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   Chapter 65 Being Sick (Part Three)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 5080

Updated: 2020-07-18 01:36

Bella looked around but didn't see that familiar figure. "Won't she come?"

"Let's go." Said Nathan, as it was almost time to get board.

There was a touch of sadness in her eyes, and Nathan couldn't comfort her now. Moreover, he couldn't say anything, let alone mention the thing that Zoe went to him yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday, when Nathan went downstairs, he met Zoe who was standing outside the hospital.

"Aren't you going in?"

"No, thanks." Zoe was afraid that she couldn't help but stop Bella from leaving.

"I'll leave her to you. Take care of her. " Now, Zoe needed to continue to pretend to be strong, but it was obvious that she couldn't hold on any longer. Only then did Nathan realize how important Bella was in Zoe's heart.

"You..." Nathan wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought.

"You don't have to say anything more. I will continue to fight against Larry." Even if Zoe lost all her strength, she could only move forward on her knees.

"If there is something that can't be solved, remember to go to find Carlson for help." This was the last suggestion that Nathan could give to Zoe.

"Thank you." The smile on Zoe's face was bright, but making people feel sorry for her.

In the end, she told Nathan not to tell Bella that she had been here, so Nathan couldn't mention Zoe's arrival here. But he also knew that the friendship between them wouldn't be easily broken up. Even if they went far away, they would continue to wait in the distance.

The plane took of

d here?" No matter where Carlson went, his face was always eye-catching.

"You are free now. As the A-lister of the Mo group, aren't you busy with receiving all kinds of commercial notice? Why are you here?"

"Of course I'm here for dinner. The evildoer, Larry, is exploiting me. But he still has to give me some time to eat." Carlson's words sounded frivolous, but Zoe didn't say a word.

"Miss Zoe, are you fooling around with men behind Larry's backs? Aren't you afraid that your husband will be jealous and eat you alive?"

Zoe glared at Carlson, who spoke without scruple.

"Randal, this is..." Before Zoe could introduce, Randal said, "Carlson, a leading international superstar."

"Oh, you know me!" There was a cunning look in Carlson's eyes.

"Your photos are posted on the streets and lanes. It's difficult not to know you."

"Ha ha, I just didn't expect that Mr. Randal would pay attention to such news."

When their four eyes met, they always felt that sparks were sparkling around.

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