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   Chapter 55 Humiliation Of Erosion Of Dignity (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7207

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Nathan was shocked by her words.

"Won't you get out of the way no matter what happens?"

"It's Mr. Larry's order."

"Really?" Zoe hadn't used force for a long time.

Nathan saw through Zoe and said, "don't waste your energy. You can't subdue them." Even Nathan himself couldn't guarantee that he could subdue Hank. After all, Hank was the one who had fought in the darkness with Larry together.

"It doesn't matter if I can't subdue her. Do you think I will do nothing but watch Bella suffer inside. Mr. Nathan, I'm not you. You have to consider your friendship with Larry. You can give up on Bella at any time, but I can't. She's a friend who has accompanied me since I was a child, a friend who never gives up on me when I was tortured. She was tortured because of me. No one can hurt her again. So, Mr. Nathan, please don't stop me. You can be obedient to Larry, but I will never do that. "

Nathan froze there. What Zoe said was right. He had grown up with Larry. And he indeed had a crush on Bella and had promised her that he would help her with all he could do. But in his heart, the importance of Bella was not enough to compare with his friendship with Larry. But why did he feel so heartbroken from Zoe's words, he had always been rational, but why was it so difficult to calm down now.

"Madam, we don't want to hurt you. Just as Mr. Nathan said, you are no match for us." Hank had caught Zoe's kick.

"So what? Since you don't want to get out of the way, why do you have to talk so much nonsense?" As a woman who could do as she spoke, Zoe wouldn't say anything more.

Looking at the movements of Zoe and Hank, Bill, one of Larry's subordinate, was in a pickle. He was already shocked that Mr. Larry had a wife, and now Zoe was even fighting against Hank, which made him more stunned. Although Larry had ordered not to let anyone in, it was not a good idea to stand still now. So Bill turned around and ran inside.

Although Zoe had learned some self-defense skills, it was as easy as scratching an itch for Hank to control Zoe. "Mrs. Larry, give up."

"Let me go." Zoe glared at Hank.

"Hank." A familiar voice came forward.

th is the one inside. Didn't you hear clearly?" Larry's malicious and insidious eyes swept over, stirring up a burst of coldness among those hooligans. They were frightened by such an aura. "We got it." They nodded obediently.

"Pull her away." Hank pulled Zoe aside and dragged her away.

"Let go of me. Larry, you can't do this to her. You deserve retribution." Unable to break free from Hank's grip, Zoe could do nothing but watch them walk towards Bella.

"Retribution! Do you think I will be afraid of retribution? " Larry walked up to Zoe.

"Larry, please don't do this to Bella." Zoe pleaded. Bella was forced to the wall in the cage and surrounded by those hooligans.

"What?! Do you have the right to beg for my mercy? Who begged for Wendy when she suffered this? "

"That must be a misunderstanding. I don't think Bella will make such an evil order." Zoe was still begging.

"Ha ha, I don't care whether she have made that kind of order to rape Wendy. She should pay for what she has done, so that she can truly understand how painful it is!"

Now, it dawned on Zoe that no matter whether or not Bella had given orders to those hooligans to rape Wendy, she couldn't escape from the revenge from Larry.

"No!" Bella screamed and several people began to tear Bella's clothes. Bella curled up in the wall. Seeing her like this, Zoe felt heartbroken.

"Stop! Let me go. " But Hank still held Zoe's hand tightly.

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