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   Chapter 76 Dress Up (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7177

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"You seem to be interested in this topic." Gazing at Wendy, Daisy smiled and Wendy said, "you're thinking too much."

"I hope so!" Daisy looked into the distance with a vacant look in her eyes.

"Don't you want to struggle for it?" In her mind, Wendy didn't think that Daisy was such perfunctory woman who never knew to fight for her own happiness.

"Do I have the right to struggle for what i want?" Daisy was just a newcomer without any background, and Kitty was an A-lister star signed by the Mo group, a popular star in the entertainment industry. How could she fight against her.

With disappointment and unwillingness in her eyes, Wendy stared at Daisy, which made her a bit interested. "Do you want to be the same as Zoe?"

Daisy was stunned. She couldn't believe that Wendy would say something like that. "What do you mean?"

"I don't think you are stupid. You know what I mean."

Yes, Daisy knew what Wendy meant, but she couldn't believe it.

"Kitty's success now only relies on the glory of the Mo group and the backgrounds she got. She can't keep her position forever. Sooner or later, she will be replaced."

Daisy looked at Wendy after hearing that.

"You don't have to stare at me like that. What I said is just the truth. Everyone would get older and lose the beauty, you are still young in this industry, and Kitty is no longer young. That's why she would be so depressed and don't like the new comers."

"I have known this point since I stepped into this industry. I don't want to be at the top forever. I just want to realize all my dreams at the best age, let the ridicule and calumny completely go away, and trade my best age for fortune and glory for the rest of my life. So I have to stand high above the masses, so that those who wanted to ridicule me will look up to me."

Obviously, Wendy was quite satisfied with this idea. "What can you sacrifice in order to get these things?"

"Anything!" Daisy didn't know why she showed her so-called ambition in front of Wendy. Maybe some words of Wendy had a kind of resonance for her thoughts, which made Daisy feel that she had to seize an excit


"Miss Zoe, isn't it a little early to go back now?"

"I have finished my work, so get out of the way."

"Well, don't be so unromantic. It's so boring to go back to accompany that old man. Go to the banquet with me. I happen to need a female companion."

"You can seduce other women on the street with your face, and there will be women following you." Zoe didn't want to respond to his invitation at all.

"Are you afraid that you doesn't deserve to be my partner on the banquet because of my delicate face? Don't worry. Not many people can make me call you beauty." Carlson continued to pester Zoe.

"Carlson, we are not that close." With a long face, Zoe looked at Carlson. She was in a bad mood and didn't have the mood to attend any party.

"Well, just take it as a pastime, and I owe you a favor." Then Carlson dragged Zoe out of the room.

"Carlson, let go of me. How could it be possible for you to fail to find yourself a female companion? Didn't I say that I'm not in the mood for it?" Zoe struggled.

"Only those who are not in the mood need to be entertained by the party."

"I don't need it." No matter how Zoe tried to change her mood, it wouldn't work.

"I know something about your brother!" Suddenly, Justin spoke out the matter of the brother of Zoe.

"What do you know, Carlson? Do you know anything about my brother?" "Tell me," said Zoe anxiously. She held Carlson's hand tightly.

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