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   Chapter 45 A White Lie (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 8471

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"Yes, Mu Family was destroyed by me. Larry won't let me go, nor will I let Mu family and my brother. You were all involved by me. My brother gave you the divorce certificate to protect you." Zoe said, "So don't hurt brother because of my fault. He love you. You can go to find him. He should be waiting for you somewhere I don't know." Said Zoe.

"You don't deserve to call me sister-in-law, not because Zack gave me the divorce certificate, but because your behavior doesn't deserve to call me sister-in-law. You make me feel ashamed." Then Kate left without any hesitation.

She had been slapped for several times. Several people had slapped her since she was a child. Zoe's face was burning. It could be seen how hard Kate had tried, but it also proved that Kate believed everything Zoe said. That was good. Zoe could feel that Kate cared about her brother, but she was not sure if she would care about her brother again if she heard the truth. Zoe couldn't let her care disappear, even if Kate will hate her. 'Forget it. After all, Zoe has always been selfish. She doesn't want to have an abortion, so Kate won't hurt the child anymore. This pain and this hatred should be the price she has to pay for her selfishness. She feel more ridiculous in her life.'

It was supposed to be a sunny day, but now it was covered with dark clouds and a violent storm. It was really a suitable weather for Zoe's mind. The driver of the taxi stopped as Zoe told. Zoe remembered that when she got off the car just now, the driver looked at her with deep sympathy. Even a taxi driver could feel the emotion, but she could not tell anyone. Thinking of Bella, Zoe could only shake her head hard and could not let Bella worry about her anymore.

It felt cool when the rain got wet on her body. It could cool down the heat on her cheeks, but it was a pity that it was colder in her heart. It was the only place she could walk back. But it was good. This house with a cold atmosphere was just suitable for Zoe's current state of mind.

"Ms. Zoe." As soon as Hank opened the door, he saw a slight movement in the drenched Zoe's calm eyes. Zoe didn't hear Hank, but just walked towards the room.

"Hank." Hearing the familiar voice, Zoe froze and Hank retreated. Zoe couldn't avoid looking at the direction of Larry, and it was obvious that Larry was also staring at her. For a long time, no one spoke, and only their eyes were staring at each other.

"Mr. Larry, if you don't have anything else to say, I'll go back to my room first."

"Where d

too strong that Zoe couldn't ignore.

"Miss Zoe, you are so gentle. But unfortunately, Larry is not as kind as Miss Wendy. Miss Wendy's sister means more to Larry than to you." Zoe stood up and said, "Miss Wendy, it's not that I don't want to leave. It's just that I lost all my strength to run away because of Larry and I had nowhere to escape. Besides, even if there are tens of millions of people who are obsessed with Larry, I'm not included. In this way, you should be relieved. " This time, Zoe didn't stop and went out directly. It was obvious that she didn't like Wendy, her hypocritical face, or those words that sounded reasonable. All she thought about for Larry was that she liked Larry. Younger sister liked the person her sister liked. The plot in the novel was really tiring, but Zoe didn't care about her. And Zoe had said everything she wanted to say. If Wendy had the ability to persuade Larry to cancel the engagement, she would be happy. But at the same time, she knew that Larry wouldn't let her go so easily.

After Zoe walked out of the room, the calmness and gentleness in front of Zoe instantly faded away like a mask, and Wendy's gentle face became ferocious. She could still hear the irony in Zoe's calm words. How could she talk to her like this? Why did she look down at her like a princess standing on a high position? It was Mu family had nothing now, but she was just living like a clown. How could she face her with such a calm face? She wouldn't let Zoe continue to stay with Larry. If the matter three years ago was investigated thoroughly again, Wendy couldn't imagine what would happen. She couldn't imagine how Mu family and Zoe would deal with it.

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