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   Chapter 18 Restricted Freedom (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7102

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If it was possible, Zoe would never want to step into the place where Larry lived. But now she was standing in this place where there was a smell of Larry everywhere. The layout of his residence was much monotonous and colder than that of the Mu family. It was more like a cage, a cage that was about to imprison Zoe's body.

"Hank!" As soon as Larry finished his words, a dark shadow came to him quietly like a ghost.

"Lord." Hank bowed respectfully.

"This is Miss Zoe. Oh, you should not address her as Miss Zoe now. From now on, you should call her Mrs. Larry." The taunt in his tone was obvious, but Zoe didn't retort.

"Mrs. Larry, nice to meet you." It was the second time that Hank had seen Zoe. When Hank met her or the first time, Zoe was in a coma, and her unconscious face wasn't as bright as it was now.

Zoe nodded slightly and didn't say anything. She didn't like the aura of Hank, which was too integrated with that of Larry.

"Lord, you are back." Hearing the noise in the living room, one of the servant of Larry, named Miranda, who was busy in the kitchen, came over and asked, "who is this girl?" Miranda looked at Zoe and asked.

"Miranda, why are you here?" The expression on Larry's face softened, which was rare to see. Even Zoe felt that she might just get into illusion.

Miranda smiled faintly at Larry's words, "you haven't been back home recently, and your father hasn't come back either. I'm here to have a look." Miranda had been serving in the old house of the Mo family and didn't often come to the house of Larry. From Larry's attitude, Zoe knew that Miranda was unusual in his heart. Miranda looked at Zoe again and Zoe made a salute respectfully to Miranda.

"She is Zoe."

"Oh, she is the daughter of the Mu group. I heard that the Mu group has been in trouble these days. She must have been tired." Miranda's gentle tone made Zoe speechless. But since Zoe appeared here, Miranda could always feel something strange. " Miss Zoe, did you just....?"

"Miss Miranda, we just got our marriage license today," said Larry, who had never thought of hiding anything from her

Miranda was surprised. When she looked at Zoe, she clearly noticed the unwillingness in Zoe's calm eyes. Miranda seemed to have guessed something. She walked over to Zoe and held her hand gently. "Larry have always been a little domineering since he was born. I'm sorry, Miss Zoe. He didn't even tell his father and us about such an important thing. It's a bit unfair to you, Miss Zoe." Miranda said with a gentle and flawless smile. She led Zoe to the table and said, "so many things happened today. You must be hungry. Let's have dinner first." Miranda gently led Zoe to the table, which make Zoe couldn't refuse her.

It was true that too many things had happened, and Zoe seemed to lost in thought and did not started to eat after a few minutes.

"Don't you like the food?" Miranda asked with concern. Stunned, Zoe shook her head quickly and said, "Sorry, I did not mean that."

Miranda smiled, "I guess you are still worried about your father and brother. The Mu group has been such a famous enterprise for so long, and it won't collapse easily. It will go through the crisis. Don't worry." Her soft words echoed in Zoe's heart like a lullaby, which took root in her heart. Indeed, the Mu group had been established for so long, but unfortunately, someone still tried all his means to destroy her family business this time, or she wouldn't be here. However, Zoe couldn't say these words to Miranda.

"Now th

at Zoe is the daughter-in-law of the Mo family, Larry, you should help more with the affairs of the Mu group." Miranda said to Larry.

"Don't worry, Miranda. Now that Larry is my wife, how can I let the Mu group being destroyed?" The words of Larry made the chopsticks in Zoe's hand shake. 'what do you want to do this time, Larry?' Zoe was a bit shocked. Then they spent the meal in a warm and but speechless atmosphere.

When Miranda left, she didn't forget to pat on Zoe's hands to comfort her. In fact, Zoe felt that Miranda could obviously understand her emotion, so Miranda tried her best to ease her nervousness.

"Well. it seems that you want to follow Miranda back to her room, right?" A cold voice came from behind.

If it was possible, Zoe really wanted to follow Miranda to her room. At least there would be a gentle smile on her face, but Zoe knew it was impossible.

"What do you want to do with the Mu group?" Zoe was worried because of what Larry had just said.

"Isn't it better for the Mu group to exist? Or do you want it to be destroyed?"

Of course, Zoe wanted the Mu group to exist, but she also knew that Larry wouldn't let the Mu group come back to life so easily. Zoe glared at Larry with a bit of anger.

"I don't think this is what a newly married wife would do to her husband." Hearing that, Zoe sneered. No one knew better than the two people standing here about the so-called wife and the so-called name of Mrs. Larry. There was no need to call Mrs. Larry to ridicule her.

"You must have controlled ten percent of the shares of the Mu group. Am I right?"

"So what?" The Mu family controlled half of the shares of the Mu group, and Zoe did have ten percent of the total share. But it was meaningless at the moment.

"As my wife, don't you want to know that I have half of the shares of the Mu group now?"

Zoe was stunned for A while and then smiled slowly. It turned out that Larry wanted to take charge of the Mu group. With the Mu group and the Mo group, City A would probably become the kingdom of Larry. As he owned half of the share of Mu Group, and both Gu Group and Shen Group were partly under the control of Larry. That's all what Larry wanted to inform Zoe as a warning.

"Thank you for your hard work, Mr. Larry."

"So you just need to behave obediently and you are also under my control." Larry said to Zoe with a domineering tone. When Larry touched Zoe's cheek, she slapped his hand away in disgust and said, "Mr. Larry, is there nothing you can do but threaten me? It's ridiculous."

"As long as this kind of threat is useful to you." Without any notice, the kiss fell on her lips. All of a sudden, Zoe's body stiffened. She tried to push him away, but her hand was tightly grasped by Larry. She had no strength but to close her lips to refuse the coldness on Larry's lips. Noticing the anger and unwillingness in her eyes, Larry asked, "don't you care about the situation of your family?" Then Larry exerted more strength on her grip. The resistance of Zoe even aroused Larry's interest on her.

"You..." just as Zoe was about to say something, Larry's tongue pushed in and swept everything around her mouth. She couldn't move and was forced to the corner of the wall. The strength on her lips deepened, and the darkness in her eyes became deeper. When Larry was about to open her mouth and fixed her head with the grip of his hands, Zoe was stunned and bit it hard. The blood stained her lips seemed to be even make her a bit more enchanting under the foil of night.

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