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   Chapter 13 The Trap (Part Two)

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"I'm the target of Larry. No matter what happens, I won't let you marry anyone you don't like." Said Zoe firmly.

"Don't do anything stupid, Zoe, or I won't forgive you. I said I wouldn't leave you." Said Bella, but she did not have the confidence at all. Bella didn't know what was going to happen.

Zoe nodded. She couldn't have any promise to Bella.

When Daisy saw Bella, she was neither surprised nor calm. Daisy knew why Bella came here. But since Bella didn't ask, Daisy wouldn't ask her, neither.

"Something must have happened between you and Zoe that day, right?" said Bella directly. While Daisy tried hard to stop her trembling fingers.

"Sure enough, if Zoe doesn't tell you, you won't ask me. It has something to do with Larry." Daisy's low eyes looked at Bella for an instant. For a moment, there were a lot of things that Bella could be understood in an instant. There was no need for Bella to ask any more. She must have experienced something from Daisy, but the results were different.

"All these years, you have only seen the surface of Zoe. Daisy, congratulations to the heroine. You got what you wanted. " After saying that, Bella left and didn't look back anymore. Daisy knew that the figure would never look back. For all these years, Bella was gentle and warm, but Daisy also knew that if she touched her bottom line, Bella would be ruthless. But this was the path she had chosen, and she would never turn back. Daisy tidied up her clothes and went out with a smile again.

At the same time, when Zoe was on her way to home, half of the buildings in the Ocean View Villa community invested by the Mu Group collapsed, which shocked the whole A city. It not only involved funds, but also the reputation build by the Mu Group for more than ten years. If the Mu Group couldn't deal with it well, its foundation for more than ten years in A city would be shaken. Not only was Zoe shocked, but also the Gu Group and all the companies related to the Mu Group were shocked. Zoe immediately left.

When Zoe drove to the gate of the Mu Group, the front door was already surrounded by reporters, and Zoe's arrival caused a commotion. Fortunately, Randal and Zoe came at the same time and entered the company under the protection of the security guards. It was not as chaotic as they thought. Compared with the crazy reporters outside, although people inside were flustered, they were still busy.

However, when she saw Zack, she found that Zack was under investigation. On the other side, Paul was also facing the same situation. Zoe asked, "Brother, what happened?" Why did the people from the procuratorate come here.

"Here you are, Zoe, Randal. Please wait for a moment." Zack said to the prosecutor, and then went toward Zoe, "The procuratorate has received a letter of accusation against the Mu Group for tax evasion. Dad and I are going to assist in the investigation. For the time being, we will hand over the matter about the Ocean View Villa community to you. The Mu Group will absolutely take responsibility. We have bought all the tax and refund, and give a satisfactory reply. Thank you for your help, Randal. "

Randal nodded. Zoe held Zack's hand, Zack patted Zoe gently. "Don't worry." When Paul walked past, he glanced at Zoe and said

, "Sorry to bother you, Randal." With the presence of Randal, they felt relieved.

Randal wanted to comfort Zoe, but when he looked at her eyes, he knew it was unnecessary. Zoe was much stronger than Randal thought.

They had to face those reporters. Zoe called her brother's secretary and then she said, "Go downstairs and tell the reporters that a press conference will be held in ten minutes to clarify everything." The secretary was stunned by her confidence look and then quickly went down to arrange.

In the face of so many reporters, it was a lie that Zoe was not nervous, but as a member of the Mu Family, their pride did not allow Zoe to retreat. "About what happened in the Ocean View Villa community, the Mu Group will find out what had happened and give an explanation to the people who trust the Mu Group. As for the loss of every customer, the Mu Group will be responsible for it. That's all." Zoe was calm and controlled the atmosphere of the meeting very well.

"I heard that the Mu Group is suspected of tax evasion. Is it true?"

"I heard that the Mu Group has been suffering from capital turnover for a long time. Is it convicted of tax evasion?"

Although Zoe didn't want to talk about it, the reporters didn't seem to let her go. Zoe looked around coldly and said, "Everyone, how many years do you think the Mu Group has been in this city?"

Everyone was quiet.

"For so many years, how did the Mu Group gain its foothold and get its current position step by step? Don't you know! The tax evasion will only be clear after investigation, and the Mu Group is not afraid of investigation. " Said Zoe calmly, and the reporters stopped pestering her.

Looking at the woman's figure in the screen, Larry smiled charmingly. Now all the encirclement had slowly formed. The Mu Family should slowly struggle until face its fate.

"Is everything ready?" Larry turned to look at Nathan.

"No problem."

"This time, I want the Mu Family have no chance to turn over again." Said Larry ruthlessly.

"Uncle Paul and brother Randal will be fine." Randal said to Zoe. Even though Zoe was calm, Randal could still feel her hidden worry. Zoe nodded and said, "Thank you." This should be the first time they had seen each other since the engagement. They didn't expect this to happen.

"My lady." The Secretary rushed over.

"What's wrong?"

"The Mu Group doesn't have enough money to mobilize, and now it is in urgent need of money."

"Transfer some of them from the Shen Group." Said Randal.

"No, the Mu Group needs a lot of money, and the Shen Group should have very little money that can be used." Zoe wouldn't allow to get the Shen Group involved. "Pledge the house of the Mu Family to the bank for a loan. I'll go out for the temporary turnover. You can take care of here, Randal." Now, Zoe was decisive. She had already known who pushed the Mu Group to this point. Randal wanted to stop her, but he had no choice. He just felt that the woman was getting farther and farther away from him. He had planned to hold up the sky for Zoe, but now it seemed that the power that the sky needed was too much. Now the power Randal had was not enough, but it would be enough in the future. Randal said to himself while watching the figure rushed out.

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