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   Chapter 20 Bound Engagement (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7008

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The ringtone of Larry's mobile phone rang. Looking at the caller ID, his gloomy emotions just dispersed. He turned it on and a hoarse voice came out, "you brat, you didn't even come to pick me up. Could you be a bit more filial grandson? The sound from the phone was still bombarding his ear. In order not to be tortured, Larry kept the phone away from his ear and said," well, grandpa, come back as soon as you arrive at the airport. I have a surprise for you! "

"What surprise can you have? If you have time, hurry up to find a granddaughter in law for me." The voice on the other side continued.

"I have already had a wife. Do you want to meet her?" Asked Larry directly.

"Humph! I'll go to your place. " After hanging up the phone with a smile, Nathan hurried to leave. He didn't want to see that old grandpa today, nor did he want to go there at this time. It must be a thunderstorm area today. He didn't want to be a thunder seeker. He could hide as far as he could. After all, that area was going to be more dangerous tonight. Nathan could guess what was on Larry's mind, so he didn't pay much attention to it. After calling Hank and exhorting for a while, Larry stood up and decided to watch another show.

Standing in front of the villa of the Mu family, Zoe had mixed feelings. After today, she probably didn't know who owned this house. What she could take away was only her own belongings. The beautiful or sad memories engraved here could never be taken away. Zoe took out the black jade from the drawer. Now it was the only precious thing she could take away.

When she was about to walk out of the Mu family's house, she saw a young man at the door. His thin body was covered by a large and loose school uniform, and his fair face was no longer as pale as it had been. He looked at Zoe with a bit of worry. She quickly moved aside, being cautious not to be noticed by his sight. Why was he here? Didn't Paul say that everything was fine. Hadn't he arranged everything? Then why was that guy here? Complicated feelings overwhelmed her heart.

The boy was still wandering until a car stopped in front of him. It was the right time for Randal to come. Now, Zoe didn't want to face the boy. After the boy left, Zoe's phone rang.

"He's gone. Come out." Zoe walked out slowly.

"How do you know I'm here?" Asked Zoe.

"I guessed so." Randal said with a smile, "thank you for what you have done these days."

"Don't mention it. Your brother have helped me a lot, but it is a misfortune that I could do nothing to help your father!" 'But I am so sorry that I can't bail you out. ' Randal repeated the sentence in his mind but drowned it in his heart.

It was always easy for them to get along with each other, no matter when they were dating in the old days or at this moment.

"Mrs. Larry, Mr. Larry wants you to go back." The sudden appearance of Hank broke the peace between Zoe and Randal. Randal was not surprised to hear that, and Zoe knew that Larry had guessed something. It was ironic to call her as Mrs. Larry in this occasion. "Do I have to go back as he asked me to? I'm not his slave." Zoe didn't want to lose face in front of Randal, so she dragged Randal away.

Randal didn't ask, and Zoe was grateful for Randal's understanding.

"Are you disappointed?" Zoe knew that Randal had a crush on her, but now, after rejecting Randal's engagement again, she had become a clown in the hands of others, which made herself feel disappointed.

How could Ran

dal be disappointed in Zoe? She was the woman that Randal wanted to protect with all his power, but he didn't expect it to be like this. "No."

Randal clenched his fists when he saw the weak smile on Zoe's face. After reporting everything to Larry, Larry smiled gloomily. Why didn't Zoe learn a lesson? But for Larry himself, he felt more interested in the attempt to conquer Zoe, so he called her for several times.

"Send me to a place." Said Zoe. Randal nodded after hearing her request.

"I can go in by myself." It was the first time that Zoe came to the prison to visit her father, Paul, since he was put into prison. Although it was not the first time that Zoe came to the police station, she had been here ten years ago when his mother committed suicide by jumping off a building. As a witness, she just didn't want to remember anything about that horrible memory.

When Paul saw it was Zoe who came to visit him, he was stunned, or he had never thought that Zoe would come here. His gentle smile was not at all inconsistent with the cold environment. "Hi, Zoe. You're here." Like a father who hadn't seen his daughter for a few days, Paul could only nod in front of such Zoe, who stay calm.

After a few days in prison, Paul's face turned pale.

"I saw Mac today. Didn't you ask him to leave? Why is he still here?" A hint of emotion flashed across her face.

Facing the questioning expression of Zoe, Paul could only smile helplessly. "They don't want to leave, and I can't persuade them."

Is that so! Zoe turned around and was about to leave.

"Zoe, put it down if you can't hold on. The people around won't blame you."

Hearing that, Zoe's body trembled. Without saying a word, she turned around, but Paul couldn't see any expression on her face. The moment Zoe walked out of the door, she quickly ran outside.

It never occurred to Zoe that she would meet Cindy again in such an occasion. Both of them felt embarrassed when they saw each other. A moment later, Cindy took a look at her with a smile and walked past her. She didn't intend to say anything, because she knew that Zoe didn't want to see her.

"Why don't you leave?" Asked Zoe.

Hearing that, Cindy was stunned for a while. Then she stopped walking and said, "so what? Even if I leave, though I can enjoy myself, I will still care about him not matter how far away from him. My heart doesn't allow me to be alone. Mac also wants me to stay." Cindy said flatly.

It seemed that something touched Zoe's heart. If this gentle and indifferent woman did not have an affair with her father at that time, or if her mother hadn't committed suicide ten years ago, perhaps Zoe would have also liked her. "Go in and see him." Although Zoe still felt uncomfortable, she couldn't find a reason to stop the woman in front of her.

Just as Zoe was about to leave, she heard the noise and Cindy's voice. She walked over in a hurry and asked, "what happened?"

"They said that Paul made a mistake and was locked up. We can't visit him these days." Cindy said anxiously.

"What happened?" How could it be possible for Paul to make a mistake? He had just met Zoe for a few minutes ago. How could he make a mistake and be locked up in such a short time.

"It's unnecessary for you to know it, as an outsider, you have no right to know about the order from my superior."

It seemed that something was on Zoe's mind. In the distance, Hank had come to Zoe and handed her the phone. "Mr. Larry is calling you!"

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