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   Chapter 15 The Shocking Truth (Part Two)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 9329

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In the end, Zoe still didn't know what Zack had hidden from her. 'Do you think I would go abroad for no reason?' Zoe thought. Zoe drove in one direction.

"It's so late. I didn't expect the general manager of the Mu Group to come." Standing outside the CEO's office, Larry still wanted to say something more.

"Everything is within Mr. Mo's expectation. Why do you have to pretend?" Said Zack.

After entering the CEO's office, Larry casually sat on the sofa and said, "Mr. Mu, please have a seat."

Zack wasn't in the mood to be idle like Larry. "Mr. Mo, you don't have to beat around the bush. What do you want me to do to let go of the Mu Family?"

"What should you do?" Larry's hand slowly swept across the wine glass on the table, and his movements seemed gentle. However, didn't know that this kind of Larry was a sharp blade that could instantly pierce through a person's heart before tearing apart all peace. "How about you pay with your life?" Larry's gentle smile was so eye-catching and bloody that even Zack, who had been used to the bloody scene in the business world for decades, could not help but feel scared.

"I didn't mean to do that three years ago."

As soon as Larry heard the words of "three years ago", the wine glass in his hand was crunched into pieces with a sound. Hearing this, Zack was stunned. Looking at his palm, which was scratched by the glass and stained with blood, Larry slowly smiled with a different coquettish and evil spirit. "It's really impolite to frighten Mr. Mu. I'm sorry. Three years ago, right? Which thing did Mr. Mu say was didn't mean to do?" Larry looked at Zack playfully.

After closing his eyes, Zack slowly opened his eyes again and said, "I didn't know she worked for Mr. Mo at that time."

"Ha ha..." The bleak smile echoed in this place, making people feel chilly. "Mr. Mu, you mean that if she is not working for me, you can do whatever you want, right?" What Larry said sounded harsh to Zack. Zack knew that Larry understood that he didn't mean that, but now Zack had no way to explain, so he could only keep silent.

"I didn't expect that the son of the Mu Family, the general manager of the Mu Group, would do such a thing to a pregnant woman. It's really shocking." When Larry said this, there was no warmth in the surroundings. It was in spring, but now the temperature was colder than winter. "I really want to ask Mr. Mu, the dignified manager, how does it feel to rape a pregnant woman?" Something burst out from Larry's urgent eyes, overwhelming everything, making Zack unable to move.

All of a sudden, there was a subtle noise at the table, which was easily captured by Larry. With a bloodthirsty smile at the corners of his mouth, Larry said, "Have you forgotten, Mr. Mu? Do you need me to help you recall how you tore up all the self-esteem of a woman?"

"Enough!" Zack tightened his grip and said, "That's enough!" His voice was so invisible that it was difficult to make a lower voice. "That night, I was drunk and dizzy. When I woke up, I didn't expect that there would be a woman beside me, let alone knowing that she was pregnant."

"Ha ha, drunk! I do not know! The reason Mr. Mu found was not convincing. Can you do whatever you want when you are drunk? Can you escape everything just by saying that you don't know? Mr. Mu, do you know that the baby in Nancy's belly is only three weeks old? Do you know that I will marry her not long after? And you, Zack, ruthlessly ruined all this! " Said Larry gloomily.

Zack slowly let go of his hand, as if he was a criminal who had been tried and could no longer defend himself. "I'm sorry." But what could he do to make up for it now?

"Sorry? Zack, you still know you're sorry? Where is your apology when you saw the corpse of Nancy? Where is your apology when Paul helped you to do all the alibi proofs and had all the facts buried?" Larry questioned him, "It's been three years. If no one remembers, will Miss Mu remember that you let a woman commit suicide and die?" Seeing Larry getting close to him, Zack had nowhere to escape. "I will be responsible for everything I have done, and I won't ask you to let go of the Mu Group. Even if Mr. Mo wants my life, you can take it as you like. I just want you to let go of Zoe and others. They have nothing to do with this." Zack said in an extravagant tone. He always knew that he had to bear the crime three years ago for the rest of his life.

