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   Chapter 33 Determination (Part Three)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6418

Updated: 2020-07-09 22:02

"Larry should be the best person to introduce this lady for you." At this time, Larry had already parked his car and was walking over. Seeing that Zoe was sitting next to Scott, he frowned slightly and then looked at Scott with sharp eyes. Scott chose to ignore it.

"Time to go back your home now." Larry was not afraid that Wendy would know the relationship between him and Zoe, so he wouldn't hide it from her. However, as Wendy had just recovered from a serious illness, Larry didn't want her to be shocked. Even if there was only hatred between Larry and Zoe, and Larry chose to take revenge on Zoe by marriage. He still had betrayed the beloved woman in his heart.

"Larry, now that you have done it, you have to make it clear to Wendy." Scott didn't intend to let Larry go. To be more exact, Scott was saving his grandson in another way.

"It's none of your business." Larry dragged Wendy away. Out of curiosity, Wendy had a bad feeling.

Looking at this scene with amusement, except for mentioning what had happened three years ago, it was rare to see such the fluster of Larry. Zoe couldn't help but feel interesting.

"Stop, Larry. It's okay. You must know this lady, right?" Wendy pointed at Zoe, but Larry didn't answer.

It seemed that someone had to push it in the end. Since Zoe had participated in the game, it was not a good way to keep silent. "Are you Miss Wendy? My name is Zoe Mu." Zoe stood up and introduced herself.

"Mu?! your surname is Mu!" Wendy's mood fluctuated greatly. Everything was seen by Zoe. It seemed that this woman also knew the grudge between the Mu family and Larry. Zoe couldn't help but think about whether the grudge was told to Wendy by Larry or someone else. If it was Larry, the chances of winning the bet would be much greater for Zoe. "As for the relationship between me and Larry..." Before Zoe could finish her words, she was interrupted by Larry.


e clear about the reality. The Mu family has paid it price, and you have done enough for revenge. Let go of Zoe, and I don't want to care about everything about you." Scott said helplessly.

"Ha ha, since you opposed my relationship with Nancy three years ago, you have no right to meddle in my affairs." After saying that, Larry looked at Zoe and said, "if anything happens to her, you and the people around you will die with Wendy."

With a shudder, Larry started the car and drove away decisively. Did she lose the bet? Zoe sneered. Perhaps from the moment she knew who Wendy was, Zoe had no chance to win.

"So you just want to pay yourself back." Just now, Larry had made it clear that Scott had objected to the relationship between Larry and her beloved woman, Nancy, so Scott had done so much because he felt guilty. That was why he wouldn't put all the blame on the Mu group and her brother, Zack?

Scott didn't say anything. Zoe thought her own guess was right, but she didn't expect that there was only one more reason. When everything was clear in front of Zoe, she was doomed to feel desperate.

After entering a clothing store, Zoe tore the clothes off her body and threw them into the trash can. Even if she liked the dress, it was meaningless for her now.

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