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   Chapter 17 Being Broken Into Pieces (Part Two)

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"By the way, your grandfather will come back today or tomorrow."

"That would be better. I'm sure he will be very happy to see his granddaughter in law after he come back."

Nathan's face darkened. If that was the case, then it would be better. Perhaps Grandpa Mo would get angry after he knew everything that had been done by Larry. But in the end, the one who compromised must be Grandpa Mo, and Nathan would suffer as well.

"Well, I'll do it as soon as possible. I don't want your wife to run away." Nathan said in a voice dripping with sarcasm.

"Don't give Zack any chance to escape. He will be an important audience in the future." Nathan expressed his understanding.

After hanging up Zack's phone, Zoe was standing on the top floor of a building. From the outside, it seemed that the building was old and no one lived inside for many years. It must be an abandoned building.

Stroking the cold and rusty iron fence with her hand, Zoe couldn't help feeling sad. This was the place where her mother jumped down. Later on, the land was developed, and the Mu Group bought it and preserved completely. Zoe walked towards it step by step, and suddenly the harsh ringtone of her mobile phone rang.

When Bella went straight into the Mo Group to question about the whereabouts of Zoe, Nathan was surprised at first, but after a while, he calmed down and said, "Miss Xia, Miss Mu is neither relative nor friend to me. How can I know her whereabouts?"

"If you don't know, then Mr. Mo should know. Didn't you set Uncle Paul up?" Bella was not a fool. She knew they were targeting at Zoe and the Mu Family. "What did you do to Zoe?" After such a big event, Bella was very anxious because she couldn't get in touch with Zoe.

But Larry didn't intend to answer. Looking at the calm woman who was making threatening gestures, Nathan shook his head helplessly and said, "Of course we won't do anything to Miss Mu. What's more, Miss Mu is now called Mrs. Mo."

"What did you say?" The last trace of calmness in Bella was completely defeated.

Nathan took out the ID card that he had just handled for Larry. Looking at the bright red marriage certificate, the names of Zoe and Larry appeared on it, which made Bella dazzling. Bella crazily walked up to Larry and said, "How can you do this? How can you force her like this?"

Nathan wanted to pull Bella away, but Bella shook him off violently. "How can you play with other people's lives like this? Have you ever thought about how a proud person like Zoe would feel to follow your arrangement? You are forcing her to death by doing this." Bella shouted hoarsely. She couldn't imagine how Zoe felt when she came to Larry obediently. 'Zoe, don't do anything stupid.' Bella thought of something and ran out quickly.

As soon as Bella said that, Larry's hands were tightly clenched together. Thinking of all the things that Zoe had done to him in the past, an inexplicable emotion grew in the bottom of his heart. "Nathan, follow her."

"Are you sure Miss Xia knows Miss Mu's whereabouts?" Nathan asked. After all, he couldn't stand the cold face of Larry who had been keeping silent since he answered the phone.

Bella didn't want to talk to them, nor did she want to have too much contact with them. If she hadn't been dragged into the car by Nathan, she wouldn't have breathed the same air as them.

"I didn't beg Mr. Han and Mr. Mm to follow me. You can get off at any time." Bella said in a hostile tone.

"This is my car. It's you who need to get off." Larry's cold eyes were full of arrogance.

"You..." Bella was not in the mood to explain. She said in a low voice, "She should be there. It was the place where her mother committed suicide by jumping off a building."

Suicide! It was the first time that Nathan had heard this. He was shocked and the corners of Larry's eyes couldn't help frowning. The death of Paul's wife, Zoe's mother, had also caused a great sensation, but it was claimed to be an accidental death. Now it seemed that it was not the case.

Zoe looked down at her feet. This was the place where her mother's blood was left when Zoe was ten years old. After so many years, Zoe could clearly remember the pale smile on her mother's face when she jumped down and the blood splashed downstairs. Since then, Zoe did not believe in love and would not fall in love with anyone. 'Do you think everything will go as you think, Larry?' Unfortunately, Zoe was never the kind of obedient person. Her brother will leave tonight, and her so-called father has arranged everything. If the crime is confirmed, it will be regarded as the repay for her mother. But Zoe didn't expect that one day she would be in such a mood to stand at the place where her mother had been.

Just as she said, she could only be destroyed by herself.