"Ha ha, I won't do anything to the Gu Group. After all, I'm not as cruel as Mr. Mu. Unfortunately, I'm not that kind. Even if you trade your life couldn't bring two people back. Since you love your sister so much,

so I'll put the pain that Nancy had suffered on your sister thousands of times. So you must live well and see clearly what kind of life your sister will be in the future. It's all your fault. I'll let you live in pain and suffering all your life. " The appearance of Larry was so terrifying, as horrible as that of a life claimer in the hell.

With a bitter smile on his face, Zack thought, 'what a mistake I made!' And then he knelt down in front of Larry and said, "Mr. Mo, please let go of Zoe. I'm the one to blame for everything." His head hit the ground heavily, making a crisp sound and shaking at the table. But unfortunately, Larry didn't feel anything.

"Mr. Mu, if you can get rid of everything by kneeling down, there will be no revenge in the world." Staring at Zack fiercely, Larry made Zack has nothing to say.

"It's rare that Mr. Mu knelt down. Then I will tell you a secret." Larry got close to Zack and whispered, "Mr. Mu, don't worry. I won't throw Zoe away. It feels good to have sex with her."

"You..." Zack didn't respond. Looking at Zack's reaction, Larry smiled brightly, it was what he wanted. "Mr. Mu, you should have nothing else to say. The door is over there. The Mu Group will definitely be convicted of tax evasion. Mr. Mu, you'd better go home early to deal with it." Larry laughed grimly.

Zack didn't know how he walked out. Before Zack turned around and left, he only said to Larry that he won't leave Zoe to Larry. But how could he escape from the encirclement of Larry? He had to arrange for Zoe to go out as soon as possible. Zoe had suffered enough, and it was all her brother's fault.

After watching Zack leave, Larry walked to his desk and said, "I didn't know Miss Mu has the habit of eavesdropping."

The reason why Zoe left home was that she wanted to find out the truth from Larry, but she didn't expect that Larry was not there. When she was about to go out, she saw Zack, so she hid here. Zoe didn't expect to hear everything that she wanted to know. Now Zoe was biting her arm so hard that it bled. She was afraid of making a sound, but she couldn't help but tremble when she heard it. Her body rubbed against the table and made a sound.

Zoe didn't expect that her brother would commit such a crime. Now she finally understood why her brother would react like that when she mentioned what had happened three years ago. At that time, her brother had just married with Kate. Even if it was only happened once, it was a betrayal. Even if Zoe believed that Zack was not that kind of person and that everything he had done was caused by alcohol. Would Kate believe it? Would Larry believe it? Even if Larry believes him, he won't forgive Zack easily. Zoe thought with a bitter smile.

With a trembling body, Zoe stood up and walked towards the door step by step. She didn't say a word to Larry, nor did she look at him. Larry didn't stop her.

Now, Zoe didn't know how to protect the Mu Family and her brother from Larry. Curling up in bed, Zoe tightly held the black jade pendant in her hand, but she couldn't feel any warmth.

The morning sun was no longer the bright moment that Zoe yearned for, and the jade pendant in her hand did not touch the slightest temperature the whole night. Today should be the time for the judgment of Larry, but was there any strength for Zoe to change it?

"I've called a taxi for you. You should leave today." When Zack came in, Zoe just looked out of the window and didn't respond to Zack's words.

"Zoe." It was not until Zack called her that Zoe turned her head, "Brother, do you think that Larry will let me leave?" asked Zoe. The paleness on her face was obvious.

"The Mu Family's power hasn't completely disintegrated yet. I will send you out. Once you leave here, Larry will not be able to control foreign countries at will."

With a bitter smile, Zoe asked, "If I leave. What about you and him?" Zack didn't answer.

"Brother, don't worry. I won't leave. I have known everything." Said Zoe calmly.

All of a sudden, the luggage that Zack had packed for Zoe fell down.

"Are you disappointed with your brother?" Zack's tone was full of desolation.

Such a Zack made Zoe's heart ache. She walked up, hugged Zack tightly and shook her head gently. "No." Zoe admitted that she was indeed shocked last night. And it was true that she had doubted her brother. But now, no matter how huge the mistake that Zack had made, in her eyes, Zack was still the brother who spoiled her. "Brother, don't bother. Just like what you have done for me and how you protect me, I also want to protect you. So brother, you can leave now." Zack was shocked.

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