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   Chapter 215 A Sudden Invitation (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6477

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Dahlia smiled. It was true that such a simple trick didn't work on Larry, let alone that she had been put on the list of the cordon at Larry's place, because she had hurt a Larry's brother.

"Larry, go and dance with Miss. Dahlia. It's rare to have such a good atmosphere." Zoe couldn't understand what had happened between Dahlia and Larry, nor could she see through the ambiguous relationship between Dahlia and Hodge. However, Zoe could only understand that Dahlia had something to say, and women were more accurate in judging women sometimes.

Hearing that, Larry was stunned for a while. With a gentle smile on Zoe's face, Larry finally stood up and took Dahlia to the dancing floor. When he turned around, he took a look at Zoe.

"Mrs. Larry, you are so generous that you can let other women dance with your husband."

"In that case, Mr. Hodge will be more generous, won't you?"

"I can't stop Dahlia" And he couldn't control it.

It was rare to hear such words from Hodge. "That's because I know that Larry won't betray me easily, and Dahlia doesn't love Larry."

"Mrs. Larry, you are quite confident." When Hodge said this, the corners of his mouth lifted slightly. It was hard to see through his expression. It was true that Dahlia didn't love him.

"What do you want to say?" Larry knew that Dahlia was not a tangled woman, so she had left so decisively and thoroughly.

"I just heard that it's not peaceful overseas recently." Dahlia said.

Overseas, Larry suddenly understood, "it's really rare for you to give me such a special reminder. But do you think it's meaningful?" He and Carlson had already noticed some movements outside.

"I don't think you can hide it from me. But do you know that the two forces have allied?"

The darkness in Larry's eyes became deeper again. Was it interesting to unite? But what was more interesting was, "Since they have already broken up, why do you say anything more?"

ia glanced at Hodge's palm, which was blood red. Noticing Dahlia's gaze, Hodge looked at his hand and said, "It seems that I broke it. It's not a bad thing to have red."

Dahlia didn't say anything, and the people below didn't dare to say anything. They just cut the cake. Larry and Zoe left after Dahlia cut the cake. Since the confrontation between Larry and Hodge, Chaky didn't say anything. He should have been shocked by the momentum. That was good.

After taking a last glance at the ship behind her, Zoe still couldn't understand what Dahlia and Hodge were talking about. She didn't know why he came to them this time, but Zoe knew that Larry should have known it. So she asked, "Hodge and Dahlia No, it's okay." Zoe shook her head and didn't finish her words. It seemed that they could do it in this way. They seemed to have something on their backs.

Larry knew what Zoe wanted to ask, but he shouldn't tell Zoe about it. If possible, Larry didn't want Zoe to have anything to do with Hodge, but it seemed impossible. Since Zoe stepped into France and became Mrs. Larry, she seemed to have been entangled. Sometimes he couldn't see through Hodge and Dahlia, but sometimes he understood. Only that person could really understand what the woman was thinking and what she wanted.

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