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   Chapter 3 The Company Went Bankrupt

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Michelle carefully opened the door and felt relieved that she saw no one. But in just a few steps, she suddenly heard a sulky and harsh voice.

"Wow, you remembered to go home last," the voice sarcastically said. "Where were you last night?"

Michelle flashed a meek smile, "Brother, you get up so early!"

Feeling fearful, Michelle was pulling her clothes awkwardly. She was afraid that her brother would find out what happened last night.

However, it seemed that Patrick already found it out. He grabbed her hand and asked, "What happened last night? Who were you with? Who's the man? He deserves to die."

Once she saw her brother's worried look, Michelle could no longer hold back her tears. "I...I don't know. I was drunk, and I went to the wrong room." Tears streamed down her face.

Patrick held Michelle in his arms. He patted her back to comfort her. "I'm sorry, Michelle. This is all my fault. I was so mean to you to the point that you're afraid to tell me about anything. I promise I won't do that anymore. Don't be sad, Michelle."

As he comforted Michelle, Patrick gritted his teeth and swore to himself that he would let the man pay the price.

Michelle was crying so hard that she fell asleep in his arms. Patrick gently carried her upstairs and put her on her bed. He tidied up her hair and swore to her, "I will protect you. I promise that."

Half a month passed by so quickly...

Michelle was passing by her father's study when she heard her brother quarreling with her father. Out of curiosity, Michelle listened to their fight by the door.

At first, they were arguing about business, which Michelle didn't understand. But when she was about to leave, she heard her brother shout, "I won't agree to use Michelle's marriage for business. Even if the company goes bankrupt and I have to live on the road to beg for food, I won't make Michelle suffer. Stop it with this crazy idea!"

Michelle was stunned. She headed to her room, completely baffled. When she came to her senses, she couldn't believe that her father's company was going bankrupt. 'It seemed that I am the one who will be able to save Dad's company. I owe them a lot -- Dad, Mom, and Patrick. I love them all so much. They took me in as if I were family. I want to pay them back.'

After she made up her mind, Michelle knocked on her father's study. Pushing the door open, she saw her father looking very stressed. His hand was massaging his forehead, as if he had aged all of a sudden. Michelle's eyes were getting red and teary even before she spoke,

"Dad, I heard everything you said to Patrick. I'm willing to do it." Michelle seemed so sure of her decision.

"What are you saying? How can I use my daughter's marriage just to save my company?" Howard said in shock. He looked up to Michelle with a stunned look in his face. "My dear daughter, you don't have to do this. I will find a way to deal with it. Just trust me, okay?"

"If there really is a way, I'm sure that you wouldn't have fought with Patrick like you did earlier. Am I right? Besides, I've grown up. I should already get married. You brought me back from the orphanage. All of you have treated me so well. It's time for me to repay everything that you've done for me," Michelle said. It was such a heartfelt gesture.

"Michelle... Oh, I feel so useless right now... When I adopted you, I said I would protect you and love you. But now I'm the one asking for a really big favor. I feel so useless."

"Dad, please don't say that. Don't blame yourself. I'm getting married in the future, anyway. If I can help you by getting married right now, then why not?" Michelle said, looking at her father with sincere eyes.

"You shouldn't be okay with doing that. I'm not afraid of living a hard life. Yo

ur brother just started his career. I don't want to drag him in this mess. And I definitely wouldn't drag you as well."

"Dad, what do you think of the man who I'll marry? Is he a good person?" Michelle asked.

"He's a very excellent man. He became a CEO at his young age, without the help of his family's power. His future is very promising."

"Dad, since this man is so great, then I'll be a lucky woman. You don't even need to persuade me. I've made up my mind. But don't tell brother yet," she said.

"Are you sure you want to do it? Once you're engaged, we couldn't take it back." Howard then opened another pack of cigarettes. It was already his third pack.

"Dad, my mind's already made. When will I meet him? I want to be prepared," Michelle said with a sheepish smile.

"How about tomorrow? It's better to settle everything soon."

"Okay. I'll have to make a phone call first. I just want to tell Grandpa Mike that I'm getting married." Michelle said goodbye to her father and headed towards her room.

"Hello, is this Grandpa Mike? This is Michelle," Michelle said on the phone.

"Michelle, is everything okay? Why did you call me?" Mike was so happy that Michelle had called him.

"I miss you, Grandpa Mike. And also, I called to tell you that I might get married. I haven't seen the guy, but my father says that he's a great man."

"You haven't seen him? What's going on? Tell me."

"Dad's company might go bankrupt. He hoped that a fixed marriage can fix it," Michelle said. Even though she tried to sound excited, it was still obvious in her tone that she was feeling helpless.

"Damn it! If I had known that Howard was that kind of person! If only I knew, then I wouldn't let him adopt you!" Michelle could tell that he was too angry to control himself right now.

"Grandpa Mike, it's not Dad's fault. I agreed myself. He didn't force me. Now, let's talk about something else. Have you found Kevin yet?"

As hearing Kevin's name, Mike felt really guilty and heartbroken. "He sneaked out of here days after you left. I'm sorry. I know it's my fault. I should have taken better care of him." His anger suddenly cooled down.

"It's not your fault, Grandpa Mike. I know he's fine. He said he'd find me," Michelle comforted.

"Well, Grandpa Mike, I have to go now. Please tell me if you have any news about Kevin. Bye, Grandpa Mike."

As soon as Michelle hang up the phone, she was buried in thought. 'Where are you, Kevin? If you don't show up soon, I will be getting married."

In the Heaven Earth Club located in A City... Carlos and his father Walter Yu were discussing about the expansion of their company. Suddenly, Walter Yu changed the topic. "I've found a girl who is willing to marry you. You'll be seeing her tomorrow. She's a nice and beautiful girl."

"What are you talking about? Dad! You're drunk. I'm too young to get married," Carlos protested. He scratched his head, thinking about the night he made love with a girl in his hotel room. "And I already have a crush on another girl," he told his father.

"Oh? Really? A girl finally impressed a boy like you?" Walter Yu joked. "Unfortunately for you, I have already made the deal. You have to go," he insisted.

"How can you do that to me? Isn't it supposed to be my choice? I don't even want to get married yet. I won't go. I don't care. You can go alone if you like," Carlos stubbornly said.

"You ungrateful child! Do you really want to piss me off? Do you think it's easy to raise a child alone? It's so hard to raise you especially when your mother died," Walter said in a guttural voice.

"Stop! Stop, okay? I'll go. Stop talking, please. You always use this trick!"

"As long as it works," Walter said to Carlos. He smiled at him, feeling proud at himself.

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