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   Chapter 70 The Beginning Of The Change (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7349

Updated: 2020-07-19 03:41

"What happened?" Randal had always followed Zoe's will, but why was she so tough this time.

"Uncle, I can only tell you that even if I sacrifice everything I have, I will make Zoe leave here. I won't let her continue to stay with Larry and being tortured by him!" Randal clenched his fists.

"Randal, don't make me anxious. What's wrong with Zoe?" Something must have happened to make Randal say that.

"Uncle, she..." Staring at Paul, Randal hesitated for a while, but finally made up his mind. "Zoe once committed suicide and used a sharp blade to pierce through her own chest." Randal's fist fell hard on the smooth table, numb with shock, but he didn't feel any pain.

"How could it be How could this happen? " He knew how tough Zoe was since she was a child. Zoe wouldn't have made such a decision unless she incurred great suffering from Larry. "It's all my fault!" It was hard for Paul to hide his heartache and guilt.

"Uncle, it's not your fault. It's Larry's fault. It's him who tortured Zoe like this." Randal would never forget how painful he was when he heard the news from Mac and Bella. He blamed himself for not staying with her well and protecting her from being suffered. He felt sorry for Zoe. He hated his cowardice and powerlessness. He always planned everything to make Zoe leave. But now he couldn't afford to wait, neither could Zoe afford to wait.

"Will she leave?" Paul knew how stubborn Zoe was.

"Uncle, Kate has left. The Xia group has been merged by the Mo Group, and the Gu Group is also in danger. The only company that can make Larry care about is my family business, the Shen Group. There are fewer and fewer elements that can restrain Zoe to leave. I will arrange everything, even if I give up my whole family business."

What else could Paul say? Randal had got the answer, hadn't he. Paul was wrong from the very beginning. He shouldn't have let Zoe go to the side of Larry. They should pay for what they had done instead of letting Zoe dealing with it by her own. "Please take her away from the city, Randal."

"Thank you, uncle!" Randal said seriously.

"Randal, it's me who should say thank you!" A hint of undisguised sadness appeared on Paul

ld be lured by fame and fortune, which would be convenient for Larry to take advantage of their desires. As a businessman, as long as he didn't go too far, he wouldn't care about the jealousy of those women. But if it exceeded the bottom line of what Larry could tolerate, those idiots could only fall to hell. And he had such power to control everything his range.

As for Daisy! A hint of sharpness appeared in Larry's eyes, and he needed to control her in case of need.

"Mr. Larry, do we still need to keep an eyes on Zoe?" After all, Carlson would keep staying with Zoe.

"No need." Even if they spied on Zoe, they would only be humiliated by Carlson. But Larry was not sure whether what Carlson had said was true or not. Although it turned out that Carlson sometimes was telling the truth, Larry still felt that something was different this time.

"Mr. Larry, Miss Wendy asked you to come over tonight."

"I see. You can leave now! Be careful not to cause any trouble there these days. "

"Yes, sir!"

Looking at the setting sun in the distance, where Larry could not control, something was always changing.


Looking at the woman in front of him, it was obvious that Wendy had something to say. "Tell me what is the matter."

"I want to go out to work. I can't bother you all the time."

Staring at Wendy, Larry asked, "what do you want to do?"

"Larry, I want to work for the Mo group, your company." Wendy stared at Larry.

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