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   Chapter 83 Provocation (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9017

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The corners of Wendy's mouth twitched, and she didn't notice the bruise on her palm.

"Oh! Wendy, you just asked me what I meant just now, but I haven't answered, right? " The playful smile on Carlson's face made Wendy vigilant, because it was not strange for her to hear any words from Carlson.

"Why! "Let me think for a while! " After thinking for a while, Carlson said, "if you really want to tell me the reason, I prefer a leopard that bares its teeth and claws and shows its sharp claws all the time instead of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Do you know why?"

The corners of Wendy's mouth turned a little white, but she still shook her head and said, "I don't understand what you said."

"That's because I can't stand hypocrisy. I want to rush up and peel off the hypocritical skin when I see such a disguised sheep. On the contrary, I like to be stared at by the leopard very much." Looking at the woman in front of him with his sharp eyes, as if Carlson was inspecting a prey, Wendy's heart suddenly trembled. Looking at Wendy's slightly moving eyebrows and eyes, Carlson slowly opened his mouth.

"And you seem to have forgotten that this is the matter between Larry and the Mu family. You shouldn't have questioned me." Carlson shook the wine glass in his hand, emitting an attractive beauty, but with a depth that did not match this beauty.

"That's because my sister..." Before Wendy could finish her words, the glass in Carlson's hand suddenly fell to the ground. Because of the buffer of the lawn, there was no big sound, but it still shocked the people nearby, including Wendy. She did not expect that Carlson would drop the glass. The enchanting red wine stained the lawn, with an intoxicating smell.

"Oh sorry, the glass slipped by accident." Just with a smile, Carlson knew that someone would come to clean up the mess soon. Looking at Wendy, who was still in a daze, Carlson said, "I don't think you will be frightened by such a small thing."

Wendy didn't say anything.

"It's my fault if I scare you." There was no sign of worry on Carlson's face. With a pale face, Wendy said, "Sorry, I need to go to the restroom." As soon as Wendy finished her words, she ran away. Then, Daisy nodded to Larry and Carlson and followed her into the restroom quickly.

"That's enough." "She didn't offend you." Larry said.

"Ha ha, when do I need a reason to hate a person?"

"After all, she is Nancy's sister." Said Larry.

"So what?" Carlson met his gaze.

"I'm responsible for her accident," said Larry, who knew what was on Carlson's mind.

"Oh, responsibility? When did you become so responsible?" Staring at Larry, Carlson noticed that Larry took a look at Zoe who

No, Wendy shook her head hard. No, Carlson wouldn't know that and he was just a star who relied on his delicate appearance. Wendy felt relieved. She slowly smoothed her hair, smiled gently in front of the mirror and went out with satisfaction.

Daisy didn't expect to meet Zoe here, and neither did Zoe expect to meet Daisy. She just wanted to find a quiet corner and sat in it.

Daisy stared at Zoe, who was still exceedingly beautiful. When both of them were still students, Daisy had known that Zoe was still beautiful even without any embellishment. She was born with a natural beauty and freedom. At that time, Daisy envied her very much. But today, Zoe was more pure and mature than before. It was a breathtaking beauty with less aggression and more charm, which made Daisy, though as a star now, feel ashamed in front of Zoe.

Zoe also took a look at Daisy. The silence had taken up their friendship on which they used to have nice connection. They had already said what they should say, and now there should be nothing to say.

"What are you looking at?" When Wendy came out of the restroom, she noticed that Daisy was looking at someone. Following her sight, she saw Zoe sitting there.

"Zoe..." Said Wendy.

Noticing Wendy, Zoe didn't stand up, and she just said, "Oh, it's Miss Wendy." There was no change in her calm tone, which made Wendy frown.

"Miss Zoe, you really have the courage to come to such an occasion." There was a sting in Wendy's words.

Of course, Zoe knew what Wendy wanted to say. It was just that the guests here laughed at the decline of the Mu family. "I have always been bold. Miss Wendy, you have known it for a long time."

"Don't think you can do whatever you want with the support of Carlson. He can't protect you for a lifetime." Said Wendy.

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