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   Chapter 40 A Easing Attitude (Part Three)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7005

Updated: 2020-07-12 00:03

"Although the Han group is the one who takes over the Xia Family, isn't it enough for me to get the answer? In that case, what conclusion can I draw from you?"

The more Nathan thought about it, the more he felt that Zoe and Larry were alike, but they could only torture each other. "I don't have the right to say anything to comfort you, and I can't make you not hate Larry. But three years ago, when I knew that something had happened to Larry's beloved one, you can't imagine how painful Larry had been. After all, she was the first person who had brought warmth to Larry since he was born."

"The first person who had brought warmth to him?" Hearing Nathan's words, Zoe focused on the key point.

"It's because of his family. I shouldn't have said those unnecessary words. I just want to tell you that Larry isn't as cold-blooded as you think. He is so cruel to you. It's just because your family destroyed his only one. You can feel the pain."

Nathan stopped, leaving Zoe standing there. She didn't know whether Nathan's words touched her too much or because of anything else. Zoe didn't know anything about Larry, whether it was in the past or now, although she didn't want to know.

"Why are you standing there?" Suddenly, a familiar voice came from behind, which made Zoe tremble. She turned around and saw the cold face of Larry. For a moment, she didn't react. She just shook her head and said, "nothing."

"Then come here." Then Zoe followed Larry to his office.

"What's the matter?" As soon as Zoe walked in, Larry's face was back to the one she had been facing before.

He pointed at a pile of documents on the table and said, "sort them out."

"Mr. Larry, I'm Daisy's agent. The one who should do this should be your secretary, not me," said Zoe with a frown She turned around and was about to leave.

"Do you have the right to disobey my order?" His words made her stop. This was the Mo group, the place where Larry worked. Now Zoe was just a employee and a puppet controlled by him. She had no right to resist, nor did she have the strength to resist. Without loo

out, she saw a familiar figure in the corridor. "Sister-in-law." Zoe came forward.

"Kate!" Indeed, it was Kate. It never occurred to Zoe that she would meet Kate here. They hadn't seen each other since that incident. After all, Zoe didn't have any news about her own brother, so she couldn't explain it to Kate.

"I am not your sister in law anymore." The tone of Kate was a little rusty, and Zoe knew her well. After all, Kate knew nothing until she suddenly received the divorce notice from her husband, who was also the brother of Zoe, Zack, and then Zack left without any news. Zoe knew all the grievances of Kate, so even if Kate was alienated with her, it didn't matter as long as Kate didn't get hurt.

"What's the matter with your health?" Seeing the test report in Kate's hand, Zoe asked with concern.

Hearing that, Kate tightened the laboratory sheet in her hand immediately. With a worried look on her face, Zoe asked, "what about you, sister-in-law?" Worried that something might happen to Kate, Zoe reached out her hand to take the test report from Kate. "Well, I am fine." Kate immediately dodged the grip of Zoe. But her flustered tone didn't convince Zoe, "sister in law, tell me what happened." Seeing that Kate was silent, Zoe became more worried. When Kate was a bit absent minded, Zoe grabbed the test report from her hand and Kate shouted, "Zoe, give it back to me."

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