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   Chapter 39 A Easing Attitude (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7432

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"It seems that you have known it clearly."

"Yes! I know it. I was too extravagant before. " Zoe hoped that she could still remained her own dignity under the shackle of Larry, and now she could give up everything. "Mr. Larry, in fact, you are also afraid of other people's death, but unfortunately, there are too few people you care about." As for Wendy, the Mu family did own her a lot, and Zoe wouldn't take any action against her.

Zoe's words echoed in Larry's mind for a long time. They were really like each other. Unfortunately, they were destined to be enemies. Looking at the figure of Zoe who was supposed to be enjoying the sunshine and bathing in the warm, but now Larry felt that Zoe looked so desolate and thin. Did she lose weight? Even Larry himself was shocked by the words that came out of his mind. How could he care about her? He had thought that it would be a happy thing to see that stubborn girl slowly collapse, but now he felt quite upset to see her being so deserted and lonely. It could be seen that Zoe did feel so lonely in the dark night.

Both Bella and Zoe hadn't seen each other for a few days, and Bella was still the same. When Zoe saw her, Bella still still had a gentle smile on her face, which made Zoe feel much relieved.

"About your family..." before Zoe could say anything, she was interrupted by Bella. "I've already said it. I won't blame you. Let's stop talking about it. Besides, without the burden of the family, father and mother have a good life abroad. Don't worry." Bella said calmly, while Zoe listened to her silently. Bella was telling the truth, and Zoe could guess it. Although the Xia Family had some savings of their huge property, there should be little left after paying off the debt. But Zoe knew that it was not what she should say now.

"What are you going to do?" Asked Zoe.

"My ambition is not in the family. Losing the family business now is a good thing for me, and also a blessing in disguise."

Bella didn't want to take over the family business. Otherwise, she wouldn't have studied in the university with Zoe, but

"Don't worry. I won't starve to death. If I don't have a job to earn myself a living, You can support me." Bella said in a jok

ked away and said, "well, nothing. Forget it." When she turned around and left.

"Miss Zoe." With a serious look on his face, Nathan asked, "why do you ask me this question?"

"I don't know why I asked you this question. If possible, I would rather not ask you but someone else. You should know that I hate you and hate everything you have done. Unfortunately, I feel that this question is worth asking you."

"Thank you for you reminder, Miss Zoe. Like you, Bella hates me very much." Nathan said quietly. Zoe listened carefully. Her serious gaze made Nathan unable to avoid this question. "But I still appreciate her every move."

"Although Bella looks gentle on the surface, she is strong in her heart. But her endurance should still have a kind of limit. I hope you can protect her by her side." Since Zoe was restrained, there were very few things that she could do, and she also lacked the ability.

"I can't promise you anything, but I can promise you that as long as she is willing to, I will help her with all my ability."

That was enough. Zoe couldn't expect anything more. "Thank you." After hearing Nathan's words, Zoe smiled quietly, the purest smile without any impurity after the hatred was gone, just for the sake of a person who could protect Bella now.

Such a smile made Nathan absent-minded for a moment, and then his sight slowly calmed down. "Don't you want to know anything about the follow-up plan about the family business of the Xia Family?"

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