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   Chapter 35 Suicide (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6801

Updated: 2020-07-10 00:29

Larry's body froze there, and his eyes were still stained with blood. Zoe laughed at him. He had always been talking about death casually, but now he was afraid of such death. It was ridiculous, but Larry didn't realize that what he was afraid of was not death, but the ruthlessness of Zoe.

Smelling the aura, Hank came in quickly. He didn't believe what he saw. Without saying a word, Larry just stood aside. Zoe quickly picked up Zoe and walked past him.

"Larry, we don't owe each other now," Zoe's voice was low and slow, but the most beautiful smile that had bloomed at the corners of her mouth in the past few days, which broke Larry's eyes. Larry shocked him all of a sudden.

The light of the operating room was still on, and Larry sat there quietly. His absent-minded expression looked exactly like three years ago, which made Hank dare not to disturb him. The dazzling red on his chest was too heavy, and Hank could only look at it quietly.

When Scott arrived at the hospital and saw Larry, he couldn't help but feel angry. He hit Larry hard with his crutch and said, "What wrongs did Zoe do? It was me who arranged her to visit Wendy, and it was me who let the person watch you when you stay in the hospital. How can you force her to such an extent? If anything happens to her, how can you atone for it? It's a life." Scott's crutch was still hitting Larry's body. Without any resistance, Larry was still immersed in the bloody scene.

Hank said to Scott, "Mr. Scott, don't beat Mr. Larry like this. Zoe is still in the emergency room. She needs to be quiet."

It was not until then that Scott put down his crutch and sat down. They couldn't tell Mu Family owed them and they owed Mu Family clearly. Originally, Scott was worried that Zoe would be bullied by Larry because of what happened today, and he also heard the rumors of Xia Family. When Scott arrived at the residence of Larry and wanted to stop him, he didn't expect to see a pool of blood in the living room. As a person who didn't admit defeat, when he

t. What you have done is an abnormal sin after all. Let her go, or it will only hurt more people." He didn't know how many times he had talked about this topic with Scott, but it was a pity that Larry wouldn't develop as he expected.

"No way." After saying that, Larry left. Nathan took a look at Hank subconsciously, and then Hank quickly followed him. From the moment Zoe saw Larry, his expression had been slightly undulating. Even if others didn't notice, Nathan had noticed it. He was afraid that something bad would happen to Larry.

The way that Bella stared at Larry made Nathan, who was standing beside, feel worried. He hoped that his concern was wrong.

When Zoe opened her eyes, the sting in her chest told her that she was still alive. The white wall lit up everything, but unfortunately it couldn't reach the place where her heart was closed.

"You finally woke up, Zoe." Seeing that Zoe had opened her eyes, Bella immediately put down all the things in her hands.

"Bella, why are you here?" Compared with the happiness of the beginning, Zoe was even more surprised why Bella was here. Even if she failed to commit suicide, she didn't think that Larry would tell the people around her out of kindness. Especially now, what happened to Xia Family a moment ago clearly appeared in her mind, and she didn't know what to say to Bella.

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