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   Chapter 16 Being Broken Into Pieces (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7155

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"Brother, the Mu Family needs someone to take responsibility for what they have done. Since Larry wants me, then let me be the one to take care of the Mu Family."

"It has nothing to do with you. I won't leave." Zack refused bluntly.

"Brother, Larry will never let me leave now. He tortured me just because he wanted to make brother and father suffer. If you stay here, I won't be the only one who will suffer. Otherwise, it will really follow Larry's intention. Moreover, the probability of you going out is much greater than mine."

"But..." Zack still wanted to say something, but was interrupted by Zoe, "Brother, the Mu Group could be give up, but if you stay, you will only be destroyed under the control of Larry. Brother, our family can be reborn in another place. Brother, I'll wait for you here." Said Zoe.

Zack knew that what Zoe said was right and that once Zoe made a decision, it was difficult for him to change it. But at the thought that he would push his sister into the fire one day and how he did it, Zack couldn't bear it. Zoe was his precious sister.

Seeing through what was on Zack's mind, Zoe said with a relaxed smile, "I believe that my brother will come back to pick me up one day." What's more, she would not act according to the script of Larry.

After hearing what Zack said, Paul resolutely opposed. With a smile on her face, Zoe said, "What right do you have to stop me now?" Paul remained silent, but he also said that he wouldn't leave. The Mu Group needed someone to take responsibility now. And three years ago, Paul took part in the matter. If it could dissolve the anger of Larry, then just let him take a responsibility. As for Paul's staying, Zoe asked, "If you stay, what about Mac?" Zoe didn't say anything else, but Paul knew that Zoe actually worried about Mac. "Everything will be arranged." Zoe didn't say anything else.

"Brother, then Kate..." Zack patted on Zoe's shoulder and she nodded. They needed to solve the problem between brother and sister-in-law themselves.

"Brother, let's go tonight." Even if it was Larry, he would always be a moment of relaxation. Thinking of that, Zoe smiled.

From last night till now, Larry had been standing in the CEO's office and overlooking everything below. When Nathan came in, he didn't know whether Larry's gaze was satisfied or sad. No matter what it was about, Nathan couldn't go too far to touch it.

"The Mu Group's shares have almost been acquired. Since you want the Mu Group to collapse, why bother?" Nathan put down the document in his hand.

"Do you think it's heartbreaking to make a company disappear without a trace in front of its owner, or to let him watch the company that has been working for more than a decade become someone else's in an instant and unable to stop it?" Larry was never a kind person.

Nathan knew this from beginning to end. It was doomed to be a nightmare for a lifetime for the Mu Group to provoke Larry. Nathan asked, "Are you sure that Zack will send Zoe here?" Between Zoe and the Mu Group, between Zoe and him, Nathan was sure that Zack would give up the Mu Group and Zack himself without hesitation.

"Do you want to bet?" Larry's playful eyes fixed on Nathan, Nathan understood and smiled, "How to bet?"

"Dancing at Carlson's bar." The water that Nathan had just drunk almost gushed out. Only this evildoer could come up with such a bad idea.

"Why don't you dare to bet?" Nathan frowned and thought, 'Do you think it's useful to goad me into action?' But when he saw the light in Larry's eyes, Nathan agreed,

"I'm in!" With a smile, Larry thought that this time had something interesting to see. It was true that Zack wouldn't sent his sister here. Unfortunately, Nathan ignored a very important person, and that was exactly Zoe herself.

When the people from the procuratorate came to the Mu Group again, they had no strength to break free. Zoe, Zack and Paul knew it was a frame up, but what could they do if they knew it? The broad masses outside didn't know, even if they knew that it was Larry who had manipulated everything behind, they couldn't find any evidence to help the Mu Group escape. It was true and ridiculous. The Mu Group had been living in this area for a long time, and they didn't expect that there would be a day that the Mu Group was unable to fight back at all. The money that was used to pledge the Mu Group's real estate could barely make up for the previous loss. If there was no new fund to settle in, the Mu Group couldn't escape the fate of destruction in the end. No company that had a relationship with the Mu Group could stop it.

When Paul was taken away, he looked at Zoe with a gentle look. Zoe couldn't help but turn her head. She didn't want to face such eyes.

"Zoe, take good care of yourself in the future." Paul didn't know when he would come back. He didn't hate or blame anyone. He had enjoyed everything that he should have enjoyed for decades, and the only thing he cared about was Zoe and Mac. Now he could only do so much for Zoe and Zack. It was a compensation for them, and also a return for everything he had buried three years ago.

From the beginning to the end, Zoe didn't say a word. Although he was her father and if they met again in the future, there would be a cold iron fence between them. The hatred in Zoe's heart didn't allow her to speak, but she couldn't help feeling sad.

In the Mu Group, the news that Paul was arrested for tax evasion spread all over A city. Bella, Daisy, Randal and the others were stunned. They dialed the number of Zoe, but it was powered off all the time. So Bella rushed to the house of Zoe.

When Zoe appeared in front of Larry again, Nathan knew that he had lost the bet with Larry. Zoe threw the thing in her hand to Larry.

"The Mu Group, Paul's crime, and my whole life, is that enough for us to repay, Larry?"

Larry put the things in his hand aside, "Miss Mu, you didn't count Zack in."

Zoe narrowed her eyes and said, "Do you remember what I told you, Larry? Is not everything will go as you expected."

"Miss Mu, your words are somewhat persuasive." As soon as Larry's hand touched the thing that Zoe gave him, Zoe smiled bitterly.

After Zoe left, Larry threw the things that Zoe had just handed over to him to Nathan and said, "Help me get everything ready."

Nathan opened it and saw all kinds of IDS belonging to Zoe. "There is no turning back."

With a smile on his face, Larry had never thought of turning back. He wanted to use his engagement to imprison Zoe and torture the Mu Family for a lifetime.

Although Nathan disapproved of Larry's approach, because marriage was not a game, nor was it a tool for revenge. Unfortunately, Nathan also understood that what happened three years ago hurt Larry too deeply. Hatred was rooted in Larry's heart, making it difficult for him to fall in love with any woman again. Now it was up to him to like. If one day a woman could enter his heart again, this marriage would become invalid. As a matter of fact, Nathan thought that Zoe and Larry were a perfect match, but it was a pity that her surname was Mu.

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