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   Chapter 26 Suffering (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7394

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The university where Zoe studied was a famous art school in the city. There were countless celebrities graduating from this university, including actors active on the international stage and famous designers. Many of them were supported by the Mo group. No wonder that Daisy had tried her best to establish the relationship with the Mo group. Compared with the glory of the Mo group, the weight of the Mu group was much lighter.

The receptionist was familiar with Zoe's face, but this time they were not as polite as before. After all, the Mu group had collapsed, and Zoe's backer was no longer there. "Isn't this Miss Zoe? Why don't you stay here? Oh! I forgot that the Mu group has been purchased by Mr. Larry! " She sneered at Zoe.

Last night, Zoe had heard such ridicule before, but she didn't expect that those satires still haunted her wherever she went. Zoe didn't want to talk nonsense with her. Since she had come to the office of Larry several times, she knew where she should head to. So she went upstairs by herself.

"Hey, hey, what are you doing? Are you trying to break in like last time? Security, come and stop Miss Zoe. She is going to break in again." Although the voice of receptionist was not loud, it reached the whole floor. Everyone looked at Zoe, pointed at her and whispered. And the receptionist who had just shouted out was amused to see this scene.

The security guard was about to control Zoe. But she gave them a ferocious look and said, "how dare you!" The two security guards were shocked by Zoe's gaze and froze there.

"What are you doing? Don't you afraid that Mr. Larry will blame you? " The woman said. Now without the powerful fame of the Mu family, that receptionist did not even take Zoe serious, but unfortunately, she was wrong about Zoe.

Zoe sneered. There are so many people who add insult to her. Though she did not know what was wrong with this receptionist, it was still quite obvious that the receptionist want to attract attention in the name of Zoe. So ridiculous. The security had already grabbed Zoe. But they seemed to have no knowledge of Zoe. She has been a noble lady of the Mu family for so many years, and thus she had learned some basic self-defense skills. After all, she has to deal with some troubles on her own. And Zoe did not think the two security guards were enough to take her down.'"You want to control me?" In less than two seconds, the two security guards at the door had been subdued by Zoe. The receptionist looked at the scene in shock, and the people around her also sighed.

As soon as Carlson entered the door, he saw such a scene. Looking at the fearless expression on Zoe's face, he whistled a few times. Hearing the sound, Zoe looked over and saw a man with a pair of sun glasses standing there. She took a sharp look at him and didn't care about him anymore.

A smile played at the corners of Carlson's mouth. This girl aroused his interest.

Zoe walked towards the receptionist, who trembled and stepped back. She didn't expect that Zoe could subdue the two men in an instant. "What are you doing?"

Taking a look at her pretty face in disgust, Zoe said, "I won't beat you in case you sully my hand. Larry is so blind to put an uneducated girl at the front desk. Isn't he afraid of smashing the repute of the Mo group? Or is it because there is no one capable than you to be the receptionist for Mo Group? "

"Uneducated girl? Who are you talking about?" The receptionist retorted.

"Why can't you understand my words? Are there human ears or dog ears on both sides of your face? Oh, I'm sorry. Dog ears are much more sensitive than you. You are not even as sensitive as dogs." The recep

tionist was the wrong person to humiliate Zoe. Zoe was not the kind of person who could tolerate. She would definitely fight back once offended.

"You..." The receptionist pounced on Zoe. But Zoe grabbed her wrist and twisted it hard. "Ah!" The receptionist screamed in pain. Zoe threw her aside and said, "why do you bark so crazily now? Are you insane? "

"Ah!" The receptionist sat on the ground and shouted hysterically, her hair was in a mess. Zoe squatted down and said, "I'm not that kind of kind hearted woman. If someone dares to offend me, I'll pay him back." Every word was powerful. Looking around, the onlookers were stunned. They knew clearly that what Zoe said was not only to the receptionist in front of her, but also to them. She told them not to provoke her in the future. Or it would be terrible.

"Your wife is really good at fighting." Nathan said leisurely, but he was not surprised. After all, in their class, it was normal for a noble lady to learn some self-defense skills. Moreover, Zoe was once the daughter of the Mu group, and many people once coveted her.

"Bring her here." Larry turned off the monitor, he was a little surprised every time when he met Zoe, but at the same time, he felt more desire to conquer her.

Nathan stood up and got downstairs. He wondered why himself had turned into the assistant of Larry? Alas, forget it. He couldn't help but come to see the scene.

The receptionist was carried down by her companion, and the people around her also slowly dispersed. The applause rang out, and Carlson came over. The shooting eyes of Zoe made Carlson stunned all of a sudden. He hurriedly explained, "wait a minute, I'm not here to look for trouble. I can't bear such cold eyes from you."

With a sigh, Zoe closed her eyes. When she opened them again, her eyes were calm and Carlson looked at her admiringly.

"Who are you?" He had been keeping an eye on Zoe since she came here, which made Zoe feel uncomfortable.

Carlson took off the sunglasses, revealing a familiar enchanting face.

"It's you." Said Zoe.

"Miss Zoe, it's so rare for you to know me."

"Your face has been placed on posters around the streets and alleys of this city. It's difficult for me not to know you. Exactly speaking, I should know you quite well." Zoe replied. Carlson, the chief actor of the Mo group, had natural acting talent, and his characters were lifelike. He had made great achievements in TV plays and movies, and had won many awards on domestic and international stage. In other words, his face was a living advertisement. The goods with this face as promotion would be sold out on the day they were on the shelf. Recently, it was heard that he had won back the honor of Oscar abroad. The reason why Zoe knew that was not because she was a fan of her, but because Carlson was one of the actors that Daisy worshiped most. If she could act with Carlson, it would be a happy thing. Now that he had joined the Mo group, Daisy might have such a chance. Zoe sneered sarcastically.

Of course, Carlson noticed the fleeting sadness in Zoe's eyes. He was curious about who brought that sadness to the girl.

"Carlson, you are here." When Nathan came downstairs, he greeted Carlson naturally. It seemed that their relationship was not between the boss and the employee. Zoe silently observed their conversation.

"It was wonderful just now." Nathan looked at Zoe and said.

"I'm flattered, Mr. Nathan." Zoe didn't give Nathan a polite manner. Although Nathan didn't do anything against her, Zoe hated everyone around Larry. Although Nathan was the heir of the Han group, he was now working in the Mo group, which made Zoe more disgusted.

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