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   Chapter 48 Quarrel (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7338

Updated: 2020-07-14 00:34

Zoe didn't want to face or stay in an environment related to Larry tonight, so she ran out but didn't know where to go. Yes, she had no home in this city for a long time.

Perhaps the taxi driver had a special preference for the Dark Night club. It was just that she thought of going around and was led here. Perhaps it was a good decision to go in and have a drink. The two guards standing at the entrance of the Dark Night club were still as domineering as before. Perhaps it was because of this posture that the Dark Night could stand so firmly in this city. Zoe took out the membership card that revealed her once dignitary. Although the Mu family was defeated, there were still many things that hadn't disappeared, and it seemed that Larry didn't let them disappear.

"What brings you today? You came here not long after Larry left." Without any hesitation, Carlson sat opposite to Zoe. Zoe didn't need to ask who he was referring to, and she knew who he was. Zoe didn't pay any attention to Carlson. The reason why Zoe came here was that he wanted to have a drink in an environment where there was no Larry. Naturally, she didn't want to get involved in the topic about Larry.

"Okay." it seemed that Carlson had sensed something. He waved his hand. When the waiter saw him, he quickly came over and Carlson said, "go and change some less alcohol content." The waiter nodded respectfully and left. Zoe gave Carlson a meaningful look.

"The alcohol is too strong. I don't think it's suitable for you now." there was a hint of calmness in his words.

"It sounds like everything is within your expectations. Don't you know that sometimes it's more annoying?" Zoe wanted to get drunk and have a rest, but just as what Carlson said, it was not the right time for her to get drunk in the current situation. After the waiter served the alcohol, Zoe took it over without hesitation. Carlson just smiled, and he appreciated the woman who knew her situation at any time.

"Mr. Carlson, would you like a drink?" Sitting opposite to Zoe, Carlson didn't touch the wine on the table.

"Miss Zoe, don't you know it's dangerous to invite a man to drink with you late at night?" Carlson said playfu

hy didn't you call me when you went out to drink? Do you take me as your friend?" "I'm sorry. It's all my fault," Zoe said with a smile

"Alas!" Bella sighed and said, "forget it. I'll forgive you this time. Remember to call me if you're in a bad mood next time."

Zoe nodded her head. Zoe felt grateful to Bella and Bella didn't ask her the reason of her grievance, and Bella expressed her concern for Zoe. Even though Bella might know the reason in her heart.

It had been a long time since Zoe slept in the same bed with Bella again, and she couldn't remember how long it had passed. It must have been a long time since then. At that time, she, Bella and Daisy still enjoyed their time for fun and did not need to worry about anything else that might bother them. The three often slept in the same bed, either on a big bed, or on the soft sofa of Bella's house, or in the dormitory of Daisy, imagining that the promising future they might live, and talked about the future and drew the details of the future, but their fantasies were always defeated by the reality. In their fantasies, Daisy was no more a cruel and heartless girl, Bella would never be haunted because of tiredness and Zoe would not feel powerless for the thing she wanted to do. They were all children who had been defeated by the reality, but they could no longer be like friends in the past to warm themselves together, only endless coldness for the future still lingered around them.

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