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   Chapter 216 Take Over the Mu Group (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6801

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"Where are you going?" Dahlia said as she watched Larry and others receding figures.

"Watch the show." Hodge's hand had been bandaged.

"Isn't it enough?"

"It's lively there."

"Leave them alone."

"What if I don't listen to you?"

"That's really troublesome." Dahlia looked at Hodge and said.

"It doesn't seem to be true."

"Then what is the truth?" Dahlia held Hodge in her arms and there was no distance between them. Hodge wrapped his arms around Dahlia's waist and took the opportunity to get closer to her. "I also want to know."

"Do you want to explore it?" Dahlia held Hodge with her hand.

"It seems so." He kissed Dahlia's lips hard, intending to ravage her. However, before he could go deeper, he was bitten hard by Dahlia, and his lips were stained with blood.

"Isn't it enough to take advantage of a woman? This is a punishment." Dahlia then walked away from Hodge.

Hodge looked at the woman who had disappeared in his hand and then at his palm. Women were dangerous. And it seemed that cheating would also turn into blood.

Chaky didn't say anything when he came back. On the second day, Zoe and his friends took a plane back. They were warmly welcomed by Scott at the airport. Presumably, Scott was so excited because he had heard what they had done. Finally, he was satisfied with it. The wedding dress shooting had become a commercial shooting, not only taking photos, but also video shooting. He had given Scott benefits, but Scott was afraid that what he really wanted was not those photos. Then Zoe walked forward.

"Zoe, where are you going?" Scott said, looking at Zoe who didn't care about him at all.

"The Mu Group." Now that her wedding photos had been taken, Larry would keep his promise. Larry wouldn't lie in this respect, so Zoe had to go to see the Mu Group first. The Mu Group would be another starting point for her to climb up.

"Larry. You also..." Seeing that Larry followed closely behind Zoe, they obviously flashed past Scott. With a frown, Scott finally understo

t could be more convincing than this fact?

In the office, "How did you know?" She had put forward several proposals for the Mu Group, but no one knew about it except Zack. Even Paul didn't know it, because Zoe didn't want others to know. She just wanted to do the design at ease. She had helped her brother several times just because she had seen him being a little upset.

To be honest, Larry didn't expect that Zoe would have such a talent. He just saw it on the document that Scott gave him. As for how it came, Larry didn't care it came from at all, as long as it was a fact.

"You had investigated me!" Suddenly, Zoe understood why Larry didn't say anything.

"You still have to go back to work in the Mo Group when there is nothing else to do in the Mu Group." But Larry didn't answer Zoe's question.

"I'm in charge of this place now."

"The so-called person in charge is the one who is in charge of the case. You don't need to sit in the office every day."

"Then what information do you need?"

"Solve it in the Mo Group."

It was not until now that Zoe realized that this was the way that Larry took charge of the company. Besides, it was a branch of the Mo Group. Since Larry was often absent, it meant that there must be a competent person in charge. Taking a look at the Secretary behind him, Zoe guessed that she was right.

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