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   Chapter 214 A Sudden Invitation (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6552

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"We are looking for Mr. Larry." The man said.

"What can I do for you?" When Larry came out from behind Chaky, Zoe followed him.

"Mr. Hodge heard that Mr. Larry and Mrs. Larry are staying here. Our Mr. Hodge is also nearby. He invites you and Mrs. Larry to have a get-together. The man said.

Larry thought that Hodge wanted Zoe come together, so he asked, "What if I don't want to?"

"Our Mr. Hodge has said that Mr. Larry doesn't want to cause any trouble. Mr. Hodge just wants to have a get-together with you."

"If there are so many people in such a simple party, your Mr. Hodge's way of invitation is still not interesting."

The person was obviously shocked. After all, their people were all very secret, but they were still discovered by Larry. It was indeed like a rumor, and could not be underestimated. "We don't want to make a move."

"Do you think these people can stop me?"

"Of course not." They knew Larry, so they said, "I think Mr. Larry doesn't want Mrs. Larry to get hurt."

The look in Larry's eyes suddenly became colder, making the person feel dangerous. After taking a look at Zoe, Zoe tugged at Larry's sleeve, indicating that she was fine. Larry nodded and said, "Lead the way." Since there was no way to escape, there was no need to tangle with them anymore. Besides, Larry didn't want to conflict with them here and destroy this beautiful flower sea.

"This way, Mr. Larry."

Larry and Zoe were about to leave following them.

"Hey, where are you going?" Chaky asked.

"It's none of your business. Go back as soon as possible." Zoe didn't want the man in front of her to suffer the same thing as her.

"I'm a man. How can you let me go back, then I'll go back?" Besides, it was obvious that those people were not friendly. How could he escape at this time?

"Chaky, go back." The firmness in Zoe's eyes surprised Chaky. He had never seen Zoe so serious.

"No, I won't." Even so, he still didn't listen to Z

e of oppression since he came here. The people gathered on the ship had a feeling of ferocity, and there were people guarding around. Of course, Chaky didn't know what kind of place it was, so his arrogance had long disappeared. Looking at Chaky like this, Zoe only wanted he to be quiet.

"What do you want from me, Mr. Hodge?" Larry didn't think that Hodge would think of the local etiquette.

"Why do I make it so clear, Mr. Larry?"

"Because there is no need for us to play tricks." Larry answered.

"I asked Hodge to invite you here." Dahlia walked out. She was dressed in a particularly charming way today.

When Larry saw Dahlia come out, he asked, "Are we very familiar with each other?"

"I just invite you to have a cake. Today is my birthday," Dahlia said with a smile.

"Oh, Congratulations, Miss Dahlia. But I didn't know it before, so I didn't bring any gift."

"How about dancing with me?"

Larry said, "Miss Dahlia, I think it's not suitable because of Hodge."

"Hodge, Mr. Larry is asking for your permission. Don't say anything." Dahlia had already put her arms around Hodge's neck.

"Please, Mr. Larry."

A dark look appeared on Larry's face.

"I don't think Mr. Larry is not such a narrow-minded person?"

"What if I say I am?" Larry still remained unmoved.

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