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   Chapter 80 Appearance (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7401

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"I didn't expect Mr. Larry to come. It's my honor." Mr. Kai showed great respect to Larry.

"You're welcome, Mr. Kai. Of course I will accept your invitation." Mr. Kai knew that Larry respected him.

"Mr. Larry, you think too highly of me." Everyone present in front of Larry would feel that they were much shorter than before. Not only the cold aura, but also the handsome face was incomparable. Money was incomparable with Mo Group. Such a man should be the one who attracted all the ladies at the banquet. But now, there was a woman named Wendy by the side of Larry. Everyone felt that their relationship was unusual and didn't know what kind of relationship it was, so they didn't dare to go forward rashly, but these people did not include Kitty on the side.

"Mr. Larry, why didn't you tell Kitty that you were coming and asked me to come with you?" Kitty stepped on the arm of Larry and nestled in his arms. Wendy, who was pulling him, was pushed away by Kitty. Mr. Kai and others watched the scene quietly.

"I think Kitty knows me well. I don't like to be accompanied." Although he didn't get rid of Kitty, his eyes were obviously cold. Wendy stood aside and didn't go forward to compete with Kitty for Larry, because she knew that Kitty was not attractive to Larry. Kitty's action was not smart. On what occasion, jealousy could only make Larry feel disgusted. After so many years in Mo Group, she could guess that Kitty knew this point. But Kitty seemed that she had lost her direction because of her words just now.

"Mr. Larry, you will make Kitty sad." Kitty got closer to Larry and fixed her eyes on Wendy, who just smiled lightly.

'Stupid woman! 'Mr. Kai cursed Kitty in his heart. Even he could feel the unhappiness from Larry, but she still kept on sticking up. What a stupid woman! Compared with Wendy on the other side, she was much worse. She didn't even have the calmness to fight with others.

Mr. Kai pulled Kitty over and said, "Mr. Larry, there are some things that I need Kitty's help at the banquet. Miss Kitty, I'll borrow her." He had imprisoned Kitty.

"What can I do for you at the party?" Kitty struggled in Mr. Kai's hand, as if she still wanted to come back to the sid

Mr. Kai, he had lived a peaceful life without any outsider. After all, Mr. Kai's grandfather was also a person who had a foothold in this city. Even if the Zhang clan was not famous, this old man was also a big shot in the business circle. It was an important position. Such a person came out to see Joe in person, which made everyone's eyes brighter.

"Mo Group is thriving in your hands. I'm sure Scott can rest assured." The old man said.

Of course, Larry didn't say that.

Smart eyes could not describe the old man too much. After all, they had been in the business for so many years, and they must have much more experience than the younger generation. The old man seemed to have seen through what Larry did not say. "We live to our age. Thinking of what we have done in the past, there will always be a few regrets. It is not absolutely wrong to be frivolous in youth, and then we live to a certain age. I know it may not be better to solve it in this way. "

"Grandpa..." Mr. Kai didn't know why his grandfather said this, but it was obvious that he said it to Larry.

"I've learned a lot." Replied Larry respectfully.

"I don't want to teach you anything. Your grandfather and I are old people. Now you are in the young world, and there should be your rules. At that time, our rules are no longer applied, and we can't teach you anything. We just want to talk to you as an experienced person. You are still young, and you should know what you should do."

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