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   Chapter 68 Get Involved (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7240

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Wendy was devastated by the kidnap, and she had to have a regular reexamination of her throat, so she stayed in the hospital for a few days. When she was discharged from the hospital, she was abnormally happy, because Bella had mentioned that Wendy might be able to move into the villa of Larry.

"Larry." Her smile was like the warmest spring breeze in March, but this warmth did not make the frost unfreeze, not warm enough, nor bright enough.

"Get in the car first."

Although Wendy was in high spirits, she didn't say anything along the way. That sad look was still reflected in Larry's mind. After sending food to Zoe last night, he ran away as fast as he could, fearing that he would be swallowed up by her hostile look.

"Larry?" Wendy called him for several times, it was then that Larry came to his senses.

"What's the matter?"

"Nothing." The calmness in his eyes made Wendy have a lot of doubts. Who was he thinking about.

Larry didn't ask any more questions. There was still silence in the car, and such silence made Wendy feel a little upset.

"Where are we going?" This was not the way to the Larry's villa where it was actually located.

"The way back to your new home."

The happy mood of Wendy suddenly sank.

"You don't like it?" Larry moved all the things from her original house into this new residence for Wendy.

It was a high-end villa. Although the house was not big, it was delicate and prosperous everywhere, and the servants arranged by Larry had been in place.

"Larry, I didn't want you to buy me a new house."

"The security should be quite perfect. Such things like kidnapping won't happen again. It's not far from where I live. If you have anything, you can ask Hank to come at any time." Without any hesitation, Larry finished his words.

"Larry..." "Don't you want me to live with you so much?"

"I'm a man. It's not appropriate for a girl like you to live in my place."

"Then why did you let her live with you, I mean Zoe?!" Said Wendy loudly.

"So what?" Hearing Larry's cold voice, Wendy calmed down and said, "you know I don't mean to blame you. I just don't want to see her again. As soon as I

hose you have learned in the chaotic environment. In order to get what you want, you can even plot against yourself. If Miss Bella want to compete with you on plots, she will be nobody. "

"Are you done? Make a price, and then I will give you the money and you have to disappear. "

"Ha ha, I like ruthless women like you. The man you fall in love with is really worth your efforts. "

"That's none of your business. Are you leaving or not?"

"Now that you have said that, of course I have to leave. I have known how cruel you are three years ago."

Stunned, Wendy said, "I'll transfer the money to you and then you need to leave now." Wendy wouldn't let anyone find fault with her. She wouldn't go back to her original life. Even if she had been hypocritical and pretended to be kind-hearted all the time, even if she had been constantly sacrificing herself, she would try all means to get what she wanted. She wouldn't let go of anyone who had offended her, including Bella and Zoe. But in the end, she underestimated the city and the real strength controlled by those powerful man.

The route of Larry in the past few days was very ordinary. He only went to the company, the Dark Night club, and home. He did not go to the place where his grandpa, Scott, was. The sad sight lingered, and the medicine on the cabinet was consumed very quickly these days. Looking at it, Hank was very worried, but it could not make Larry relieved.

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