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   Chapter 22 The Appearance of Scott (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7590

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Zoe didn't know how her brother told her sister-in-law, but she was sure that her brother hadn't told Kate what had happened three years ago. Because it was a pain to Kate. Zoe never doubted her brother's love for Kate, but she was still afraid. So Zoe didn't know what to say in face of Kate.

"Sister-in-law..." Said Zoe without any confidence.

"Where is he?" When Zoe heard the word "he" from Kate, she was stunned. She knew that she was referring to her brother, but she didn't expect that Kate would say it in a somewhat strange tone.

Zoe shook her head in surprise and said, "I don't know."

"Really?" Disappointment was written all over Kate's face.

"Is there anything urgent?" It was rare for Zoe to see such an expression on Kate's face. In Zoe's impression, Kate had always been gentle and generous.

Kate asked with a colder tone, "What on earth did you hide from me?" Kate stared at Zoe like that. It was hard for Zoe to avoid Kate's gaze. No one's gaze had ever made Zoe want to dodge it so much, even Larry hasn't. In this case, Zoe could only keep silent.

"You really don't want to tell me!" Kate smiled sadly.

"Sister-in-law, I believe that my brother will tell you."

"Then when will it be?" Kate stood up and said, "I don't know if I should believe it or not."

There was no expectation in Kate's eyes, which made Zoe a little scared. "Sister-in-law..."

"Don't call me like that. Didn't your brother tell you that he had handed the divorce agreement to me?" Looking at the sad expression on Kate's face, Zoe was shocked. Divorce! I didn't expect that his brother would choose this way to protect Kate. But, brother do you know what would happen if you do this? Even if you come back one day, if Kate will wait you? Even if that day occur, whether she will forgive you at that time or not? Perhaps at that time, Zack didn't have time to think too much. The only thing he wanted to do was not to drag down Kate. But what his thought will be looked like in Kate's mind? Zoe put down the coffee mug. Mu Family was broken into pieces now, but she knew that as long as Zoe was still there, the Mu family would still be there. Zoe tried her best to stand.

Walking out of the cafe, Zoe wanted to confirm one thing. A majestic voice from the roadside car stopped Zoe. "Girl, get in the car. I have something to say."

Looking at the tangled eyebrows and eyes of Scott, Zoe only felt funny. She still remembered the last sympathetic look from Scott yesterday. Since he knew what his grandson had done and obeyed everything that Larry had done in the end, why did he appear in front of her now? Zoe said, "I don't have anything to tell you." Then Zoe walked away.

"You little girl, stop!" Scott got angry and stamped his feet. It was the first time that someone didn't respect him except his son. As the former head of Mo Group, he was always respected by everyone. Today, he was completely refused by this girl, Zoe. How could he let it go? But on the contrary, Zoe turned a deaf ear to Scott's shout and continued to walk her way. At this time, Scott was even more anxious. "You, go and bring her here." He said to the bodyguards outside.

The bodyguards couldn't help laughing when they saw the look on Scott's face, but they still quickly acted according to his instructions, and Zoe was stopped by several people.

"Are you going to force me?"

"My lady, don't make things difficult for us." As the bodyguards spoke, Zoe looked at Scott with her sharp eyes. He snorted coldly and looked complacent. Obviously, he was telling Zoe that she had no choice now.

With a bitter smile, Zoe thought, 'if there were one or two people, I would have made a move without hesitation. But now that there are so many people here, I'm not sure whether I c

an escape or not. The people of the Mo Family will only threaten me with their strength. So will Larry and Scott.

After getting on the car, Zoe didn't say anything except glancing at Scott. Just now, the joyful expression on Scott's face immediately wrinkled again. He was not reconciled to be ignored by a little girl again and again. Scott wanted to deliberately stir up some emotions, but when he saw that Zoe leaned against the glass window and looked out, he didn't say anything. Her eyes were focused on the outside. How could he not notice her great sadness? He had never seen her show such an expression since he saw her. She had always been telling herself to bear these!

"Go to the Mo House." "I don't want to go," said Zoe She didn't want to go to any place that was tainted with the smell of the Mo Family, but her accusation was ignored by Scott. Zoe glared at Scott several times, but he ignored it.

When they arrived at the Mo House, Zoe got out of the car reluctantly. The sight in front of Zoe made her eyes change. It was not as dark as Zoe thought, but had a different life.

"Do you think I'm an old siren living in the ice cave?" Scott said with self-mockery. Zoe took a look at Scott. That was exactly what she thought, but she didn't say it out. Scott snorted coldly and walked in, followed by Zoe. Why would a person like Larry be cultivated in a warm environment? And where did the darkness in that person's heart grow? It was incredible, but Zoe was not qualified to comment Larry. That was because her heart was not clean.

As soon as Miranda saw Zoe, a bright smile appeared on her face. "Madam, why are you here today?"

It had been a long time since Mu Family's accident happened that Zoe hadn't seen such a warm smile on her face. "Miranda, just call me Zoe is ok." Miranda's smile work on Zoe.

"Ok. Why Larry doesn't appear?" As soon as she mentioned Larry, Zoe couldn't help but feel nervous. Miranda immediately noticed that and said, "Zoe, it's good for you to come by yourself. You have to come here often in the future." Of course, she didn't mention Larry anymore. Zoe nodded gratefully.

"Miranda, go and prepare some home-made dishes. She is having dinner here today." Scott said to himself, completely ignoring Zoe's will. When Zoe was about to refuse, Miranda said, "Well, today you have a new lady to accompany you to have dinner. Is you very happy?" Miranda teased. Scott answered immediately, "I'm not happy at all. It's enough she just make me angry."

Miranda didn't retort Scott with a smile. Noticing that Scott was trying to hide his true feelings, Zoe didn't say anything to refuse more.

"Say it now." Said Zoe, who was reading newspaper with Scott. She didn't like the time they spent with each other, nor did she like silence at this time.

"Let's talk about it after dinner." After Scott took a look at Zoe, Zoe didn't insist.

Sure enough, it was just a few home cooked dishes, but for Zoe, such home cooked food had become a luxury. But she did not expect to eat the so-called home cooked dishes again with Scott.

"Help yourself." Scott kept an eye on Zoe's action.

Although Zoe didn't like everything in the Mo Family, Miranda's expectant eyes and the fixed sight of Scott made her move her chopsticks. She hadn't had a formal meal for a long time. Scott should know it, so he did this. However, Zoe didn't appreciate it, because everything was caused by Larry. Even though Zoe knew that Mu Family also did something wrong, but wasn't the compensation enough? The more she thought, the food in Spencer's mouth lost its original taste more. And the dishes became difficult to swallow. However, when she accidentally saw the corners of Scott's mouth, she tried hard to swallow and didn't stop eating.

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