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   Chapter 57 The Past Of Bella (Part One)

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Chapter 28 The Past Of Bella

"That's enough, old man. Take Bella away." Although Zoe didn't like the Mo family, there was no need to make Scott's grandson fall out with him because of the issue of Zoe and Bella. She didn't want to owe Scott a favor.


"Old man, this is the problem between me and Larry. I think Larry has the right to deal with it according to his own wish, right?" Asked Zoe.

Larry's eyes were still frightening, but he didn't stop them. It was enough for someone to bear it. What Larry needed was just a person for him to vent his anger, and if this person was Zoe, it would be more suitable for him.

"That's enough, Zoe." Then Bella pushed Nathan away and walked towards Zoe.

"Mr. Larry, you don't have to make things difficult for us. You just want me to repay for what Wendy have suffered. It's enough for you if I pay back with my life." Wendy took the exquisite dagger from somewhere and cut her wrist hard. The blood gushed out at a very fast speed, and no one had time to stop it. The blood pervaded Zoe's eyes.

"Bella..." "Why are you so silly?" asked Zoe, trying to hold her wrist to stop the blood Zoe cried again.

"Zoe, you are the one who is really stupid. Why do you always take the dagger with you?"

Bella's question rendered her speechless, "Bella..."

"You've never given up on death, right? You're living for us, aren't you? You're such a fool. Why do you think so highly of us? Without us, you won't have anything to worry about."

"Stop it, Bella. The ambulance will be here soon. You will be fine. You will be fine." The people around were still immersed in the questioning of Bella. Was Zoe ready to die at any time with daggers she had been carrying?

"Are you satisfied now! You make a girl like that! " Scott said to Larry.

The ambulance arrived soon. Nathan wanted to carry Bella to the ambulance.

"Don't touch her. Don't touch her." Zoe pushed away Nathan's hand. Nathan smiled bitterly. It was not until the medical staff squatted down beside Zoe that she let them touch Bella and leave with the ambulance. This time, Larry did not stop them.

"You didn't kill her, but she wa

re very gentle and warm." That was Nathan's first feeling, but he felt a little helpless hidden in their easygoing manners.

Looking at Nathan, Zoe just smiled. Nathan was a smart man, so he naturally felt something. "I think you know the Xia group very well." As for the acquisition of the Xia company, Larry would naturally investigate it.

Although Nathan didn't know what Zoe wanted to say, he still told her what he had investigated, "the Xia group had a glorious period more than ten years ago, but the prosperity only lasted for a few years, and then it fell. In the next few years, it had a stable development, but it was not as stable as before." That was exactly what Nathan was curious about. It was hard to imagine that a company would go through such a big ups and downs and could still stay in this city for so long.

"Do you know the meaning of genius, Nathan?" said Zoe, smiling at Nathan.

Nathan was getting more and more confused about what Zoe said.

"There is a real talented genius in the Xia Family. That genius knows ancient history at the age of five. And that genius had finished all the subjects of the University at the age of ten, and took over business at the age of twelve. Every decision the genius made will double the company's revenue. In only one year, the company had become an eye-catching existence in the city."

"Are you talking about..." Nathan glanced at Bella who was lying on the bed.

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