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   Chapter 37 (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6794

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After leaving from the Dark Night club, Larry went straight to the hospital where Zoe was. There was no one in the ward except Zoe, and Bella wanted to stay but she was urged to leave by Zoe. After all, there were still a lot of things to deal with for the Xia Family. Now that Zoe suddenly saw the face of Larry, she was first stunned, and then she only wore a sneer on her face.

Staring at Zoe, whose face was still pale, Larry was a bit worried, but Zoe was disgusted with his gaze. "Mr. Larry should be very happy now. I'm not dead. Now you can torture me as much as you want." Said Zoe sarcastically.

"You are right. Don't think you can escape from me by such a stupid behavior. Since you chose to do that at that moment, you have lost your right to die. Now you are playing a trick of suicide with me. Do you really think that as long as you die, I will let go of everything and everyone related to you." Larry came forward and fixed Zoe's head with his hands to stared straight into her eyes. A smile played at the corners of Larry's mouth. "Unfortunately, you're wrong, Zoe. I'm not that kind. If you play this trick again, I'll let them die with you. I promise." His voice was soft, but the words were harsh. Zoe should have known it, shouldn't she? The man in front of her was a heartless demon, who would devour everything around her. The only thing she could do and what she could do all the time was to guide this man's gaze and hatred on her own so as to protect everything and everyone around her, and what she could do was to live like a clown under his imprisonment, just as Larry said, yes, since that time when Zoe walked downstairs from the building where her mom committed suicide, she lost the chance to commit suicide as her mom. This time, she just wanted to escape, but unfortunately she didn't.

The gaze that had been gathered in her eyes slowly dispersed, and her stubborn eyes now turned pale. Zoe was a little tired. From the moment she had provoked Larry to now, she was really a little tired. "Mr.

r hate Scott, because it was a matter of course for Scott to protect his own grandson, Larry.

When Zoe was discharged from the hospital, she thought it would be Scott to pick her up, but it turned out to be Hank. "Mr. Scott has something to deal with today. He asked me to pick you up, madam."

With a sneer, Zoe thought, 'it doesn't matter who comes. After all, there is only one place I would be required to stay. When I recall the past few days in the hospital, I feel that I have rare freedom. It's ridiculous to think of it.'.

"Madam?" "Thank you for your help that day," said Zoe as she got into the car Zoe still remembered who sent her to the hospital that day.

Lowering his head respectfully, Hank said, "that's my responsibility." Then Zoe didn't say anything more.

Everything had been changed.

"Mr. Larry ordered us to change everything." Said Hank.

"Why didn't he change the whole villa so that I won't recall anything?" Said Zoe coldly.

"Mr. Larry should be back in the evening," Hank didn't reply her words directly.

"Then what does it have to do with me?" "I'm tired. Go ahead with your work." Zoe said coldly. As soon as Zoe arrived the villa, she walked towards her room. Although the wound on her chest had healed, it was a pity that the so-called life in this family was the wound that she could not recover.

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