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   Chapter 84 The Game (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7239

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Ha ha! What Zoe said amused Wendy. Of course Zoe did not think that Carlson could protect her for the rest of her life. She didn't expect that even for a moment, let alone a lifetime. Why did she say that? "Miss Wendy, did you misunderstand something?"

"Misunderstanding!" With a sneer, Wendy said, "don't think that I don't know what you want to do. Carlson is just an employee of the Mo group, and the final decision is made by Larry!"

Hearing what Wendy said, the expression on Zoe's face changed. "Miss Wendy, are you emphasizing the leadership of Larry to me?"

With her eyes fixed on Zoe, Wendy didn't want to say anything more! "I didn't expect that Miss Wendy would have such an expression!" said Zoe with a cold smile. In her impression, Wendy had always been calm and gentle. Although Zoe knew that Wendy didn't show such tenderness in her heart, she wondered if Wendy had found the wrong person to vent her jealousy and anger.

Wendy was at a loss for a moment, but she calmed down and said, "Zoe, don't think that you can change anything just by dressing up like this. I'm not that shallow. Besides, Larry only hates you!"

What Wendy said amused Zoe. What was she thinking about! Did she think that Zoe's dress was to seduce Larry? It was really ironic. Was it necessary for her to have such a relationship with him? There was only hatred between them. "Miss Wendy, I've told you a long time ago that even if all the women in the world world are interested in him, it doesn't include me. You've paid the wrong attention!"

"Humph! Those from the Mu family can do anything evil. Who knows what you are thinking!"

This sentence completely irritated Zoe. She could allow anyone to belittle her. If her family did something wrong, they could bear some consequences, but not all her members included. A warm smile flashed through her mind, as bright as sunshine. "Miss Wendy, are you declaring your failure? You didn't get the attention of Larry and vented all your anger on others. It seems that's very embarrassing. I didn't expect Miss Wendy to be such a person! " Said Zoe harshly.

The look on Wendy's face, which had just calm down, became

ssness and torture followed her at any time, and there would be no time for her to relax.

At this moment, a man walked up to them. It was obvious that he was looking at Zoe. But when he saw Larry who was standing next to her, he was surprised and then left, leaving a snicker on his face. That man looked at Zoe from head to toe, which made her feel disgusting. Since when she began to bear such gaze.

Larry was as gloomy as usual.

"No wonder I could not see you? It turns out that you are hiding in this corner!" Carlson walked over slowly and said, "there are a lot of people looking for you in the venue. Why are you here idly?"

"It is so boring!"

"Ha ha, you are the only one in the world who dare not to take those honorable guests inside seriously."

"You are the same person who doesn't take them seriously, aren't you?" Said Larry, looking at Carlson.

"Ha ha, Mr. Kai is going to cut the cake, so I'll take my female companion away first. Come with me, Larry. Although I don't care, I have to act like a guest on such an occasion. And you knows about those kind of social engagements better than me, right?" Carlson turned to look at Zoe. She didn't like to stay with Larry, so she left with Carlson.

The venue was still lively. Mr. Kai didn't order to push the cake upstairs until he saw Carlson and Larry coming over. Although Mr. Kai was the host of the banquet, he had to consider too much about those guests.

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