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   Chapter 23 The Appearance of Scott (Part Two)

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She didn't care whether it was worth or not to taste a meal. Scott asked everyone leave, and Miranda was no exception. Scott's eyes fell on Zoe.

"Just say it." Zoe didn't like to look at Scott for a long time.

"Leave Larry."

Hearing this, Zoe smiled palely, "You're mistaken. You shouldn't have said this to me." It is not about whether Zoe wanted to leave or not. It's because Larry doesn't allow her to leave.

"I'll find a way," said Scott, knowing what was going on Zoe. He was the former head of the family, so it was not difficult to send her out.

"Can you send Gu Family, Xia Family, and Shen Family out?" Of course, Zoe wanted to escape, but she knew that if she escaped, the fear waiting for them would be more than the death. And what Larry would do, Zoe couldn't imagine. But she knew that if she escaped, she would pay a more painful price than now.

Scott didn't say a word. There was an experienced look in his calm eyes. From Scott's tone, Zoe knew that he was not joking, but she didn't understand why. Obviously, he understood the reason why Larry did this, and naturally he didn't like Mu Family. Why did he let her leave? Is it better to let Mu family suffer? "Why?" Zoe asked straightforwardly.

After being stunned for a while, Scott said slowly, "I'm getting old. I don't care about the grudges anymore." His calm tone couldn't convince Zoe. Zoe didn't believe that a man who used to be powerful in the business world would be so kind. "Really? I heard that the woman is pregnant. If she is alive, you should have a great grandson now."

"Stop it." The loud roar made Zoe unable to continue. At the same time, she clearly understood that such a dignified expression was the expression that Scott should have. That was how Zoe was. She didn't want to believe the kindness of the Mo Family. In the face of Scott, she would rather tear this thin warm powder apart than fall into their control, although Scott didn't mean to do so. Zoe didn't allow herself to fall into warmth, or she would forget to struggle.

Scott sighed helplessly. He had never been so weak in self-control that he would be easily angered by a little girl. But the girl in front of him was so sharp. Now Scott could see that the girl in front of him was a person who would rather be covered with blood on the edge of the knife than retreat, or say that she couldn't retreat, because there were many things she cared about behind her.

"What if I can protect those people?" Hearing that, Zoe was stunned and said again, "You're just possible, not necessarily. I won't gamble with them." Zoe couldn't afford to lose in this aspect.

Scott heaved a sigh of relief and didn't continue. The result was obvious. Zoe said to Scott, "It's better to tell your grandson that Mu Group, my brother, and Paul have all been broken. Isn't the life of two people and the life of the three people of Mu Family not enough? If Larry insists on adding the cost, he can take me at any time. But unfortunately he is the one who won't let it go. If he can let it go, I won't miss this place!" Zoe sounded calm, but also sad.

Hearing this, Scott thought, 'Yes, Mu Group and everything in Mu Family are gone. The so-called revenge is now directed at this woman. Scott know that this woman is under the control of Larry now, not because she has no power to resist, but because she needs to protect too many things. If one day, everything will disappear, and everything will be true. Scott didn't know what the girl in front of him would look like. Because from many angles, Zoe and Larry were the same kind of person. Scott couldn't tell her what had happened three years ago. The look in Zoe's eyes was sharp. The conversation between them was suspicious, which made Zoe more confused. But she wouldn't ask now, because she knew that Scott wouldn't tell her.

"Since there is nothing to say, I have something else to do." There was something else that Zoe was worried about.

"If what happened to your father is all right now." Hearing what Scott said, Zoe asked surprisingly, "How do you know?"

"Don't forget who I am." Zoe didn't take it seriously. When Scott told Zoe that he would send a car to send her home, she refused. The air in the car was suffocating. Now, Zoe wanted to breathe some fresh air, but Scott didn't force her. He just looked at Zoe with something hidden in his eyes from the beginning. If Scott didn't say anything, Zoe wouldn't ask.

"Mr. Scott, w

here is Zoe?" When Miranda came in, she didn't see Zoe.

"Well, what will happen to Larry and Zoe?" Scott murmured.

"It will be a happy event. Although I don't know what's going on between Larry and Miss Zoe, Larry and Miss Zoe are very similar. The two similar people will know what they need." Miranda didn't know what was going on between the Mu Family and Mo Family, so she said those words frankly. But Scott was not sure how credible they would be. Everything was wrong.

Since Zoe left Mo family, she had been talking on the phone. Zoe thought there were something wrong about the things happened in three years ago. A few days ago, she was shocked by too many things and didn't pay much attention to it. When she heard the conversation between her brother and Larry, she didn't doubt it anymore. But would her brother really be so stupid? Would he hurt a woman? Her brother had never been a man who indulged himself. Now that she calmed down, there were always some feelings lingering in her mind. She had to investigate what had happened three years ago again, even if it was very difficult, even if she could not find out anything, and even if she had to face the pain of the truth again, she had to figure it out.

Before she put down her phone, it rang again. It was an unknown number. Who could it be? Confused, Zoe pressed the answer key. "Hello, who are you?"

A young man's sunny voice came through the microphone, "my mother asked me to tell you that he is fine." When she heard the voice, Zoe tightened her grip on the microphone. She knew who he was. She had heard it through the window several times. They kept silent for a long time.

"Well, that's exactly what I want to say. Don't worry. Well, I'm fine." The boy's voice trembled. It was the first time he had called Zoe, and it was the first time that Zoe had heard his voice.

"Then I'll hang up. You..." The young man on the other side didn't know what to say. Feeling relieved, Zoe asked, "How could you have my number?"

"He gave it to me." The young man answered honestly. But Zoe didn't say anything.

"Then I'll hang up." Zoe nodded but didn't make any sound. After a long time, the phone was hung up. Zoe also hung up and closed the phone.

"Did you say anything?" Cindy asked the young man who had just hung up the phone in a cozy room.

"She only asked where the phone number came from." The young man said.

"Okay!" Cindy felt a little helpless. The boy walked over and held the woman in his arms. "Mom..." The sunshine shone on the two people through the window, making them warm and sad.

"I'm fine. I have never thought of asking her to forgive me." Cindy wiped her eyes and touched the boy's face. "But it's hard for you."

The young man just shook his head and looked out of the window with a warm smile. He, Mac, was the son of Paul and Cindy. He had known who he was since he was a child. He was the son of a mistress known to others. Although Cindy and Paul loved each other sincerely, he could not get rid of this title.

Since Larry had picked up the woman last night, he hadn't gone back. In Dark Night, Larry and Nathan sat in a relatively quiet corner. When Nathan came, he looked around but didn't see the familiar figure. "Where is Carlson?"

"Carlson said he had something to deal with, so he didn't come down." A gentle and sweet voice said. Looking at the woman who was speaking, Nathan was afraid that he didn't want to see the woman in front of him more rather than he had something to deal with. But forget it. After all, he had to show respect to Larry. "How do you feel abroad?"

"By the time I went there, Larry had already arranged everything. There was not much trouble." When the woman said this, she looked at Larry with a rare attachment, but Larry ignored it, which made Wendy feel a little disappointed.

"How's it going?" Nathan also noticed the expression on Wendy Tang's face.

"Yes, I'm much better now. I'll be cured at home." Wendy answered.

"That's good." From beginning to end, Larry didn't say a word, and no one knew what he was thinking. Until he received the report from Hank, the unchanged expression in his eyes suddenly changed. However, the dark atmosphere scared Wendy, but she was more curious. Looking at the expression on Larry's face, Nathan knew who was calling. "What interesting thing happened?"

"The old man want to meddle." Larry said coldly. Nathan smiled. It will be interesting now.

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