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   Chapter 64 Being Sick (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6051

Updated: 2020-07-18 00:48

"Mom, what's bothering you? Just tell me. I am mature enough to handle it now."

After thinking for a while, Cindy said, "when I helped Zoe change her clothes yesterday, I saw a very obvious scar on her chest, which should be a recent on. I've asked Paul about that, but he didn't say anything except his face turning awkward. I wonder if something happened to Zoe! "

As soon as Cindy finished her words, the look in Mac's eyes became unusually calm, mixed with calmness and worry. How could the Mu group suddenly suffer such miserable disaster? Why did his father suddenly put into prison? Why did Zoe arrange for them to get away from the city? Although Mac had doubted it, he knew too little because of his limited power, and he had always warned himself not to go too deep into that matter. His identity was a warning to him at any time. He couldn't do something beyond his limit. He had maintained this attitude for so many years, but now it was time to change. Mac knew that it time for him to know something, something he didn't know before that.

When Larry came to the Mo group, Nathan had already given orders to almost all the work at hand. The Mo group did not lack talents, and there would be no big problem in the control of Larry. Even if he left, it would not affect the operation. Moreover, Nathan sometimes had time to come here, and his own family business was the foundation of his career.

"Are you leaving?" Larry appeared at the door.

"Tomorrow!" As Nathan said, he still looked relaxed in front of Larry.

"Would you like a drink?"

"It's my honor!"

There were several bottles of luxurious wine in Larry's office, but he seldom drank in it. Of course, Nathan knew that.

"Are you going to stay with her?" Asked Larry.

"I have promised to be with her before she calms

That was neither what Nathan wanted to see nor what Nathan hoped. He only hoped that Larry could have an answer when Larry came back next time to faced the Mu Family again, whether for him or for Zoe, or the painful past.

Sitting in the garden carefully guarded by Scott, Zoe was in a daze for a long time. The blue sky and white clouds were constantly moving, and the day and night were constantly changing. Time would not pass too fast because of their pain, nor would it go very slowly because of their happiness. But time could always take away something. As time went by, something would always happen. Zoe didn't know what she wanted to do. She didn't know if she wanted the time to stop or she wanted the time to pass quickly. Then she noticed there was a message from Bella, saying that she would leave tomorrow. She had been like a sister with Bella since they were kids. On the one hand, Zoe felt happy for Bella because she didn't have to suffer because of Zoe, but on the other hand, she felt very desolate, and her broken heart seemed to be missing. She wanted to tell Bella not to leave, but she knew that she would never say that. This time, she really had no safe haven to be comforted.

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