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   Chapter 30 Sadness During the Graduation Ball (Part Two)

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"If you don't want to attend the party now, your girl would be captured by others." Under the stage, Carlson had obviously walked towards Zoe, and Larry stood up when noticing that.

Although many people wanted to say hello to Carlson, he was not surrounded by his excited and delirious fans. He liked this atmosphere very much.

"Mr. Carlson," Daisy stopped him, with her eyes full of unhidden admiration.

"Oh, you are the new actress signed by the company." Said Carlson.

Daisy didn't expect that Carlson would know her, but she didn't know why Carlson knew she was one of the actress from the same company. If Daisy knew, she didn't know if she would go up to greet Carlson.

"Nice to meet you, Sir."

"Nice to meet you too. Miss Daisy, I think you have learned how to act in the play and you are good at it, so I don't think you need my guidance."

Daisy was confused.

"Miss Daisy, please don't call me sir from now on. It seems that I'm very too old-style," said Carlson with a smile. This was how Carlson dealt with things he didn't like. He didn't bother to take time to deal with them. He did the same to things and his admirers.

With a long face, Daisy notice that Carlson walked towards Zoe.

"It's a waste of such a beautiful night to sigh at the gorgeous scenery." Without the consent of Zoe, Carlson sat down in front of her. Zoe glanced at him and said, "Mr. Carlson, why don't you get some fragrance from those pretty ladies at such a beautiful night?"

After looking around, Carlson said, "Alas, it's a pity that they are all mediocre. They are not as beautiful as you, Miss Zoe."

Hearing that, Zoe just smiled, whose nerves were twitching, stopped joking with Carlson and asked, "Why are you here?" With the fame of Carlson, the headmaster might not be able to invite him.

With an evil and attractive smile, Carlson said, "I was force to attend the party here by someone."

The relaxed and joyful expression on Zoe's face a moment ago became embarrassed. Carlson sighed that her reaction was a bit out of his expectation. At this time, Larry walked downstairs. The shock on the faces of the people downstairs was more than that at the moment when they saw Carlson. The headmaster quickly introduced Larry to all guests, and the eyes of the guests around Carlson were all filled with flattery.

Only Zoe's eyes were full of sadness. She just wanted to have a relaxing night, but Larry didn't allow it. When Bella saw Larry, he had already walked to Zoe and Bella felt like she had to endure the arrogance of Larry just as Zoe.

At this moment, a voice broke the ice, "Hello, are you Zoe?"

Without knowing who the man was, Zoe nodded.

The man quickly took out the business card and handed it to Zoe. Zoe's face changed.

"I'm the director of I.S. We really appreciate the clothes designed by Miss Zoe in the last competition. I wonder if you are interested in working with us."

The hand holding the business card trembled a little. I.S Fashion were the king of the field of fashion design, and the designers were all top figures. Zoe's favorite dress was designed by I.S, which was a rare opportunity for her. However, when she felt the gaze from the crowd, she said, "sorry, I've already got a position."

"Really? It's a pity. I don't know which company can win Miss Zoe's favor and we hope we could have the chance to cooperate."

With a bitter smile, Zoe answered and held the card tightly.

Carlson took the business card and said, "I.S Fashion, not bad. I'd like to have a look when I'm free. " Many of the costume that Carlson dressed in movie shooting were produced by I.S Fashion, and this company had cooperation with Mo Group. Carlson did not know whether the girl in front of him knew it or not.

It was too far away for Zoe to achieve her dream, which made Bella's heart ache for her more. How much did Zoe want to give up.

Seeing everything that had happened here, Daisy suddenly remembered who she had seen on the filming site that day when Zoe had a conversation with Carlson. Daisy thought to herself, 'Why, why does the man I love and what I want always have something to do with Zoe?' Daisy's heart was filled with bitterness.

Because the Mo group had a cooperation with the I.S Fashion, the person who had just greeted Zoe also came to greet Larry. The man shook his head and said, "what a pity. I don't know which company Miss Zoe will serve. That company must have got another talent." But that man didn't notice the subtle change on Larry's face.

When the music started, people walked into the dancing floor elegantly. The lyric music did not bring a moment of relaxation to Zoe until Randal came here.

