is my husband."

"Well, I know what you are going to say. Hurry up and leave. There are so many people waiting for you!"

The music began. Michelle was wearing a white off the shoulder strapless dress. She had fair skin, slender legs, and long black hair. Her slender neck and clavicle were coiled up, and her face with light makeup was as beautiful as a spirit in the forest.

Even Carlos was stunned. He felt that Michelle seemed be his acquaintance before. Michelle slowly walked down the spiral staircase. The people downstairs were all stunned. They didn't come to their senses until Michelle walked up to Howard and whispered "dad".

After regaining his composure, Howard, together with Walter, led their children onto the stage.

"Dear colleagues, this is my daughter, and also the main character of today's engagement day with Mr. Walter's son, Carlos Yu."

"Now, let's welcome the protagonists to exchange engagement rings."

The emcee said dutifully.

Under the gaze of his father, Carlos reluctantly put the engagement ring on Michelle's finger. Michelle also put an engagement ring on Carlos's finger.

After the ring exchange, a warm applause broke out from the audience. Walter said, "thank you for coming to my son's engagement ceremony. I've arranged for someone to prepare for my son's wedding ceremony six months later. I hope you can come again. Now please take your seats. Have fun. "

Walter and Howard sat together, with their children sitting next to each other.

Walter said with red eyes, "Howard, don't worry! I will treat Michelle as my own daughter. If Carlos dare to bully Michelle, I will teach him a lesson. "

Holding Walter's hand, Howard said, "I believe you most."

Standing next to them, Carlos felt that there were secrets between these two people. It seemed that it was necessary to go back and investigate why his father insisted on letting him marry Michelle.

Michelle kept her head down and said nothing. No one knew what she was thinking.

On the other hand, Patrick drank one glass after another, while Jessica kept persuading him not to drink. Unfortunately, it didn't work.

After the dinner. Patrick was drunk. On their way home with being taken by his mother, he roared, "Mommy, it hurts! It hurts!"

Jessica looked at her son and said, "Patrick, let go of her! She doesn't belong to you. You can protect her as brother in the future and don't let her know your feelings for her. Otherwise, how can she treat you? Let go of her! "

"Mom, you don't understand. I can't let her go."

"Silly boy, how do you know that I don't understand? You will forget it after a long time."

Patrick mumbled and fell asleep. Jessica went to the study of Howard.

"Howard, you have seen what happened to Patrick today. It's not good for the two kids. You can find an excuse to separate them now."

Howard thought for a while and said, "yes! Patrick is so stubborn like me. It's a good thing for them to be apart. Let me think about it. "

On the second day, Patrick was called to the study by his father when he had a hangover and had a headache.

"Patrick, I've been thinking about it the whole night. The branch company in France has just started to operate. It's short of hands. You can go there to help! And look around everywhere "

The clever man knew his father's kindness. Patrick packed his things and left in the afternoon without saying goodbye to Michelle. He was afraid that he would be reluctant to leave as soon as he saw her.

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