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   Chapter 19 Restricted Freedom (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 10747

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"Mr. Larry, there is really no reason for you to hate my brother. What's the difference between what you are doing now and what my brother did three years ago? I think you are more shameless than him in my eyes!" Zoe knew that she had torn up the wound of Larry, which was the last thing that could be touched by her. But in this situation, there was no other choice for Zoe to protect herself.

As expected, when he heard that thing happened three years ago, the look on Larry's face changed dramatically. He threw Zoe away and she fell to the ground.

"Who gave you the guts to mention the thing happened three years ago in front of me? What right do you have to mention it?" If what Larry behaved just now acted like a fierce beast, then he now even acted in a more terrifying way than a devil. Lying on ground, Zoe continued to listen his words. He was unable to get up because of the pain. This kind of pain was a posture that Zoe did not want to show in front of Larry, but unfortunately, she could not stand up now.

With a cold smile, Larry bent down and said, "you're just a toy that the Mu family will compensate me. What you can do is to try to please me so as to avoid being destroyed by me. You can do nothing but entertain me." "Besides, have you forgotten the fact that you are Mrs. Larry from now on? I can do anything to you, it's legal. You can only tolerate it. You have no other choice." What Larry said seemed to be mist in the dark night. Sitting on the ground, Zoe curled up in her arms. What Larry said was right. There was already a legal effect between her and him. Even if he asked her to have sex with him, she had no choice. Unfortunately, even if Zoe was powerless, she would still struggle hard, because this struggle was the last thing she could do and it was the idea deeply rooted in her mind. Supporting her body with one hand, Zoe walked towards her room. Even if it was a cage, Zoe couldn't lose the strength to break it. Otherwise, she would lose. Lying on the bed, the jade pendant that was regarded as a lucky stone by Zoe was still in her own family. Tonight was destined to be a sleepless night without warmth. Zoe curled up in the bed and hid all her emotions in the quilt, not letting anyone notice.

In the room alone, there was no cruel smile on Larry's face as before, no gloom that could devour everything. There was a huge sadness on his calm face, which was moving. The streams of alcohol passed through his throat one after another, but did not arouse any warm for his body. A bleak smile appeared on Larry's face. No one had ever thought that the man who had just said cruel words to Zoe and done cruel things would have such a pitiful expression. The night was getting darker and darker, and the loneliness around him was getting heavier and heavier. No one could break it through. Larry looked at the photo next to him and smiled, but unfortunately, the smile on the photo could no longer be dismiss the coldness in his heart. The coldness of Larry could never disperse, because the smile reminded him of the warmth he failed to keep, and the promise he had broken. Thinking of Zoe, Larry did not think that he would simply show his mercy to her. The Mu family owed him a lot.

"Hank." "Hank!," called Larry, and then Hank appeared.

"Keep an eye on Zoe and report to me at any time." When Hank left, Larry looked at the empty bottle with a worried look on his face.

The night passed in this complex emotion. When the dawn broke the darkness again, the light showed up, but no one knew what to expect for the future--light or shadow. These were uncertain, but the only thing could be sure was that when they woke up again, the emotions of last night would turn into bubbles, and they would welcome today's arrival with a new posture, warm or painful.

When Zoe woke up from a nightmare, she looked at the strange room and realized where she was. It was a place more horrible than the nightmare. It was difficult for her to stay conscious in the future.

Since Larry was not there, it made Zoe less worried. What happened last night was still vivid in his mind, and Zoe didn't want to see Larry again immediately.

When Zoe was about to go out, Hank followed her and said, "Mrs. Larry, Mr. Larry asked me to drive you to the campus."

'is he spying on me? Or is he warning me of my current situation?' Zoe said with a smile, "tell him that I don't deserve his care." After saying that, Zoe turned around and left. She disdained to touch anything that belonged to Larry.

In the past few days, wherever Zoe went, she was always the focus of attention. After all, news about the Mu group had spread all over the world. When Paul was put into prison, Zack had also disappeared. Since the Mu group was under the control of the Mo family, everyone in the city was shocked by the news, and everyone around Zoe was gossiping about it. However, Zoe didn't care anymore. When Paul was sentenced, she didn't care. Perhaps it was out of hatred, or perhaps it was because she couldn't bear it, Zoe just knew clearly that she didn't want to see that kind of scene. Neither did she want to see the face on that occasion again.

