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   Chapter 213 The Plan Of Zoe (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Chang Du Characters: 6919

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"We, we," said Zoe in a daze She and Larry were just like this in some things.

Larry didn't contradict her but smiled, and so did Zoe. Both of them were good at acting, but Zoe wasn't sure whether the relaxing feelings in her heart in the past two days was real or not. So was Larry.

"Are you going back tomorrow?" After all, the wedding photos had been taken, and they could give Scott an explanation.

"Stay here for one more day tomorrow."

"What's the matter?" asked Zoe, frowning

"There is a place I want to go."

'really? That's it.' Zoe went to bed and found a comfortable place to sleep. As for Larry, she didn't care. it was not up to her to decide whether he would stay or not.

In the morning, when Zoe was still in a daze, she heard a hurried knock on the door. She didn't want to answer it, but a voice came, "Hey, are you guys awake? Hello, Zoe, Larry..." There were continuous knocks on the door, and Zoe felt very angry.

At this time, Larry came out of the bathroom. He must have just taken a shower and wore a bathrobe. After taking a look at Larry, Zoe lied down on the bed again. Anyway, since Larry was here, Zoe didn't need to worry about the one kept knocking door outside.

It never occurred to Larry that Zoe would get up in a huff. But since there was something out of his expectation happening in the past two days, so Larry was used to it. Listening to the noise outside, his eyes turned colder.

"Why did you open the door so late, Larry?" Chaky seemed to be very impatient. "Where is Zoe?" As soon as Chaky looked into the room, Larry's face turned ghastly livid. In an instant, he grabbed Chaky by the collar and pulled him out.

"What are you doing?" Chaky was not a short and thin guy, but they had no strength to resist Larry.

"Do you know what manner is?" You got up early in the morning and knocked on the door of the couple, wondering what was going on.

"I have something to talk to Zoe." Chaky still couldn't get rid of Larry's grip.

"Mr. Chaky..." The person in charge who came with Chaky was shocked a

l into it. Now that she had come to appreciate the sea of flowers, Zoe felt relaxed and happy. If possible, she really wanted to choose a beautiful place in the future where she could live a leisurely life without thinking about anything. But would she have such a day again. It seemed that she had already predicted what her life would be in the future. This idea could only be a dream, but she didn't want to think about it, or she would waste such a beautiful scenery.

Standing in the distance, Larry silently watched the figure of Zoe. Even in the middle of the sea of flowers, she couldn't calm down the sadness in her heart. They were the same.

When Chaky heard that they might arrive here, he saw a woman standing in the middle of the sea of flowers and quietly examining the flowers in front of him. The purple surrounding oZoe didn't seem to be abrupt, but she perfectly blended with the flowers. And the corner of the mouth of Larry, who was standing beside them, also raised slightly. In this way, Chaky pressed the shutter of the camera in his hand and froze the picture. Though it was such a beautiful scene. Why did Chaky feel a touch of sadness? Neither of the two showed a sad expression.

"Is he here?" A voice came from behind Chaky. It was French. Chaky was stunned.

"Who are you?" Chaky's voice also attracted the attention of Larry, and so did Zoe.

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