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   Chapter 42 Surprise (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 5715

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Of course, Larry knew why Scott was angry, but he wouldn't easily listen to Scott. Larry didn't care whether his grandpa was still mad at him or not. He wanted to see if his grandpa would be still so stubborn as always and then Larry sat down without saying anything. However, the atmosphere between the two was really embarrassing. Even Zoe didn't want to stay in such an atmosphere, let alone when they had to have meal at the table. They all kept silent, but in this way, even if they seemed to sit on the table for meal as a family, they still behaved as strangers to each other. Finally, Scott couldn't help but ask, "Zoe, how's your injury?" Scott asked in a guilty tone. After all, he was responsible for the accident of Zoe.

"It's all right now." For this matter, Zoe had no will to blame Scott. They did that just out of their own interest, but Zoe didn't mind using his sense of guilt. On the other hand, hearing this, Larry put down his chopsticks and stood up.

"Where are you going?" Scott's anger was obvious when speaking.

"I want to go for a walk." Larry didn't argue with Scott anymore.

"Stay here tonight." Scott's tone was almost imperative, but Larry didn't refute. Instead, Zoe just lowered her head and ate the food in the plate. There was no room for her to speak.

After dinner, the atmosphere was still quiet. Before Larry came back, Scott called Zoe to the living room. It should be a warm environment, but there was no happy mood Zoe could feel. On the other hand, Miranda was busy with serving tea and cutting fruit. Every time she looked at Zoe with soft eyes, Zoe could only respond with a smile, but her heart was as cold as usual.

"You don't want to tell me your int

now. She is destined to be bound by me forever and live in pain in any way. " Hearing that, Scott could do nothing but sigh helplessly. Larry had made up his own mind, and Scott could do nothing about it. But should he asked Larry how long such a wound would last? Or would the injury be shallow by doing so? By now, the wound would probably only be deeper.

When Larry passed by Zoe's room, she stood by the window, staring at the dark sky outside.

"Do you want to jump off the window to kill yourself again?"

"I don't mind if I can get rid of you. But I'm not stupid enough to think that you can make my wish come true so easily." Zoe turned around and look into the eyes of Larry.

With a quiet smile on his face, which made people tremble if someone saw it in the dark night, Larry said, "it seems that you have understood it quite well."

"Mr. Larry, it's late."

"I don't mind."

"Whatever." Zoe had almost died once. She couldn't protect anything she wanted to protect, and there was nothing she needed to care about. Besides, she didn't think that Larry would attack her now, but not everything was as she expected.

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