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   Chapter 46 The Last Kindness (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7324

Updated: 2020-07-13 02:51

It had been a long time since Zoe received Randal's call again. After all, too many things had happened these days, and Zoe would not tell Randal about these things, except for reluctance. Even if she was indifferent to Randal's affection, his attitude towards her could not be ignored, but Zoe could not respond. She knew too much about Randal. As long as she was alive, she couldn't bear that anyone around her would be hurt again because of her rashness. Fortunately, Randal didn't ask any embarrassing questions. He just cared about her as usual, which was enough for Zoe. What Randal said later made Zoe care about. However, Zoe still did not know much about that thing related to her brother which happened three year ago. And that made what happened three years ago was even more suspicious. Even if the family of Randal, the Shen family, was not as influential as the Mu family, there should be some clues to investigate, or it would be easier to investigate in the opinion of Zoe. But now there was no clue. Zoe had no idea who hid this matter so well that it disappeared without a trace as if it had never happened. The purpose was that perhaps only the people involved at that time knew it now. But since Randal couldn't find it out, how did Larry know and how could he be sure that everything he knew was the truth? It seemed that Zoe had caught something important, or that she hadn't found anything, or that she was still in the mist of the whole event, but she was sure that what happened three years ago was not as simple as what they knew about at the moment. Zoe did not do it do help her brother escape from the liability, but for the fact that it was hidden too deeply that she had to care about it. If Zoe wanted to figure out everything now, she had to ask Larry about it, or someone like Scott who seemed to be irrelevant but had some clues. However, Zoe was afraid that she herself might now have the gut not ask them, just because that event happening three years ago was a taboo of Larry and also the root cause of all the resentment deeply rooted in his heart. Now, she didn't dare to touch it. She was afraid that Larry would destroy everything around her as punishment

fairs of Larry and the Mu family. Why did he have such an intention now.

"I always do what I want. There is no need for a reason."

Nathan didn't ask any more. No one could stop Carlson from making his decision, not to mention that they were not in the same position from the beginning. Even if Carlson wanted to interfere in this matter, Nathan couldn't say anything to refute. But Nathan still didn't want him to do so, and he didn't want to destroy their current relationship.

"You'd better pay more attention to the kitten beside you recently. She is actually a tiger with sharp claws."

'kitten? Tiger? Is it about Bella? When Nathan wanted to ask what on earth does Carlson mean, Carlson has left. Is there anything bad against him going to happen?' Nathan thought.

After separating from Zoe, Wendy left alone. Just as she left, a figure in the corner quickly followed her steps. That person's action was secret and steady, as if that one was walking with like shadow. Wendy seemed to have sensed something, but she did not turn around. She continued walking as if nothing had happened. She just inadvertently raised the corners of her mouth and revealed her smile. An unnoticeable smile.

When Larry came back home, the gloom on his face hadn't dissipated yet. It was more accurate to say that the more he felt gloomy, the more likely a storm was about to come. And this storm was undoubtedly sweeping over the person in front of him, Zoe.

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