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   Chapter 27 Suffering (Part Two)

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Nathan said, "Larry is waiting for you upstairs."

Zoe nodded and walked into the elevator.

Looking at the figure of Zoe, Carlson said, "that girl looks pretty."

Nathan interrupted, "don't do anything to her."

"What's wrong?" Carlson asked curiously.

"She has a lover." Nathan took a glance at the office of Larry on the top. Of course, Carlson knew what had happened to Larry, so he wasn't too shocked to know that Larry had a relationship with her. "Well, I know I might be a burden for me if I want to court her. But if she is the one I truly love, even if she is Zoe and her lover is Larry, so what? " Carlson said frankly.

Nathan shook his head. He knew what kind of person Carlson was and what he said was true. "You'd better not get involved in the relationship between her and Larry. Their relationship can't be cut off so easily."

Carlson waved his hand and left. Although he appreciated Zoe, he would never take away the woman from his friend. Nathan knew that, so even if Carlson said so, he could still smile calmly.

"Are you satisfied?" This was exactly what Zoe asked when she met Larry. He had asked her to come to the Mo group and Zoe herself should have thought of this situation long ago. He wanted her to be taunted, but it might be what Larry wished.

Larry smiled. He was not so naive as to think that Zoe would be defeated by a few words of ridicule, which would be very boring. "You'd better not bring your domineering manner outside to me, or you should know the consequences."

Hearing that, Zoe calmed down. Now she didn't have the power to fight against Larry. Satisfied with her self-knowledge, Larry tapped the paper on the table with his fingertips.

Of course, Zoe knew what Larry meant by asking her to work here last night. Zoe picked up the employee list on the table, looked at the position marked on it and thumped the table heavily. "What do you mean?"

Without any hesitation, Larry leaned back and crossed his legs. "What do you think?"

"I won't do it." Larry must have planned it on purpose. When Zoe came here, she was ready to be tortured, but she didn't expect that Larry would make such an arrangement. He made Zoe the agent of Daisy. No one knew the relationship between Zoe and Daisy better than Larry. He deliberately deteriorated the grudge between Zoe and Daisy by making Zoe her agent. What a humiliation!

"You have no right to refuse." There was no room for Zoe to refuse.

"I would accept everything you want except this. " This was the first time that Zoe had spoken in an inferior tone to Larry. For Zoe, Daisy was a pain that she didn't want to touch anymore. Moreover, Zoe knew that what Larry wanted was not only to make her stay with Daisy, but some other purposes.

"It's so rare. You have something you would even refuse. Unfortunately... " "Your unwillingness is my happiness. I'm glad to see this result," said Larry, approaching Zoe while whispering.

The paper on the table was crumpled by Zoe. Looking at it, Larry said, "since you don't want to be her agent, I'll give you a way out. What do you think?"


"How about seducing me with your identity as my wife?" As soon as Larry finished his words, Zoe took a few steps back. Even though she had had slept with him before, she was still afraid of his touch.

It was really a humiliation for Zoe that Larry could come up with such an idea, but that was the bottom line that Zoe tried her best to protect. "Or do you still want to be the agent?" "Don't blame me if anything bad happens," said Zoe with a sneer

"Well, this is an option for you to get away from Daisy," Hearing that, Zoe's body trembled. Why did Larry know about what was on her mind so clearly? Where could she escape? Yes, Zoe didn't have the courage to see Daisy again for the rest of her life. Because of the pain between the two of them, Zoe didn't want to touch it. Too close to each other would let her recall the past.

It was the first time

that Zoe did not restrain her sadness in front of Larry. Her back was covered by gloom. It seemed that it shouldn't be like this. Without warning, Larry's hand slammed on the table, making the table that had been firmly standing there shake a little.

When Daisy saw Zoe again, she was very calm. After all, what Zoe had done in the Mo group a moment ago was known to all, but when Daisy knew that Zoe still chose to be her agent, she was a little stunned.

Neither of them said anything. Since the moment Daisy made her choice, there had been no happiness between them. The indifference that didn't belong to them had replaced everything. In other words, this indifference had long existed, but they had ignored it.

It was not until someone handed the arrangement paper to Zoe that they looked at each other.

"You can choose not to be my agent if you don't want to." Said Daisy.

"If possible, I don't want to see you. It's a pity that a degraded lady like me with a declining family has no right to make a choice." Without raising her head, Zoe calmly glanced at the arrangement paper of Daisy.

"That's not what you have majored in." Daisy didn't know what kind of attitude she should hold when made the comment. Zoe majored in design and had won many awards, which made Daisy more jealous. Zoe had a prestigious family and excellent ability. Zoe could do whatever she wanted. But now, Daisy didn't know how to face her.

"So what? Miss Daisy, you are afraid that I can't take this job? Don't worry. I'm more than enough." Many things in the business world were the same. With the influence of her brother Zack and her father Paul, of course, Zoe was familiar with such kind of job. It was just that she actually didn't want to serve such position.

"You know I didn't mean that?"

"Since that night, I have no idea what you mean."

"I ·" Daisy was rendered speechless. Zoe threw the document in her hand aside and said, "do we need to say anything more? Since that night, we have nothing to talk to each other. Since you finally got what you want, it's meaningless to go on the topic on that matter." Zoe's words were sharp.

"Ha ha." Daisy's original expression disappeared. "I can do anything to betray our friendship and cut off all our relationships. I'm not like you. If I want to be somebody, I have to find all kinds of methods, but you are different. So I don't regret my choice. If I have the chance to make the choice again, I will still do as what I have done before." Daisy's tone was no longer weak. Zoe just smiled. Do you still feel envious in front of me now? Unfortunately, Zoe just buried what she wanted to say deep in her mind, turned around and left.

With a bitter smile, Daisy repeatedly told herself that she didn't do anything wrong. But in her midnight dream, she dreamed of that night. Thinking of the pale smile of Zoe, her heart couldn't help twitching. Then Daisy tightly hugged the fluffy brocade quilt in her arms and breathed the fragrant aura in the room, telling herself that she had no choice, but she couldn't help feeling cold all the time.

The movie that Daisy starred was still being filmed. Looking at the face that appeared in the camera, which used to be the most familiar face to her, Zoe only felt strange now. This movie was about the love story of campus life. Was it a play or something real happened in the daily life?. Zoe didn't want to look around with the spotlight. The surroundings of the campus were so familiar that she couldn't be more familiar with it. Unfortunately, she was about to leave here. The graduation ceremony would be held three days later, and so did the evening party of graduation. Originally, her brother Zack had to attend it, but now where was he. Zoe had no idea about it. She didn't know that if anyone would attend her graduation ceremony three days later, and obviously her father Paul wouldn't come. And his brother wouldn't come either. All she could see was loneliness.

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