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   Chapter 60 The Decision (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9169

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"Yes, she will leave after she leaves the hospital."

Larry asked, "And then?"

"Will you let her go?"

"Wendy said she wouldn't pursue it," said Larry with a smile

"Thank you!" Said Nathan

He gulped down another glass and said, "You still owe an erotic dance performed here."

"I know. I'll pay you back."

Then Larry turned around and left. Nathan watched him leave.

When Carlson came downstairs, the problems of Larry and Nathan had been solved.


"Sort of. Thank you." To provide them with such a quiet place.

"I just want to make money. As long as I think that you are leaving, I can only face Larry's cold face in the future when I go to Mo Group. I feel that life suddenly loses a lot of color."

"Ha ha, if you want to find her, you can find her everywhere." Said Nathan.

"It seems that you are serious this time." Carlson stopped laughing.

"I don't know. It's just that I was entrusted by someone, and I didn't feel disgusted, so I accepted it." Nathan knew that Carlson was talking about the matter of Bella.

"Is Zoe?" A meaningful smile appeared on Carlson's face, which made Nathan care about it. "On the day of Bella's accident, I came to see you, but you were not there at that time. Now I have something to ask you."

"What you want to ask, Nathan, I will tell you everything I know."

Nathan's eyes became sharp. "You have reminded me to pay attention to Bella before. Have you already known what she has done?"

"Ha ha." The playful expression on Carlson's face was back. "What should I say? I think I know a part of it."

Carlson frowned.

"Don't look at me like that. Bella looks weak. I didn't expect her to be a brave person. When she looked for those hooligans, the first person she found was the people in the organization, and then it was spread to me. She was a little concerned, so I paid attention to her."

"And then?"

"Don't worry. The organization didn't accept her Commission. I'm afraid that she found several hooligans who don't belong to anything else and did it."

"Since you know it, why don't you tell me in advance?"

"Well! Well! Don't be so angry. I just care about it. I don't know why she asked these people to do such a thing, and... " Hearing that, Carlson's eyes became sharp. "Even if I know everything, so what? Why should I remind you? What benefits will you give me after you remind me? Don't forget that I don't belong to any position."

"Really? Then why do you show great interest in Zoe?"

"Oh, really? Why don't I feel it."

"I hope you can remain unconscious until the end." Nathan also stood up and left.

With a gentle touch of Carlson's finger, the wine glass on the table fell to the ground, and the red wine flowed down

s lifted, which reveals an enlarged photo of a woman smiling warmly and a man who is looking very handsome. The man's eyebrows and eyes seemed like Larry.

"What's this?" It seemed that Zoe had already guessed the answer.

"They are Larry's parents."

Sure enough, eighty percent of the appearance of Larry was inherited from the woman in the photo, but his eyes were inherited from the man in the photo, handsome and somewhat indifferent.

"They..." Zoe wanted to say something but stopped on a second thought. She knew something about Mo Family. It was said that he grew up with Scott after his parents died at a young age, but she didn't know what the inside story was. After all, it was a family matter of Mo Family and Zoe couldn't figure it out.

"Do you want to hear it?"

"No. It's none of my business."

"You don't want to hear you say anything."

"One Larry in Mo Family is enough. I'm not interested in his parents. I have nothing to do with Mo Family."

"Although you said so, now you are also the nominal wife of Larry."

"Old man, you know what this wife means to me. Why are you mocking me here?"

"Sit down. I can't fall asleep anyway. Such a night is a waste. Why don't you talk to me for a while?" At this time, the expression on Scott's face was quiet and peaceful, but with a bit of heartache. It was hard to tell whether he felt sorry for the two people in the photo or for Larry. However, when she was about to walk, she was stopped by such a voice, so she couldn't walk out. Zoe turned around and sat aside, not because she wanted to know more, but because the night was too quiet and frightening. She didn't like such a quiet time.

However, the response of Zoe was only a smile. This girl was still the same as before. Sometimes this kind of reaction made Scott feel sorry for her.

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