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   Chapter 21 Bound Engagement (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9302

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"Did you do it?" Said Zoe coldly.

"I have warned you, And this is just a simple warning."

"I'm going back now. Let my father go." Zoe clinched hard on the phone.

"Since you have made a mistake, how can I let you go without punishment? Come back right now." His tone was so cold that even his voice through the cell phone could make Zoe feel cold.

"Did someone do it on purpose? Will Paul be bullied in the prison?" Cindy asked anxiously, holding Zoe's hand. She didn't know whom she could rely on now.

"You go back first. He'll be fine," said Zoe, slowly letting go of her hand Looking at Randal who had been standing aside, Zoe smiled palely and said, "please send her back." Then Zoe turned around and got in the car with Hank.

On the way, Zoe sat in the car quietly. If Hank hadn't heard the sound of her breath from time to time, he would have thought that there was a stone statue sitting behind him. Since Zoe didn't say anything to him, he naturally would shut his mouth as well, but sometimes the silence was even more uncomfortable.

As soon as Larry entered the villa, he saw a pillow on the sofa flying towards him. He took it over and said, "old man, how old are you? Aren't you afraid of hurting your waist?" Larry threw the pillow back to the sofa and leaned against it.

"You did all these things!" Scott Mo threw the newspaper he had just read when he returned to the city in front of Larry. It was all about the news of the Mu group. No wonder Nathan and Larry had figured out some excuses to sent him abroad a few days ago in the name of leisure. He didn't expect that his grandson Larry was going to destroy the Mu group. Scott Mo didn't stop Larry from revenge, but it was too cruel to leave no room for Mu Family. Moreover, three years ago, both Mu Family and Zack were not the only two to be blamed.

Larry flipped through the newspaper and said, "the report is good. Which press wrote it? This reporter is good at writing. Should I call to reward him?"

"I'm talking to you seriously," said Scott Mo, banging the newspaper on the table

"Look at me. I'm serious." Taking back his hand, Larry said, "the Mu family deserves it." The hatred in his malicious eyes dispersed everything.

Scott Mo sighed helplessly. "When it is time for you to be lenient, please be lenient. If you go too far, you will get yourself into trouble one day."

"Ha ha, how do you know I did not try to be lenient?" Said Larry with a playful smile.

Scott Mo frowned and didn't know what Larry meant. At this moment, Zoe suddenly pushed open the door of the room and rushed to Larry. "You are so shameless!" Zoe didn't notice the people around her as she was overwhelmed with anger.

"You just came back and scolded your husband like that. It seems that you need to start to learn some manners again." Larry said in a casual way.

"I am much better than you when it comes to my manners." The only thing Zoe could do now was to vent her anger on Larry, but she noticed Scott Mo when she was looking around. She didn't know who the man in front of her was, but she didn't like the sense of majesty emanating from him. However, she stopped talking at the right time.

"What's going on?" asked Scott Mo, as he looked at both Larry and Zoe.

Larry shrugged to hint what he meant. Hearing that, Scott became angrier. He looked at Zoe and said, "tell me."

However, Zoe ignored Scott Mo's questioning eyes. She didn't know why she should tell that old man what had happened between herself and Larry. Besides, he had something more important to ask Larry, so Zoe refused to answer.

Scott Mo couldn't believe that this girl would be so impolite to him like this. Although it was not disrespectful, he was the grandfather of Larry. He had been a dominant position in the business world for decades, but he was ignored by a little girl. He was very aggrieved.

"Ha ha!" watching the situation with great interest, Larry laughed out loud. Though Zoe had no idea what was in his mind, she was not interested in cater to his evil taste. Zoe glanced at the newspaper on the table, which was full of reports about the Mu family. "What do you want to do this time, Larry? Haven't you done enough?"

Noticing that Zoe was watching the newspaper, Scott Mo seemed to understand what Larry meant. "What's your name?" Scott Mo asked.

The change of attitude of Scott Mo made Zoe frown. This time, Zoe didn't shut up and said, "I am Zoe Mu."

"Mu?!" 'This woman is a member of the Mu family. No wonder Larry said so.' Then Scott Mo understood why Larry did so. '.

