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   Chapter 67 Concealment (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9421

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"Are you here to talk about this with me?" Scott didn't think that Carlson would have such a leisure time.

"Lord Scott, you are still as sensitive as a fox. I think Larry have inherited this habit."

Scott didn't say anything.

"What was the truth three years ago?" Hearing Carlson's words, Scott was shocked. Then his expression slowly relaxed. "Why do you ask that?"

"I've investigated what happened three years ago again. I have a faint feeling that way." Carlson knew that Randalwas investigating what had happened three years ago. He also knew that Mu Family had a conflict with Larry three years ago. Carlson knew, so he didn't investigate what had happened three years ago. After all, it was a matter of someone else's family. But with the arrival of Zoe, he became interested in it. Unfortunately, he only knew the truth, and there was nothing else. Everything he saw seemed to be covered by a layer of snow-white veil, which could only be seen on the surface and could not penetrate into the inside. This veil made people inexplicably care about it. Don't forget how long Justin had been in such an environment, and it was easy to notice every drop of it, but unfortunately, he could not find anything, not to mention that Randal could hide so well what happened three years ago, except for Scott. Carlson couldn't think of anyone else.

"I know I can't hide it from you." Scott sighed.

Sure enough, the expression on Carlson's face froze. "Lord Scott, you won't..."

Scott knew what Carlson wanted to say. "You brat, am I such a person?"

Hearing that, Carlson's expression relaxed a little. "Lord Scott, you are not such a person, but I know clearly how important Larry is in your heart. If you do so for Larry, there will be no boundaries between us. Am I wrong?"

In the face of Scott gaze, Carlson had never been afraid of it. He could only sigh and could not refute, "What Mu Family did to Nancy three years ago was a fact. But since such a thing happened to her, Larry should also be responsible for it." Scott said helplessly.

"Have you offset this responsibility without authorization?" Carlson said sarcastically.

"No, I forgot it." Scott said.

Hearing that, Carlson was shocked and seemed to have grasped something important. Things that he hadn't figured out three years ago suddenly came together. That explained it.

"That's why Lord Scott's favor for Zoe!" In order to make up for what she had suffered.

Since Scott didn't like Mu Family, he could turn a blind eye to his revenge. After all, Mu Family did owe Nancy a lot and Larry could get it back. But he didn't expect that the means Scott took would be so cruel. It was not enough to destroy Mu Family, but it was also enough to force Zoe step by step to torture her to such an extent. Therefore, Scott had always

f. Was it a crime or fate?

"Miranda, I've had lunch. I'm not hungry yet." Hearing the footsteps, Zoe thought it was Miranda.

"It seems that Randal treats you as usual." The sudden voice of Larry made Zoe sit up quickly.

"What do you want to do?" Now as long as Zoe heard the name of the person beside her from Larry, she would immediately be on the alert.

The vigilant look in her eyes displeased Larry, "I haven't planned to take actions against Shen Group yet, as long as Randal can understand his position."

Zoe said, "You have taken over Mu Group and Xia Family. The economy of the city is under your control. Why are you so greedy? Shen Group is just the tip of the iceberg. It won't cause you any trouble."

"Unfortunately, I don't like others to challenge me."

What else could she do? She just smiled bitterly and said, "Randal is just walking on thin ice in the economy under your control. What else can he challenge you?"

"How affectionate he is! It's impolite to worry about another man in front of your husband."

"Haha, you are still saying that. Are you satirizing me or yourself? Larry." Said Zoe jokingly.

"I remind you not to forget your identity."

"My identity is the girl of Mu Family which was destroyed by you, or Mrs. Larry was ordered to be humiliated by you in front of you. Larry, I don't have the strength to argue with you. I don't care if you insult me or hurt me. I really don't have the strength. I just want to ask you when you will give me a relief and if there is a way to pay back." The sad and quiet look in her eyes was chilling, and it was the first time that the usually cold and indifferent Larry wanted to escape.

"Finish the porridge. I won't say the same words a second time." Only in this way.

Looking at the receding figure, Zoe thought it was funny. 'When can Larry let me go, or when can I escape?'

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