The Mu group was going to collapse, and the position of Miss Zoe as a noble lady who also collapsed and no longer existed. Although there were people who didn't like Zoe's behavio

r and make trouble for her, most of them filched after seeing Zoe's fierce eyes. Even if the Mu group lost and the Mu family collapsed, Zoe was still arrogant in front of others. Only Bella saw the heart that had been broken into pieces under the strong armor that was forged by Zoe again. "Zoe..." And just like that night, Bella could do nothing about it.

"I'm fine." Zoe tried to force a smile din front of Bella, but it was a pity that it made Bella feel more heartbroken. Except for hugging, Bella couldn't give Zoe anything, but it was the best comfort for Zoe, because when everything was changing, only the friendship between them hadn't changed. That was enough. Knowing that Zoe was fine, Bella was surprised but relieved.

After a long time, they finally let go of each other.

"How is everything going with your family?" Zoe was afraid that Larry would make trouble for Bella again, because that was her Zoe's weak point that she couldn't escape from.

"Thank you for the help of Randal." Bella didn't mention Nathan. She knew very well that even if she could get through this time safely, Nathan was still standing in a position that could threaten Zoe at any time. Bella had to figure out a way to get rid of this situation as soon as possible. Even if she couldn't fight against Larry with Nathan, she did not want to be controlled by them. She had been watching at Zoe helplessly all the time. Even if Zoe asked her to leave, she would be willing to do so.

Zoe had always been grateful to Randal for his help. Since Zack was able to leave safely, Randal had helped him a lot. Randal was the person who made Zoe most grateful and also the one who she owed the most.

When Bella raised her head and saw Daisy, she nudged Zoe. Following the direction that she gave a hint, Zoe saw Daisy standing there. They looked at each other for a while because they were too far away to see his eyes clearly. Daisy didn't leave until someone called her back.

"Actually, she still cares about me." Said Bella.

"As long as she is not here to see me make a fool of myself." Although Zoe said in a tough tone, her tone was a little relaxed. Bella smile, she knew that Zoe would always say soft word to pretend that she did not care, but she always put the most important thing in her heart. In fact, Zoe was happy and relieved when she saw Daisy. Although the wound that had been torn between them was still there, she didn't expect it to recover itself, but now Bella could relieve as she knew that the pain of Zoe would be mitigated. However, she didn't know that it would be more serious because Zoe cared too much about it.

"What kind of job are you going to do after graduation?" Asked Bella.

"I'm afraid I can't make the decision on my own now." Now she was under the control of Larry. Bella's original intention was to ease the mood of Zoe, but she didn't expect that no matter what topic she was talking about now, it would still remind Zoe of the shadow of Larry.

"You'd better go to visit your father when you have time." Bella knew what was going on between Zoe and her father, Paul, but after all, he was Zoe's father. Zoe only agreed, but whether she would go or not was another matter.

"Bella, if you don't want to work in your family business..." Before Zoe could finish her words, Zoe shook her head and said, "everyone has to shoulder the responsibility since we were born. I've been willful for so many years. That's enough." Bella said with a smile, and then Zoe didn't say anything more. Now that she couldn't even bail herself out, how could she had the power to save Bella? She just hoped that everything would go well with them.

As soon as Zoe left the campus, she saw a dazzling black luxurious car parking on the roadside. Hank waited for Zoe respectfully. Zoe sneered and walked away without saying goodbye.

After the meeting in the Mu group and making some arrangements, Larry sat leisurely in the office of the Mu group. Nathan, who was the heir of the Han group, was speechless these days. He had been ordered to do all kinds of chore by Larry. If it weren't for the sake of their friendship, Nathan would have abandoned everything and lived a carefree life.

"You must have had a good night as it was the first night of your marriage." Nathan mentioned it on purpose.

"Do you think so?" Said Larry in a calm tone. With a smile on his face, Nathan thought, 'since the woman is Zoe, I'm sure that she won't let Larry do whatever he wants. But most of the time, her resistance is more likely to stimulate a man's desire to conquer, especially in front of Larry.'.

"It's easy to destroy a person's appearance. What if a person's heart is destroyed?" A horrifying smile appeared on Larry's face.

Nathan was a little worried, but he didn't say anything more. Larry never talked much about his own plan.

"The Xia Family is still in control." Hearing that, Larry was stunned. Somehow, the face of Bella popped up in Nathan's mind. He smiled and said, "what trick do you want to play again?"

"I just want to gather all the useful pawns and those could be used by me." Larry wanted to destroy Zoe's family fortress formed by her rigid family business step by step until there was nothing left. Even if he didn't know where Zack exactly was at the moment, he would come back some day in the future.

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