Randal was not that kind of outstanding handsome man

, but he had a unique charm, bringing a warm breath. This kind of warmth was different from the tenderness of Nathan, and his white suit made him more elegant. Looking at Zoe, Randal was like a family member to her. Maybe Randal didn't think so, but Zoe was grateful to Randal for coming here today.

"He should be your enemy, right?" Even if there was no love between Larry and Zoe, after all, she was Larry's legitimate wife now. Zoe even never smiled so easily in front Larry. But she just smiled at another man. Nobody knew what Larry would think if he witnessed the scene.

"Unfortunately, I'm waiting for him." This was exactly what Larry had been waiting for.

Bella greeted Randal. Looking at the familiar figure, Daisy's fingers intertwined, but she didn't move forward. But when Randal saw Bella and presented her a gentle smile, Bella responded awkwardly and quickly escaped.

Randal didn't flinch when he looked at Larry. It should be the first time that Randal had a confrontation with him, and Larry had already come over.

"I wanted to dance the first dance with you, but now it seems that someone will not allow it."

"Randal..." Zoe knew that Randal wanted to avenge her, but she also knew that Randal couldn't mess with Larry now. Randal was not a rash person. Although Zoe knew this, she still had some misgivings.

"Don't worry." Randal comforted Zoe, "I've invited the person who will dance the first dance with you."

Looking at the door, Zoe asked, "why did you call him here?" Although she was a little angry. More worries were written all over her face. Zoe looked at Larry who was standing in front of them, and he also looked at that direction. Then, with a calm smile, Zoe knew that she had no secrets in front of Larry, but she thought there was still a chance.

"They did it out of concern." Randal knew Zoe so well that he made such a choice. Zoe didn't blame him anymore.

"Can you go there for a while and I want to have a talk with Mr. Larry?" Although reluctant, Zoe knew she herself couldn't stay here.

The figure in front of Zoe was as tall as her. It had been a long time since the last time she looked at this face at such a close distance, and Zoe couldn't remember how long it had been.

"You shouldn't have come here."

"I didn't know. Randal just invited me here." It was Zoe's little brother, Mac, whose tone was a little weak, but with a little joy.

"Can you dance?" Zoe pointed at the dancing crowd.

Mac paused and nodded, "yes, a little."

"Dance with me." Without hearing the answer, Zoe walked into the dancing crowd, holding his hand. Mac's dance steps looked a little childish. After all, he didn't often take part in such occasions. She looked at his eyes and brows carefully. In the past, there was always someone saying that Zack's eyes and brows looked very similar to his father, Zack. Now, when Zoe looked at Mac's, she found that she seemed to look into the mirror. It was true. However, different from the sharp edge of Zoe, Mac had a kind of gentleness like her elder brother Zack.

"Did she ask you to come?"

"Do you mean our mom?"

Zoe did not answer, and Mac knew what she meant. Mac couldn't help but look to a corner. Following his gaze, Zoe saw Cindy standing there, in an inconspicuous corner. When she saw Zoe, a warm smile appeared on her face. Somehow, at this moment, Zoe felt a bit sad in the corners of her eyes.

Bella knew Mac long ago. Although the way Zoe talked about Mac was indifferent, Bella knew that Bella had always been very concerned about Mac. Now that Mac was there, he should be able to comfort Zoe a lot. After all, to her, he was the only family member that Zoe could meet.

"I wonder if I have the honor to invite Miss Bella to dance with me." Nathan reached out his hand to Bella.

Bella reached out her hand and knew that it was not the right place for them to continue to stay so closed to Larry and Randal.

"Miss Bella, you always make me so surprised." Bella was gentle when Nathan first met her, smart when they met twice, and now he felt Bella was so gentle and soft when they met each other again.

"Thank you for your compliment, Mr. Nathan." Bella had always been gentle to Zoe, because Zoe always protect her when something bad happened to her, but it didn't mean that Bella was a timid and vulnerable girl. Daisy could have betrayed Zoe, but Bella wouldn't. It was not only because of the friendship originated from the fact that they grew up together, but also because of the sincere efforts Zoe had made for her over the years.

Of course, Nathan could sense the hostility in Bella's words, but he could do nothing about it. On the topic of Zoe, the two of them could not stand in the same side now.

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