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   Chapter 47 The Last Kindness (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10085

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Without asking too much, looking at the expression on his face, Zoe had already guessed what was going on. She really didn't know how to say. Since when they had such a tacit understanding. After taking a glance at Larry, Zoe continued to eat. In the face of the storm that was coming, she had to replenish her strength to survive.

As soon as Larry entered the room, he saw that Zoe was still having meal there, with a look of respect on her face. Hank knew that this would only make Larry angrier, and Hank did not dare to imagine what would happen in the end, so he wanted to go forward to persuade Zoe, but before he could say anything, he was stopped by Larry. "Get out, Hank." Even if Hank had something to say, after receiving the order from Larry, he could only do it as his order.

It was so quiet that the sound of tableware touching the plate could be heard.

"You know it so fast. It has only been for such a short time." Said Zoe indifferently.

"Bang..." The plate on the table was smashed to pieces and the dishes fell on the floor.

"Why do you waste food, Mr. Larry?" When Zoe bent down to pick up the broken pieces of the tableware, she was pressed against the wall with Larry's grip and she felt a sharp pain from her shoulder.

"I think I have made it clear to you in the hospital. It seems that you still want to go against my will again." Larry didn't know how many times he had stared at Zoe so intensely, and she had been used to facing him calmly. "Mr. Larry, you have made it very clear. I heard it clearly that since my brother left, Kate and my brother have nothing to do with each other. How did they offend you, Mr. Larry?"

"Unfortunately, her baby's surname is Mu, the same as your brother." Larry didn't do anything to Kate, nor did he take actions against the family of Kate, the Gu family, but it didn't mean that he would let her go. It was just because the family name of the baby of Kate was the most important thing. It would be more heartbreaking to the Mu family if Larry tortured Kate, but he wouldn't never let go of Zack's child. If it weren't for what Zack's had done, Larry might have a warm family and a lively kid, and Zack ruined everything of him. How could he let go of everyone related to Zack now? But Larry didn't expect that Zoe knew it in advance and helped Kate escape.

As expected, Zoe couldn't hide the matter of Kate's child from Larry. Fortunately, her sister-in-law had left, or Larry would definitely do something against them, even if it was an unborn child.

"It's a pity that Mr. Larry is too late. My sister-in-law has left."

"Yes, she left. But if you stay, the Mu family will pay back everything they deserve, and you will pay back for the child." Before Zoe could react from his words, her shirt had been torn apart. She immediately understood what Larry meant.

"Larry! How could you be so heartless?" How could he say something like that? No matter whose child it was, that child was innocent and he is just a baby.

"Ha ha, my

arry calmed down and thought, 'don't worry, Nancy. I will make the Mu family pay a price ten times more painful than you had suffered at that time.'. The cold wind continued to blow, making Larry feel a little headache. He went back to the car.

When Larry arrived home and got out of the car, Hank was still waiting for him. He quickly walked up to Hank and asked, "where is she?" Of course, Hank knew who Larry was referring to. After a short pause, he finally told the truth, "Mrs. Larry has gone out." The scene that Zoe was about to go out a moment ago came to Hank's mind. According to the order of Larry, he should have stopped Zoe, but when he saw the desperate expression on Zoe's face, he lost his guts to continue to stop her. That expression was too familiar to be imprinted in his mind.

Hearing this, Larry frowned. Hank knew the consequences of disobeying the order. As not only Larry's subordinate, but also a person that Larry trusted, Hank made the decision on his own this time. Larry only looked at Hank and said, "it is not allowed to happen again. And what I mean is more than that. You should understand."

"Yes, sir." Hank knew what was the other thing that Larry indicated. Indeed, he forgot his duty tonight. When Wendy came here just now, Hank should have stopped her, but he didn't. because he was afraid that something would happen between Larry and Zoe, Hank then let Wendy in. These two things were against the order of Larry, but he didn't blame him. Hank felt deeply guilty in his mind. He decided not to do such a thing again. His life was saved by Larry, and he had vowed to follow his order. The things like that would not happen a second time.

Larry knew what kind of person Hank was, so he didn't need to say anything more. Just let it be tonight. Just let them have another night peacefully. No one knew what they would face when the sun rose again tomorrow. It was just that this time, Larry wouldn't even have the last kindness to Zoe because of her once suicide.

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