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   Chapter 66 Concealment (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7348

Updated: 2020-07-18 01:54

Zoe didn't introduce Randal to Carlson, "Do you know Randal?"

"I'm not that ignorant. The heir of Shen Group has been quite active recently."

"It's my honor to be remembered by Carlson of Mo Group."

The collision of their eyes again confused Zoe. It was the first time that they had met. Why were they so hostile to each other? He didn't know there was something called aura in the world, but when he felt it, he could tell something. It was obvious that the aura of Carlson and Randal didn't match.

"Mr. Randal, you'd better be careful. Don't lift a stone and hit yourself in the foot."

"Thank you for your warning, Mr. Carlson." Randal said politely, but there was a deep look in his calm eyes.

"Miss Zoe..."

"My name is Zoe."

However, Carlson didn't care about Zoe's words at all. He said, "I just want to remind you that Larry should be here soon."

"So what?" Zoe had been tortured so hard that she had no strength to resist.

Carlson didn't know whether he should admire or feel sorry for her fearless attitude. The girl in front of him didn't know much about Larry, or perhaps she didn't know much about the man. Even if she didn't have any feelings for him, she wouldn't like to be easily touched by others, let alone the man is Larry, who was a little confused now.

"I'm leaving now." Randal suddenly stood up, which confused Zoe.

On the other side, Carlson looked at Randal with admiration. It seemed that Randal was clear about the current situation and he deserved attention.

Randal left in this way. It seemed that Randal was relieved to leave Zoe to Carlson. Looking at each other, Randal could feel that Carlson wouldn't hurt Zoe.

"Mr. Larry..."

As soon as Randal reached the door, he met Larry who was surrounded by the crowd and walked in. Randal's expression suddenly became cold, and the flames burst out from his eyes seemed to burn Larry. In the end, he only gave a hint to the people around him, without saying anything.

Larry didn't expect to meet Randal here. He looked inside and saw Zoe sitting there.

"Isn't it the current manager of Shen Group who went there just now?"

"Shen Group is sure to be inherited by him."

"I hea

eople feel that it was only for a moment. And this moment was enough for Zoe to sense something. Nathan's words might not be wrong.

Without any hesitation, Zoe went upstairs. After all, even if she had recovered, she was still very weak. Just as what Carlson had said just now, nothing could be done except for the mental strength and the physical support. Moreover, now that her heart had been shattered, she should take good care of her body. In this way, at least there was a frame that could make a bluff. What a sad thought.

"You care about Zoe!" Scott said.

After Zoe left, Carlson's indifferent face disappeared. "What? You care about her, Lord Scott?"

Scott snorted.

"It's just that those empty eyes make people care about it," said Carlson with a smile

"You always stand on the bystander's side. It seems that this time is not the case."

"You know me well, Lord Scott."

Scott didn't think that what Carlson said was a praise.

"What are you going to do, Lord Scott?" Carlson's eyes were as sharp as before.

"Now you young people rule the world. What else can I do?" Scott said calmly.

"Lord Scott, you are not a person who will submit to old people. Even now, Lord Scott is still dignified, not something that will disappear after a few years!"

"Ha ha, it feels good to be praised by young people." Scott smiled.

Carlson was no longer bothered by this topic. Scott position in Mo Family and others could not be shaken.

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