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   Chapter 14 The Shocking Truth (Part One)

Mr. Devil, You'd Better Let Me Go By Youran Qianwu Characters: 7299

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When Zoe broke into the Mo Group, the secretaries couldn't even stop her, and her vicious eyes made them retreat a few steps. Bang! The door of Larry's office was kicked open by Zoe. Seeing the figure in front of him, Larry just smiled faintly and motioned for the people behind to step back.

"What kind of feud do you have with the Mu Group, Larry? When did the Mu Family offend you?" From the moment the Mu Family was in trouble, Zoe knew who was behind it. One after another, Larry pushed the Mu Family into his trap. To what extent Larry wanted to force the Mu Family and where he wanted to force her.

"What happened three years ago?" Zoe knew that it was the trigger of all the things, and she had sent people to investigate it, but she hadn't received any news.

"Didn't I tell you to ask your brother and father?" The hatred in his insidious eyes was so obvious that it made Zoe feel it was mixed with great hatred in an instant. "But I'm afraid they won't tell you what they have done. After all, you are spoiled by them, so they want you to be destroyed."

'Didn't you destroy me enough?' Zoe wanted to question him, but she didn't know that everything is just the beginning of real destruction.

"If I enter your cage obediently now, will you let go of the Mu Group?" Staring at Larry's eyes, Zoe asked.

Larry chuckled, "Miss Mu, do you misunderstand something? I said I wanted you, but you are not worth negotiating with me. Since you were born in the Mu Family, there is only one path you can choose. Both you and the Mu Group will only be in my pocket."

Sure enough, Zoe never thought that she would be important to Larry. She was just a chip, a useless chip. The reason why Larry wanted her only because he wanted to torture Zack and Paul, she wouldn't have any real value in Larry's eyes. However, it was a pity that Zoe had never yielded easily. If this chip didn't exist, then they wouldn't suffer such torture. Thinking of that, Zoe smiled. In the eyes of Larry, Zoe's relaxed eyebrows and smile were so dazzling, and his heart was slightly moving.

Although the investigation of the Mu Group was still going on, Zack and Paul had been able to go back home. Kate had been worried since she saw the news of the Mu Group. Zoe knew that no matter how she comforted Kate, it would be useless, so she didn't say anything. The two sat quietly with each other. When they looked at Zack and Paul, the two of them quickly stood up and walked up to them. "How is it going?" Kate asked.

"It's still under investigation." That was all Zack could say now. Grabbing the hand of Zack tightly, Kate looked worried. Zack patted her hand a few times and said, "It will be okay." It was a pity that his tone was not convincing. Kate knew that the Mu Group had been targeted since the moment the capital problem occurred. She had grown up in the business field, so she was not so stupid. She just didn't expect that there would be someone in the city who could shake the status of the Mu Group. The Gu Group had already been controlled and there was nothing she could do to help. The Mo Group was much more powerful than they had expected, but what Kate could do now was to try to believe the people in front of her. "You are tired too. I'll go to the kitchen to have a look." Now there was nothing Kate could do to help.

"Zoe, you did a good job in dealing with the Mu Group's crisis. You promised the Mu Family's residence decisively." Zack praised Zoe, but Zoe didn't get any response from it. With a serious look on her face, Zoe said, "Brother, go to the study. I have something to say. You, too. " Zoe turned to look at


Obviously, Zack noticed the expression on Zoe's face. Although he had some doubts, he followed up, so did Paul.

Zoe closed the door tightly. Since she saw Zack's reaction last time, Zoe didn't want to ask him again, but now the situation was different. Zoe had to know everything clearly. There was no answer from Larry, and the only answer was her brother and father. "Brother, you should know that the mastermind of this crisis is Larry. Please tell me. What happened three years ago?" Zoe stared at Zack straightly.

"I've told you not to mention it again. Nothing happened three years ago." At the mention of three years ago, Zack lost his cool.

Zoe smiled helplessly, "Brother, have you ever thought that there has been no enmity between the Mu Group and the Mo Group for so many years, and it should no need to kill each other. But why did Larry try his best to destroy the Mu Group after he took control of the Mo Group? Why did he want to hurt you and father? Why did he want me?"

Stunned, Zack asked, "How do you know?" Zack had never mentioned anything about Larry to Zoe.

"Brother, do you think that since Larry said he wanted me in front of you, he would wait quietly for you to send me to his place? He could push the Mu Group into a dead end, then how could he be so kind to me to let me enjoy a stable life?" Said Zoe sarcastically.

"What did he do to you?" Zack could bear that the Mu Group was destroyed by Larry. But if Larry hurt Zoe, Zack would never let him go. He didn't know that Zoe had already been hurt all over.

"No!" Zoe didn't mention what happened between her and Larry, "But, brother, everything he did was a revenge for everything that happened three years ago." As soon as Zoe finished her words, Zack's body trembled visibly. Even Paul's wrinkled face turned pale.

"I didn't expect that." It seemed that Zack had understood everything. His eyes, which had been angry, were calm. The smoke of a cigarette that had been ignited shrouded the face in front of Zoe, making her unable to see clearly whether her brother and Paul were sad or guilty, but Zoe knew that this emotion made her so uncomfortable.

"Zoe, go pack up your luggage and go abroad. Dad and I will handle it." Said Zack. Since it was for what happened three years ago, it was easy to guess why he wanted to have sex with Zoe. Zack thought that it was over, but he didn't expect that Larry had something to do with it.

"Why?" Zoe didn't expect that Zack would ask her to run away. What kind of thing would make Zoe run away? Although she knew that it was to protect her, she was unwilling to do so.

"Listen to me!" Zack said firmly.

"Zoe, do what your brother said this time. We'll handle it well. What Larry wants is just an explanation from dad and Zack."

Turning around, the moment Zoe left and opened the door, she saw the stunned Kate standing there, Zoe said, "Kate!" Zoe shouted and rushed out.

"Can you go back home these days?" Zack looked at Kate and said.

"Okay." Kate didn't ask anything. She had almost heard the conversation between Zoe and them. She wasn't afraid that Zack wouldn't tell her, but she was afraid that she would hear something she couldn't accept.

"You should also tell Mac in advance. Since it's a revenge, Larry won't let us go so easily."

"Zack..." Paul was about to say something, but was interrupted by Zack. "It doesn't matter anymore. As long as Kate is here, Larry won't touch the Gu Group. Now I'm worried about Zoe. I can't get her into trouble." If Zoe couldn't escape from Larry, what she could do was to wait for endless pain. He couldn't bear it.

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