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   Chapter 25 Provocation (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 6821

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Zoe said, "Lay, you must be kidding. In front of Lay, I'm just nobody. Lay is so bossy that he shook his head and tail in a funny way." Even if Larry was here, Zoe would still maintain what she should maintain and protect what she should protect.

"Sign it or not?" Zoe's aura was stronger than Lay's.

Lay's hatred towards Zoe was obvious. "You stand up for Xia Family. Are you afraid that Neil's power will decrease? Because you are the mistress of Neil, the father of Bella?" Lay continued with a self-satisfied smile, completely ignoring the gradually cold sights around him.

"Shut up!" At the moment that Bella couldn't stand Lay's insults to Zoe anymore, a loud slap fell on Lay's face. The slap was so hard that the clear palm print could be seen clearly. Lay was stunned. He didn't expect that Larry would take action at night. "Mr. Mo, what are you doing?" Didn't he follow Larry's plan? He didn't understand, and there were also Zoe and Bella who didn't understand. Only Nathan was watching them with a smile.

"Your words are too harsh." Larry didn't forget to wipe his hands, as if he had been infected with some virus.

"Lay, you'd better sign the contract." Said Nathan. Looking at Lay's unwillingness but helpless eyes, he kindly reminded him, "Do you know why? You have offended someone you shouldn't have offended." Nathan whispered in Lay's ear. Every word was clear and heavy, making him look like a ghost. Lay looked at Zoe and Bella and seemed to understand something.

Things went smoothly. "After this, don't cooperate with such a person next time." Zoe said to Bella, and Bella nodded. Zoe knew that even if Randal helped Xia Family, he wouldn't be able to help it for a lifetime. Now the two people who could help Xia Family recover were the ones in front of her. But she didn't want to ask, and Bella didn't allow Zoe to lower her head because of her. But if that day really came, Zoe's tall and stubborn body would still bend down in front of Larry. Now Zoe only hoped that it would happen latter or never happen.

"Go back." Larry said to Zoe. This time, Zoe didn't retort. Every time Bella heard Larry talk to Zoe in a commanding tone, she felt sad, but she could only listen helplessly.

Just as Zoe was about to leave, she heard the sweet voice again, "Larry, is your hand okay?"

"It's ok." Larry's gentle answer surprised Bella, while Zoe was not surprised because she had met him like this before.

"These two are who?" Wendy asked.

"No need to know. I'll drive you back." As soon as Larry finished his words, he took a look at Zoe. It was obvious that he wanted Zoe to go back the room as soon as possible. The woman's voice was familiar to Zoe. It was the voice of the phone call that saved Zoe last time. It turned out that Larry also cared about something.

After telling Bella to go back early, Zoe refused to go with Bella, because she knew there was a person who always looked after her at the door.

"I was asked to send you home." Hank stepped forward and said.

Watching Zoe's receding figure, Bella felt sad and worried.

"Don't worry. Larry won't do anything to Zoe this time." Said Nathan.

'This time? That means next time? Next time? I don't know which time he will do it. 'Bella smiled bitterly. Nathan looked at her sad eyes. This kind of sadness was not suitable for the woman in front of him.

"Thank you very much this t

ime." Although Bella blamed Nathan and Larry for colluding with each other to ruin Mu Group, she knew how to express her gratitude and separate with hatred.

Nathan was stunned, "It's so rare to hear you say the two words' thank you '."

Bella regardless of Nathan's smile. At this time, Larry also sent Wendy away.

"Then who is she?" Bella meant the woman just now.

"She is Wendy Tang." Nathan didn't say anything more except her name.

"Wendy Tang." Bella repeated. Even she could see that this woman was different in the heart of Larry. Bella seemed to think of something and left. Nathan looked at the running figure with a smile.

"What happened? Why are you smiling so happily?" Another enchanting man put his arm around Nathan's shoulder.

"Why do you come downstairs so late? Larry has left."

"I wish he had gone." Carlson said casually, "I don't want to see that disgusting woman."

Nathan knew that what Carlson said was Wendy. From the beginning, Carlson didn't like Wendy. This time, if it weren't for the sincere request of Larry, Carlson wouldn't have cared about what happened to Wendy abroad.

"Didn't you say that someone was stirring up trouble downstairs? Why did you solve it as soon as I came down?" Nathan shook his head. Although Carlson was close to them, not everything would be in the same position with them, which also had something to do with Carlson's environment. Of course, they didn't care about these things. As long as they got along well with each other.

Zoe didn't expect that Larry would come back so soon. There was only silence between the two of them. There was no need for Zoe to say anything more about what happened today, and Hank should pay him back in full. As for what happened in Dark Night, Zoe wouldn't say thank you.

"I'm going to bed." In such a night, Zoe didn't want to talk more with Larry. The bright temperature in the light didn't bring Zoe a sense of security.

This time, Larry didn't say anything. It seemed that Zoe breathed a sigh of relief and her tense nerves slowly eased down.

"Go to Mo Group tomorrow."

Zoe knew what Larry mean. Did he meant and keep her under his eyes? Or did he think of other ways to torture her. Why bother? Even if she was not in front of Larry, he had already controlled everything about her.

"I see." She had no right to refuse.

With his eyebrows knitted, Lawrence sat in Dark Night. Originally, he had been pestering not allowed to leave by Wendy. She let Larry accompany her to go shopping. But when Larry thought of the figure of Zoe in Dark Night, he didn't go on shopping with Wendy. Whether it was hatred or other emotions, Larry looked very serious at night. No matter what, his original intention to crush Zoe didn't change.

Looking at the building of Mo group in front of her, Zoe found that Mo group had a wide range of hospitals, hotels and entertainment companies. It could be said that Mo group was a tycoon in the entertainment circle of the city, and it also ran clothes and jewelry, which formed a chain industrial chain. These other industries were developed step by step after taking over Mo group from Larry. Originally, it had no relationship with Mu Group, whose foothold was in the real estate industry. But she didn't expect that it would be able to destroy Mu group. Was it because Larry was not simple, or because Mo Group was too complicated?

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