Bella saw the figure on the top floor from a distance. "It's Zoe." Bella rushed toward immediately, "Zoe!" She shouted.

Larry and Nathan, who followed closely behind, gradually saw who was upstairs. "What are you going to do?"

"She thought she could escape in this way. What a joke!" Obviously, Nathan noticed the anger in Larry's eyes and swallowed the woman on it.

"Come down, Zoe." Bella was already standing downstairs.

"Bella..." It was obvious that Zoe had heard Bella's voice. Noticing the panic on Bella's face, Zoe knew that Bella must have been worried about her. 'I'm sorry, Bella. I can only say this in my heart, ' Zoe thought.

"Miss Mu, what are you doing now?" Larry's cold eyes pierced through the dark night and went straight into the eyes of Zoe, locking her tightly. Even in such a night, Zoe could not break free. She could only struggle hard. "Can't you see that I'm just paying back to you?"

"Haha..." the smile of Larry became even colder. "If you want to pay back, I'm afraid that Miss Mu hasn't done enough. I'll take the Xia Family, the Gu Group and the Shen Group to bury with Miss Mu. What do you think?"

Zoe's thin body was as heavy as the mountain in an instant. She knew that Larry was not joking, but since when she had no strength to break free.

Bella was also burning with anger. She was about to lose her temper because of Larry, but was stopped by Nathan. Nathan pulled her aside.

"What are you doing?" Bella said angrily.

"Shh!" Nathan just made a gesture and pointed at Zoe. Although Bella was unwilling, she didn't say anything. She could only let Larry use her to threat Zoe. She knew that Zoe wouldn't give up on her. As long as she could make Zoe come down, Bella was willing to make his hostage. Nathan looked at Bella with appreciation and thought with a smile, 'This woman is really smart.'

It didn't matter how Zoe felt as she walked down step by step. Zoe knew that she would never have a chance to stand here again.

Bella rushed to Zoe and hugged her tightly. Zoe had been trying to stand straight all the time, but now she was so tired that it made her heart ache.

"Sorry to make you worried." The smile at the corners of Zoe's mouth was so transparent, like a lonely cigarette in the sky, and it would soon dissipate. What Bella could do was to increase the weight of her arms to warm Zoe, but she knew that this cold body required too much heat, and her strength was too little.

Zoe pushed Bella away and walked towards Larry. Bella held Zoe's hand, while Zoe shook her head, indicating that there was nothing wrong. Bella had no choice but only could let her go.

"Are you satisfied now?"

When Larry's hand touched Zoe's cheek, there was only piercing coldness and endless hatred. "Don't play any tricks again, or you will not be the only one to be destroyed."

Zoe didn't say anything. At this time, Larry's phone rang. After answering the phone, his face became more and more gloomy. But after hanging up the phone and looking at Zoe, he looked like an executioner who was going to kill Zoe. Zoe could only accept it calmly.

"Do you think Zack can escape forever?"

"I don't want him to escape forever. I want him to be safe for now. If my brother is here, it's not as simple as being destroyed."

"Ha ha." All of a sudden, the look in Larry's eyes became sharper. He grabbed Zoe's chin with his fingers and looked into her eyes. "As long as you are here, Zack will come back one day. Before that, you should look forward to what will happen, Mrs. Mo." "Go back," said Larry, throwing Zoe aside.

Bella wanted to stop him, but was stopped by Nathan. "Mr. Han, what do you mean?"

"Even if Miss Mu is your friend, she is Larry's wife now, both public and private. How can you stop him?"

Bella stopped. What Nathan said was right, but she couldn't just watch Zoe suffer. She couldn't. But then she saw Zoe shaking her head at her and get on Larry's car. Bella couldn't help but cry, but she could do nothing.

Nathan handed a handkerchief to Bella, but Bella shook off his hand and said, "You don't have to pretend to be kind." Nathan sighed, "It's getting late. I'll drive you back."

Bella wiped the tears from the corner of her eyes with her sleeve and said, "I don't deserve to bother Mr. Han. But you have to remember that if something happens to Zoe one day, I will try my best to make you two pay. I won't let you go even if you die." After saying that, Bella left without looking at Nathan.

Staring at the brocade handkerchief in his hand, Nathan sighed. It was true that anyone shouldn't provoke any woman. It seemed that he had to be more careful in the future.

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