"I won't admit your relationship." Scott Mo said fier


"Old man, it doesn't matter even if you don't admit it. The marriage certificate has been obtained, and it has become a fact."

"Then divorce her right now." Scott Mo shouted. Larry didn't flinch. Instead, he just smiled and watched calmly.

"Old man, you have been urging me to have a wife soon. Is there anything else you are not satisfied with?"

Scott Mo was furious. If Zoe was just a simple girl from another family, he would not say anything to refuse, but that was not the case at all. Although Scott Mo didn't like the Mu family, he couldn't let his grandson do whatever he wanted to hurt other innocent girl. In the end, Larry would definitely regret for what he had done. "Larry, three years ago..."

"Don't mention the thing happened three years ago." The next second, Larry shouted in a horrible sound. In the end, what Scott Mo wanted to say turned into a sigh. "Alas, what a grudge." Finally, Scott Mo gave a meaningful look at Zoe and left. Standing there in a daze, Zoe felt deeply sorry and guilty when Scott Scott saw her in the end. It seemed that Scott Mo didn't fully agree with or object to what his grandson had done. Zoe was full of ridicule for the people of the Mo family.

"How do you feel when you see your old lover, Mrs. Larry?" Hearing what he said, Zoe knew that Hank had told everything to Larry and he would still keep an eye on her every move. Was it terrifying or hateful? There was no need to distinguish now.

"Let my father go. I won't do such a thing today."

"What happened today! Is it about you came to meet Randal or ignoring my order? " With his eyes fixed on Zoe, Larry glared at Zoe, but she did not want to struggle. She felt herself being defeated by reality. "It won't happen again."

"Mrs. Larry, you don't seem to be begging for my mercy."

Zoe tightened her fist, closed her eyes and slowly opened her eyes. She lowered her head and begged, "Please." It implied that Zoe didn't want to reveal her true feelings.

With a satisfied smile, Larry grabbed the tightly clenched hand of Zoe and pulled her into his arms. Zoe struggled with all her strength to get rid of Larry.

"Mrs. Larry, are you still going to challenge me?" After a simple sentence, all the strength of Zoe was dissipated. Without any struggle, her body was tightly held in Larry's arms, and her heart was filled with mixed feelings.

A cold kiss fell on her lips all of a sudden. Zoe smiled bitterly in her heart. Looking at her eyes which she had to endure with pain, Larry felt happy. "Mrs. Larry, this is the way to ask for mercy. You should remember it in the future." He put Zoe on the sofa.

"Tell the prison guard to unlock my father!" Clenching her fists, Zoe had a myriad of thoughts in her heart. In the end, she could only say these words. Zoe didn't know what kind of mood it was and what kind of insult it was to herself. It was easy for Larry to do that.

"Well, it will only depend on your behavior." Larry picked up Zoe's hair and played with it.

"What you want is just that you want to have sex with me. You can take it. You can torture me as you like as long as my heart still belongs to myself."

Her clothes were torn by Larry. "I'd like to see how long your heart can be complete." The kiss fell unscrupulously, and the place where the cold lips kissed aroused the obvious tremble of Zoe. Larry did not show any sympathy for her. He frowned and smiled, "your body is much more honest than your heart." When Zoe showed her fear easily, she closed her eyes. Now she didn't even have to say anything. She just wanted Larry finish everything quickly, but unfortunately, he was not satisfied with her reaction. When Larry was about to tear open the corner of her dress, his mobile phone rang and a pleasant girl's voice came from the phone, "brother, I'm back." "Where are you now?" Larry what he was doing.

"I just arrived at the airport. Jasper is also here with me."

"Okay, I know. Wait there. I'll pick you up." After tidying up his clothes, Larry didn't look at Zoe from beginning to end.

"Don't forget what you should do." Only Zoe knew how sad she felt. Larry snorted coldly. Now he didn't have time to tangle with Zoe anymore.

Zoe pulled her clothes with her white fingertips and mocked herself. Her heart was desolate. Should she thank the girl who just called Larry for letting her get out of the devil's hand? Unfortunately, Zoe knew that this humiliation was just a beginning. She didn't know when it would end, the tears in her eyes could no longer be held back. They slowly scratched her cheeks and dropped on her palms. Her heart was burning.

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