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   Chapter 24 Provocation (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7563

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"What are you talking about?" Wendy was unwilling to not get involved in their conversation. However, Larry only said something unimportant. Although obviously displeased, Wendy did not ask any more. She picked up the drink on the table and was about to drink it. Before she could raise her arm, she was snatched over by Larry. "You don't want my throat anymore?" It was not until then that Wendy realized that she had taken the wine under her unwillingness. The details that she did not notice, however, were noticed by Larry. He cared about her in his heart, and it was enough for her to know that.

"Larry, after my throat recovers, I will enter Mo Group, okay?"

"Let's talk about it when your throat recovers," said Larry, his face returning to normal A gentle smile appeared on Wendy's face.

All the expressions on Wendy's face didn't escape Nathan's eyes. Nathan just looked at her. It was destined to be in vain to give her heart to Larry. Even if Wendy was somewhat similar to Nancy, it was destined not to be that woman. But Nathan didn't say anything, because he knew that no matter how much he said, he wouldn't touch the woman in front of him. It was just that what this woman saw in her eyes was Larry or other things? Nathan smiled, If she knew that Larry had been married, what would happen? Nathan didn't like Wendy, but he wouldn't hate her too much. But Nathan liked to watch the show.

When the sound came from Dark Night, both Nathan and Larry frowned. Dark Night was a strictly managed place, full of membership system, and it was a place with absolute secrets. Even the ladies serving here had been carefully chosen, with occasionally exceptions. Moreover, Dark Night was also the shop that the biggest gangster blood alliance in the city cared about. Very few people dared to make trouble here. Who was he?

"Let me go." When a familiar voice came, both Nathan and Larry were stunned. Although they hadn't heard it for a few times, they were already familiar with the voice. They saw that Bella was entangled with a man.

Recently, Nathan always saw this woman from time to time. He really didn't know how to react. But why was she here? As far as Nathan knew about her, she wouldn't come to Dark Night alone. But when he looked at the man who entangled with Bella, he understood everything and his expression changed.

Nathan walked over there.

"Does Nathan know that woman?" Wendy asked. But Larry just waved the glass gently. Nathan had always been gentle and elegant since he was a child, and in the eyes of others, he was a modest gentleman. Only Larry and Carlson knew that Nathan had restrained his cruelty in his heart. He had never seen Nathan cared about any woman. This time, perhaps not just to help him, Larry thought. But forget it. Larry didn't care about other people's emotion. Even Zoe's best friend was just a woman at most, and Larry didn't take it seriously.

Before Nathan could get close to Bella, the door of Dark Night was opened with a loud noise. Only saw a woman striding to Bella. Nathan was shocked, but when he saw the woman, he smiled softly. This time, there was a good show. He specially took a look at Larry. The glass in Larry's hand was heavily placed on the table, making a crisp sound. She was really troublesome.

"Are you okay, Bella?" Zoe shook off the man's hand and asked Bella.

Bella shook her head and grabbed Zoe's arm. "Why are you here?" Bella didn't tell Zoe that she was here.

"Your parents said that you went out for business and haven't come back yet. I was a little worried. I found the restaurant where you had the appointment and the waiter said that you were here." Bella listened to Zoe's brief explanation.

"Are you Miss Zoe of the Mu Group? What are you doing here?

Is it for money? I don't mind helping Miss Zoe." As soon as he finished speaking, she was about to touch Zoe. Zoe shook off the man's hand hard and turned her taunt into a bright smile. "I thought there was such a rogue. It turns out to be Lay from Chengyu International." Lay was embarrassed by Zoe's rudeness. "Don't be so shameless, Zoe. Just call you Miss Zoe because I respect you. Do you think you are rich? You are just a landing Phoenix, not even a chicken." Hearing Lay's harsh words, Zoe's eyes became sharp. "Ha, Lay is right. It doesn't matter if you are not as good as a chicken. At least you know basic courtesy and shame. You are better than Lay, a dog or a pig." Lay thought wrong to want to take advantage of Zoe. Bella had been protected by Zoe since she came here. At the beginning, Bella was still holding Zoe's back and didn't want her to make enemies for her. But when she heard that Zoe was insulted by Lay, Bella didn't have to persuade Zoe anymore. Even if Mu Group collapsed, Zoe couldn't allow it to be insulted.

"You're courting death." Lay's mind was completely destroyed. He reached out his hand and was about to slap Zoe. However, before Zoe could do anything, Lay was controlled. "Isn't it a disgrace for Lay to treat women like this?" Nathan said with a smile, tightening his grip, and Lay's face darkened. Looking ahead, Zoe put down the posture he was about to resist.

"Nathan, why are you here?" When Lay saw Nathan, he immediately changed into another person. Chengyu International was not as good as Han Group. This was power. Although Zoe had known it for a long time, she still felt ridiculous.

"Why are you here?" Zoe didn't expect that Nathan would be here. Now that he was here, she looked around and found a sharp sight staring at her. Since Larry had stared at Zoe just now, the anger on his face could be seen clearly. He didn't know if it was because of Zoe's fearless aura, or because of Lay's provocation.

"What's wrong with you, Larry?" It was obvious that ever since the woman appeared, the calm expression on Larry's face had been broken. Who was that woman? Wendy clenched her fists.

"Zoe..." Bella also noticed that Larry was walking towards them.

Zoe didn't say anything. She didn't do anything wrong this time, nor did she offend Larry, so Zoe wasn't afraid this time. After taking a cold glance at Lay, Lay couldn't help but feel scared. "Mr. Mo..." His words trembled. Nathan was enough for him to be humble, and Larry was even make Lay scare. Now the whole business network of the city could be said to be controlled by Larry, and the decline of Mu Group was rumored to be done by him. How could Lay not be afraid?

Larry looked at Zoe.

"Have something to say?" Zoe unwilling to look at Larry. Nathan was amused by this scene. Lay didn't want to stay in this atmosphere either. He was careful not to disturb anyone to leave.

"It's not late for Lay to leave after signing the contract." Bella' father had told Zoe why Bella came to see Lay.

Lay was flustered when he heard the voice from Zoe. He looked at Larry next to him and found that there was no change in him. Thinking of what had happened to Mo Group and Mu Family, he became more aggressive to Zoe, "Miss Zoe, I don't want to argue with you this time for the sake of Mr. Han and Mr. Mo. Don't forget who you are. It's my business with Xia Group. Don't bark if you don't have the ability." As he spoke, Lay didn't forget to watch the expression on Larry's face. The expression on Larry's face didn't change at all. Lay thought what he said was exactly what Larry wanted. On the other hand, Nathan was amused to see this scene. The calmness of Larry was the omen of the storm, but Lay didn't know, which led to the later destruction.

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