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   Chapter 28 Suffering (Part Three)

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"Beauty, are you sentimental about the view of midsummer? Such an expression doesn't match that day." Zoe didn't know when Carlson came towards her. She still remembered Carlson's frivolous tone. Even if he wore sunglasses that could cover half of his face, he couldn't cover the halo as a star.

"Do I know you?" Anyone who was too close to Larry would make Zoe feel uncomfortable.

"Hey, don't look at me like that, okay? The power hidden in your eyes is too strong. Although I'm a friend of Larry, I am not always on his side all the time." Carlson was not joking.

Since Carlson could say that, Zoe knew that Carlson knew what happened between herself and Larry and didn't stand on the same side of Larry. But what could it mean? Zoe still didn't want to have too much contact with him.

"You are much sharper than your brother." Hearing that, Zoe stopped and said, "you know my brother?"

"I drank with him several times in the Dark Night club." Carlson said. In fact, he liked Zack's personality very much. But the Mu family did owe a lot to Larry, so even if Larry made a move against the Mu family, Carlson would not stop it. Similarly, if the Mu group stubbornly resisted, Carlson would not help the Mu family either. He was only a spectator and would not get involved in the trouble. But he knew how resentful Larry was. Or the Mu group might not have ended up like this.

Hearing that, Zoe was a little suspicious, but she believed that there was no need for Carlson to lie to her. At the same time, she understood that Carlson was in a different side of Larry thus she had been softened a little.

Carlson simply smiled, it had to be said that he really liked Zoe. But it was a pity that Zoe had become the wife of Larry. Although Carlson was not afraid of Larry, it would be troublesome if they fought against each other. It would be a disaster for the city. However, from the perspective of Zoe, Carlson was not sure what would happen between Zoe and Larry.

"Is this the actress of the new play from the Mo group?" Looking at Daisy for a few times, a smile played at the corners of Carlson's mouth. Confused, Zoe asked, "what's wrong?"

"What a pity!" Zoe did not know what he meant, so Carlson explained, "the hypocrisy hidden in the seemingly sincere emotion can't resonate with the audience. The audience should be moved not because the actors are crying. It's obvious that the prospect of the movie this time is not optimistic. It's not like Larry's style. " Hearing that, Zoe got a bit of the meaning of his words. Although Daisy was a skillful actress, she lacked experience. Zoe always believed that Daisy could be a suitable person to play this role, but she ignored that it was the first time for Daisy to play as the heroine. No matter how confident Daisy was at that time, it would be best if she could win the audience's appreciation and reputation by this movie. But what if she messed up. ·Zoe didn't dare to think about it anymore. She knew that the cruelty of this circle would make a person fall into the abyss. Obviously, Larry also knew everything about Daisy. How could he not know what Carlson could see through only by a glance? Did Larry do it on purpose? Zoe looked at Daisy in the camera, 'do you know that you have made a big bet with our friendship and are you certain to win. ' Zoe thought to herself.

Obviously, Zoe had understood what Carlson meant. In that case, there was no need for Carlson to explain. When he was about to leave.

"If one day I ask you for help, will you accept my request?" Zoe's unreasonable words made Carlson admire her even more. "It depends on what benefits you can give me." Hearing that, Carlson gave a straight answer. With a smile on her face, Zoe walked towards Daisy.

Looking at her figure, Carlson thought, 'you are so smart. You can understand the way to the advantage in an instant. Larry, the woman you can control now may not be so obedient as you wished.'. Forget it. It was not Carlson's business. But if Zoe really asked him for help one day, would he help her or not? The smile on his face was p

articularly bright. It was really a difficult problem.

Just now, Daisy had seen that Zoe was talking with a man. She couldn't see clearly from a distance, but she had a very familiar feeling. However, Daisy couldn't think of him for a moment.

After sending Daisy to work downstairs, Zoe had done her job. And she had already moved out of the dormitory of the university. As an actress of the Mo group, Daisy should be treated nicely. The apartment in front of Zoe could only make her feel sarcastic, but she didn't say anything.

When Larry got home and heard from Hank that Zoe hadn't come back yet, he frowned slightly. Because Zoe was working in the Mo group, Larry didn't let Hank continue to spy on Zoe.

"How are things going there?"

"No problem." "We haven't found out where Zack is."

"Okay!" The look in Larry's eyes suddenly became cold. He knew that Zack would come back sooner or later. Looking at the worried eyes of Hank, Larry knew that he must have something to say. "What do you want to say?"

"It seems that someone has been investigating what happened three years ago recently," Hank continued

"Who?" Larry's sharp eyes made people shiver.


All of a sudden, a smile appeared on Larry's face. He didn't know whether it was Randal himself who took the initiative to make a move or it was because of Zoe's request. Perhaps both attributed to it. But that was what Larry wanted.

As soon as Zoe got out of the car, she saw the creepy smile on Larry's face, which made her unable to move.

The smile on his face widened. "You're back," Larry said Although Zoe didn't know what was on his mind, she was sure that it was not a good idea. Without looking at him, Zoe walked inside quickly.

Since Zoe moved in, she hadn't had dinner with Larry even for once. It was the first time that Zoe, a spoiled noble lady, had cooked by her own. Although the food didn't taste good, Zoe still accepted. Besides, Larry was not so kind-hearted. The servants in the villa wouldn't care about her. So when Larry said, "come and sit here." When it came to Zoe, she wouldn't feel happy

Every time she came back to this so-called "home", it was difficult for her to relax, especially when she was with Larry.

"How is it going today?"

Zoe knew that Larry was asking about what about her job as the agent of Daisy today. "Good!" Since there was no way to change it, Zoe had to accept it.

"How is the profit of the movie invested by the Mo group over the years?" Suddenly, Zoe spoke again.

Putting down the knife and fork in his hands, Larry looked at Zoe meaningfully and said, "I haven't failed. I've earned a lot."

"How do you choose actors and actresses?"

"The Mo group doesn't accept useless people in the selection."

"What if the movie fails?" Zoe stopped what she was doing.

"Well..." "Either struggle to earn more or just let it go," said Larry with a smile

The knife and fork in her hand seemed to cut the plate. "I'm full." Zoe stood up and Larry looked at the scene with amusement. "Don't you ask about the result of Daisy?"

Zoe stopped. She was not afraid of the consequences. What she was afraid of was the heartbroken feeling that could not be recovered after she knew the result given by Larry. "Everything I care about dissipated. Under your control, what else do you want?" Said Zoe with her back to Larry.

The only answer to her question was the endless smile on Larry's face. Zoe understood that what Larry wanted was not only to destroy her on the surface, but also to destroy what she had always insisted in her heart. He wanted her to give in completely. She smiled bitterly, 'Daisy, do you know that what you gambled on this time is not only your honor, but also my unwillingness to surrender.

There were too many things that could pin down Zoe, and that was the reason why Larry wanted to use it to make Zoe give in completely. At this time, he didn't expect that when everything that Zoe cared about disappeared, the woman who had been controlled by him would also have such a cold-blooded counterattack.

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