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   Chapter 217 Take Over the Mu Group (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6312

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"That's my freedom." Zoe said. Larry just smiled.

On the second day, when Zoe and others arrived at the Mo Group, Zoe became the focus of attention again. People's eyes were full of envy and jealousy. As for the reason, even Zoe could guess it. When they passed through the LED advertising screen of the city this morning, an advertisement about the wedding dress shot by Larry and Zoe was on it. She didn't expect it to be played so soon, but it must have attracted great attention. The identity of Larry was a focus in itself, let alone his tenderness in the video. In addition, her identity as Mrs. Larry, and their marriage were well matched. Presumably, this news was the headline of today's media report. She could do nothing about it when she was in the Mo Group.

In front of the LED advertising screen of the city, several people stopped to watch. The woman was resentful, the young man was concerned, and the man was smiling gracefully. He guessed that she had a good interpretation of clothes, whether it was design or performance.

In the CEO's office of the Mo group, with his legs crossed, Carlson said, "I wonder why Lord Scott suddenly takes charge of the Mo Group. It turns out that Larry asked you to have a romantic trip with Beauty Zoe."

However, Larry didn't reply. Zoe just sat aside in a calm manner.

"Wow! I'm so envious of you guys." Holding the remote control in his hand, Carlson saw the wedding video that was still shot by Zoe and Larry.

"Do you envy us?" Larry asked.

"Yeah, I'm so envious of you."

"If you are jealous, just find one." Larry said.

"Well, there are too many beauties around me. I don't know which one to choose." Although Carlson said he was a playboy, Zoe felt that he didn't behave like that.

"Then pick one as you like." It seemed that Larry didn't want to talk to Carlson anymore.

"Can I pick one randomly? If I m

that Larry didn't want Zoe to go on. Suddenly, a rumor came to Zoe's mind. It was about Carlson. He was an international movie star and had filmed a movie in various countries, but it was not the first time in France. All the invitations from France were refused by him, so Carlson was guilty of many famous directors in France, but because of Carlson's influence, even if he was not French. There were still many invitations, but why didn't France step in? Thinking of what had happened in France, Zoe seemed to have a few distinctions.

"Zoe, go out first." As soon as Larry finished his words, Zoe nodded her head. When Larry talked about anything about himself, he would not ask her to be present. But now it was obvious that it was about Carlson. There seemed to be a connection between France, Hodge and Carlson.

Carlson didn't ask him to stay. If it was only about him, there must be something that Larry didn't want Zoe to know.

"What do you want to say?"

"I met her in France." Larry said calmly.

Carlson knew it. How could they not know where Larry was? "So?"

Looking at the seemingly indifferent attitude of Carlson, Larry squinted his eyes and said, "She said that the two forces have cooperation and reminded you to be careful."

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