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   Chapter 58 The Past Of Bella (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10333

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"Unfortunately, it's not Bella, but someone you don't know."

"Why?" Nathan didn't understand why such a genius couldn't be known.

"Because he died before his fifteenth birthday. He is the hidden child of the Xia clan, and that boy is the brother of Bella."

Nathan was shocked. It was the first time he had heard that Bella had a brother and that the Xia Family once had a son.

"It's natural that you haven't heard of him. The Xia clan tried every means to hide its existence. For the sake of the Xia Family business, in order not to let others have any evil ideas against this so-called genius, they confined him at home and only to extract advice from him for their own family's business. This was the decision made by Bella's parents at that time. For the family business, they broke the wings of their son's freedom. And they only took advantage of his talent. And this is just the beginning. "

"Mr. Nathan, do you know what is the ugliest part of human nature?"

Nathan shook his head.

"That's greed. It's not enough for them to have a son like him. And they want more." Said Zoe quietly.

Nathan seemed to have guessed something.

"Since Bella was born, she has been deprived of all her person time. She was infused as the so-called ambitions of her career into her mind by her parents. They wanted Bella to be like her brother. I knew her when I was five years old. At that time, her eyes were deathly gray without any light, like a puppet doll. Although she was the first in learning, she lacked the bright light of life. But I was attracted by that gaze. " Because Zoe couldn't feel the meaning of life at that time, but she didn't told that Nathan.

"At that time, her brother opened a another way for her. He didn't like his parents to treat his sister like this. He threatened her parents with the company's business to let Bella get freedom, so there was a hint of happiness in Bella's eyes. But he didn't expect that her happiness was temporary. Since her brother gave advice to the family business, wherever he went, there would be bodyguards following him. The Xia family said that in order not to put him in danger, but they were actually afraid that he would no longer be a tool to support the Xia family. And this situation did not last long. He finally resisted this fate. "

Nathan frowned while hearing that.

"Bella likes her brother very much. She likes to stay quietly by her brother's side. In that cold family pursuing for business, only her brother is really protecting her, which can be felt even when Bella was a little girl. So when her brother invited her to escape from this family, she did not hesitate at all. For the young girl, her brother is just the whole world for her. "

"Her brother..." Nathan seemed to have guessed something.

"Her brother came to the seaside with Bella. He jumped into the ocean with her. Perhaps he felt that Bella wouldn't be happy in that family, so he chose to protect his sister when they reached the heaven together. " Said Zoe calmly.

"And then?" Asked Nathan.

"Bella's parents came over and

me." Said Zoe desolately.

"Mr. Larry, Lord Scott has told me not to let anything bad happen to Mrs. Larry, or Lord Scott will break off the relationship with you, Mr. Larry."

Zoe didn't expect that Scott would do such a thing. Hearing this, there was a change in Larry's eyes.

"Get out." In the end, only these two words came out of his mouth, and then Hank walked out of the house.

"Come here."

Unwilling to give up, Zoe had to turn around and walk over.

"What do you want?" Asked Zoe.

"Where is the dagger?"

"I lost it," she replied

"Where did you keep it all the time?"

Although Zoe didn't want to continue the topic, she could only answer, "in the pocket."

"You are just pretending. You are good at acting." Larry remembered what Zoe had said to him.

"I am not pretending, it's the reality, and the dagger mentioned by Bella is also a fact. You have your means, and I have my choice. It's just that you have suppressed me, and I can only live in this way."

"Ha ha, I'd like to know how the person who knelt down and begged me a moment ago can talk about this with me now."

"I have nothing, even a dagger." Zoe clenched her fists.

"Then you can come to me and talk about it with me when you have made up your mind." The calm expression on Larry's face made Zoe unwilling to give up. When Larry instigated those hooligans to insult her and Bella, he also had the same expression. His expression was cold and deep, and Zoe were about to embed her own nails in her flesh, but she didn't feel the pain.

That night, Zoe sat on the bed, without changing her clothes or doing anything. She just tightly held the jade that she regarded as her amulet.

On the next morning, Zoe rushed out without changing her clothes, just the same shirt she wore yesterday. Looking at the figure rushing out, Larry's eyes were dark, and the cigarette butts on the table were scattered everywhere.

Zoe went straight to the hospital. It was not the one where Bella was, but the ward of Wendy. Now she could only ask Wendy for mercy.

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